Less than 3 months of pregnancy, the daughter -in -law’s belly is as big as 7 months, my husband: I have finished my life

Xiaofang was 30 years old. She kept urging her to get married. In the end, she met a boy. The two got along well, so they came back to get married.Less than 2 months after marriage, Xiaofang was pregnant. Her husband Xiao Ming and mother -in -law were very happy. They accompanied her every day to make her delicious and protect her.Xiaofang is grateful.

However, when Xiaofang was three months pregnant, her family was surprised to find that her belly was almost as big as those who were pregnant for seven months.The family was frightened. In the end, Xiao Ming and her mother -in -law decided to take her to the hospital for examination.The doctor told them that Xiaofang had a twins, that is, she was pregnant at the same time.Xiaoming was frightened on the spot, and he was worried that he could not bear the pressure of the family.The doctor also felt very speechless, and this situation was really rare.

Xiaofang’s family took her home, and the entire family became busy.Xiaoming hesitated and didn’t know how to deal with such a situation.Her mother -in -law took care of Xiaofang, and observed her diet and living habits every day to ensure the health of the twins and Xiaofang’s own safety.Xiaofang also cherishes the care of this family. She has a name for each child, looking forward to getting along with them in the future.The difference is that Xiaoming has always been daring, for fear that Xiaofang will have 4 sons, otherwise he will be over in his life.

Through the story, Mother Mind has something to say that as a normal pregnant woman, pregnancy is a period of happiness and nervousness, but if there are four babies, each emotion will be more intense.Therefore, the fourth pregnant women need to pay special attention to the following points during pregnancy:

1. Persist in nutrition daily: pregnant women who are pregnant with four twins need to consume protein, calcium, iron, folic acid, etc. every day.And plan.Calcium is a nutritional nutrition for maternal skeletal tissue and fetal growth. It also involves the muscles and hearts of pregnant women; the lack of iron will affect the physical function of pregnant women and prone to anemia; folic acid plays a very important role in the development of fetal nervous system.

2. Reasonable planning diet: In addition to adding nutrition, the fourth pregnant women also need to pay attention to diet, reasonably arrange time and diet content, avoid gastrointestinal discomfort, and even cause morning vomiting.It is recommended to share meals reasonably, eat more vegetables and fruits, and try to eat less greasy food.Not only that, but also pay attention to the amount of water. You need to ensure that the drinking water is sufficient as normal as normal people daily.

3. Proper exercise: Pregnant women need to exercise appropriately to maintain their body activity. Proper physical exercise such as walking and yoga can help relieve the body’s tension and fatigue well.However, whether pregnant women are pregnant with a few fetuses, they can only perform any form of exercise under the advice of a doctor.

4. Stable mentality: Pregnancy is not just a physical burden, but also emotional fluctuations, especially for those who are pregnant with four children.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers always maintain a good attitude and a positive and optimistic attitude, but do not encourage themselves to control their emotions overly. When you feel depressed, you can communicate with your family and to release emotions.The development and health of the fetus.

In the end, family members need to participate in prenatal preparations for pregnant women, and prepare baby supplies, decoration delivery rooms, and find maternal care plans with pregnant women to ensure that all preparations are fully prepared and planned.

At the end of the article, Mother Mo’s mother wants to say that the situation of the four pregnant women requires family members to cooperate together to ensure the health and safety of pregnant women and fetuses.Everyone needs to contribute their own strength to provide support and help for the future of pregnant women and the entire family.

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