Leucorrhea is a barometer of gynecological inflammation!Will abnormal leucorrhea affect pregnancy?

Protochor abnormalities are early warning signals for female diseases. Women may have diseases in vaginal, pelvic cavity, and cervix.

1. Colorless transparent viscosity leucorrhea:

Similar to egg white, or slightly turbid, but in addition to the increase in leucorrhea, there are few other symptoms. This leucorrhea is more common in chronic cervicitis, cervical tubilitis, and use of estrogen.

2. Bubble leucorrhea:

After bathing in a public bath, or after using public bath towels and bathtons, gray or gray -yellow foam leucorrhea appears, and it has a sour odor. It should be thought that it is contagious.

3. Tofu -like leucorrhea:

Mooblated vaginitis is unique to.The vulva and vaginal walls often cover a layer of white -film, exposing red and swollen mucosa surface after wipe out, which is easily infected with mold, often accompanied by vulvar itching and burning pain.Especially diabetic patients or pregnant women should think of this, because pregnant women and diabetic patients have poor constitution and low immunity, which can easily cause mold infection.

4. Yellow (amine) leucorrhea:

Most of them are caused by bacterial infections.Gonococcus and tuberculosis can all become the cause, and syphilis spiral bodies can also cause purulent infections in the vagina.When patients discharge a large number of leucorrhea with special flavors from the vagina, they should be suspected of whether a foreign body exists in the vagina, causing an increase in leucorrhea and severe infection.

5. Water -like leucorrhea:

Malignant tumors or uterine cancer, and fallopian tube cancer will occur in early leucorrhea.

6. Blood leucorrhea:

That is, blood is mixed with blood.This leucorrhea may be alert to malignant tumors, such as cervical cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal tumor, etc.Some benign lesions can also appear this leucorrhea, such as senile vaginitis and cervical erosion.

7. Yellow mucus leucorrhea:

Seeing cervical erosion, chronic cervicitis, etc., it is caused by mild infection.

8. White mucus leucorrhea:

The characteristics are the same as normal, and the amount increases. This leucorrhea is caused by the increase in the secretion of the cervical gland and the vaginal mucosa after using estrogen or pelvic congestion.

Tips: Women have dealt with leucorrhea from the beginning of menstruation, and the normal or not of leucorrhea has a great relationship with the health of women.If women’s leucorrhea is abnormal, there are often some problems in women’s bodies.

So, what harm will leucorrhea abnormalities bring to women?

(1) Cause infertility

Female leucorrhea is mostly caused by gynecological inflammation. If it is not treated in time at this time, it is very harmful to women’s bodies.Light affects health, and in severe cases, women may also lead to infertility.So female friends should pay attention to this.

(2) Gynecological inflammation

Gynecological inflammation is the most common cause of female leucorrhea abnormalities, such as women suffering from cervical erosion, cervicitis, cervical polyps, trichomonas vaginitis, mold vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, etc., which may cause female leucorrhea abnormalities.

(3) Affecting husband and wife life

After women have abnormal leucorrhea, the life of husband and wife will be greatly affected.The life of husband and wife is a bridge to maintain the relationship between husband and wife, so at this time, it can easily affect the relationship between husband and wife, affect the harmony of the family, and even cause family breakdown.

1. Women with low immunity.Because autoimmune and resistance are relatively low, it is very vulnerable to infection and invasion of bacteria and diseases.

2. Women with spleen deficiency.The weakness of the spleen is a key factor that causes women to itch in summer and abnormal leucorrhea in summer.

3. Women with damp -heat constitution.Women with humid constitution and humidity usually sweat more, and the private parts are more humid. It can easily lead to a large amount of bacteria in private parts reproduced, invading the vagina, and infected with diseases.

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