Li Xiaolu derailed?Pregnant?No wonder Jia Nailiang forgive her so soon!People who eat melon are commented on the blindness

Today, the hot topic of Linzi Station’s comment is: "Li Xiaolu is pregnant? No wonder Jia Nailiang forgive her so quickly!".

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Recently, Li Xiaolu’s night -cherished incident incident in the entertainment industry has gradually returned to peace. The parties Li Xiaolu also appeared at an airport recently, and they are still preparing for a new drama? From the picture, Li Xiaolu is in good condition.Impact.Did Jia Nailiang have forgiven Li Xiaolu who derailed during the marriage? Now think about it, Song Zude has said it. Since the incident, Li Xiaolu, who is the first heroine, has never said only words.Behind the scene.As for the rumor, PGONE Leather, the chief director of Li Xiaolu’s night door incident, can only give him a cool one, and wish him "all the way".In addition, a sharp -eyed netizens found that when Li Xiaolu appeared recently, the original flat belly had slightly raised! If it was really the case, it would not be difficult to explain why Jia Nailiang forgive his wife Li Xiaolu so soon.

For this bar, netizens came to watch and expressed their views.@Jatari netizen said: Not a man.Netizen@Furist said: The importance of skin.There are also netizens @Dundr said: Wan Bao Lu is true love, waiting for them to do.Not only these, the topic also attracted more great gods. Let’s feel the warm atmosphere below!

first round:

@Drk: I haven’t understood very well, why did a young man who was handsome married Li Xiaolu?The girlfriend who was born was so ugly, but it didn’t look like Jia Nailiang’s life.I think Li Xiaolu and Masu are the hated actresses, please raise your hands

@All the way forward all the way forward: Girlfriends who sell you in life to the end are girlfriends, fire prevention, anti -theft and anti -girlfriends

@: Li Xiaolu thought that Jia Nailiang was honest and couldn’t mess with her. It was okay to be derailed. This is your anchid’s end.

second round:

@Maimillia: Li Xiaolu: Don’t show anymore.[Civilized Language] I have arrived home.The face has been lost, and now there are only dirty souls and unsatisfactory skin.Now the streets are full of spit and teeth. These are all the calamities you mess with. Your behavior makes people scolded and spit out. The object of derailment makes people laugh and ask you!For your child, do your face!

@享: When you should enjoy the joy of Tianlun, Li Xiaolu was sorry for his father, mother, and even more sorry for Jia Nailiang’s family, take care of his body.

@: Li Xiaolu did not delete Weibo, nor did he apologize for a long text, nor did he say that Jia Nailiang returned to good. Don’t be deceived on the surface.

The third round:

@丝: Knowing people, knowing face, unknown, fire prevention, anti -theft, anti -girlfriend.

@Watn: To put it bluntly, she knows Jia Nailiang and knows Jia Nailiang’s character.Knowing that Jia Nailiang couldn’t afford any big waves.That’s why there is nothing to be indifferent.

@: It is recommended that Jia Nailiang quickly go to a parent -child identification to see if the child is born by himself. This is very important!Can be derailed now, maybe it has been derailed for a long time [cover your face]

The fourth round:

@: Li Xiaolu is a [civilized term]. It is the most wise to leave her to leave her, otherwise

@: What did Li Xiaolu do?Jia Nailiang has never heard of it, only knowing Qian Xuesen and a group of big scientists.

@: Jia Nailiang’s tolerance will make Li Xiaolu derailed.

Fifth round:

@LL: She is right, because she must go, genetically![Nose]

@Kali: Dear, is Li Xiaolu derailed foreigners?Or is it the Chinese name from the Chinese?Why don’t I know?

@: Zhuo Wei got a large sealing fee of Li Xiaolu, so I got a separate routine.

@: Oh, buy Kaga Li Xiaolu, a thousand million, you can rush me to traffic. If you look at it for the past few days, you can give me a negative second generation. This traffic goes away.

Every time I watch netizens reply, Xiaobian is deeply convinced!@, What do you want to say?Tell me!

Today, the hot topic of Linzi Station’s comment is: "Li Xiaolu is pregnant? No wonder Jia Nailiang forgive her so quickly!".If you are you, you will choose to forgive?Still "Don’t forgive!!

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