Liu Genghong’s back?The girl jumps and the cysts are reversed, and the ovaries are not guaranteed, netizens: outrageous

Liu Genghong can really be said to be a miracle in the media industry. In the past two days, his fitness thermal heat has continued to rise online. In less than a month before and after, he has accumulated more than 60 million fans on the Internet.Really achieved no ancients.

Liu Genghong’s fire was not only herself, but also a wave of national fitness.As people’s lives are getting better and better, more and more nutrients intake, the number of obese people is increasing every year.

Many netizens are very worried that they are too obese, which will not only affect their own image, but also affect their health.Especially girls, near the summer, many girls want to present the best side of their bodies in this season, so many girls have become Liu Genghong girls. They followed Liu Genghong and jumped to fitness.

But it turns out that things such as weight loss still have to stop and do what you do, otherwise it may hurt your body.Since Liu Genghong burst into fire, news about Liu Genghong’s girl injured and hospitalized on the Internet has not broken.Some people even lost their lives because of excessive fitness, and it was regrettable.

Recently, the news was exposed on the Internet, saying that Liu Genghong’s girl caused the cysts to reverse during the jump, almost the ovaries were not guaranteed. After the incident was exposed, it caused heated discussion among netizens.

The girl’s surname Chen, from Hangzhou, is 20 years old this year.Because near the summer, she hoped to make her figure look slimmer, so she followed Liu Genghong every day to fuck.

After seven or eight days of jumping, Ms. Chen began to have severe abdominal pain, and she was even severely vomited.After being sent to the hospital urgently, a cyst with a diameter of 8 cm in the right ovary was found to be reversed by 360 degrees in diameter.

The cysts are reversed, and the ovaries will cause necrosis due to ischemia at any time, which will cause risk of infection.According to conventional treatment, the ovaries and fallopian tubes should be considered. That is because Ms. Chen is too young, and the doctor decides to reset and observe first.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen’s right ovary and fallopian tube began to recover slowly after reset, and finally kept it.If because of jumping, Ms. Chen’s ovaries and fallopian tubes are removed, and they will not be pregnant in the future. They will be too sad. The happiness of life will be destroyed.Some netizens even bluntly said: outrageous.

Because of this, Liu Genghong became a pot man again, and was ridiculed by many netizens.However, this incident can’t complain about Liu Genghong. Every time Liu Genghong is broadcast live, he must emphasize that exercise must be appropriate, and you must have a full understanding of your body. If you ca n’t stick to it, you can do n’t follow them. Do n’t train himself to hurt himself.

It is true that before exercise, we have to do a lot of preparations, not just warm -up.You must also fully understand your body and know which movements of the body can be done and which movements cannot be done.

In addition, you must also understand your physical tolerance. If you exceed the scope, you may hurt yourself.

Ms. Chen’s business is not the first, I don’t think it will be the last.Don’t wait until the matter falls to your own head and regret it. At that time, everything was too late.

Ms. Chen is lucky, but not everyone can be so lucky.Instead of setting fate to the sky, it is better to hold it firmly in your own hands.

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