Lying as a yellow -faced woman during pregnancy, can pregnancy makeup "hurt the baby"?Don’t listen to pseudo -science during pregnancy

Will pregnancy make up?

Nowadays, technology is so developed, and crabs are not used in abortion. Just pregnant and makeup. It takes 3 minutes with makeup, and it is easy to painless. It really does not hurt at all ~

Do you believe in women who have received normal education?IntersectionIntersection

In this case, I have my own point of view:

Pregnant women’s cosmetics have never been wolf tiger and leopard!As long as there are no premiums used by pregnant women, doctors will not stop you from using it. This science has seen this problem early.

Starting from the surface structure of the human skin, the skin is a barrier. Most of the facial product component molecular weight is not enough to penetrate the deep layer of the skin, not to mention it will be absorbed and affects the fetal wrong remarks.

Therefore, how to draw and how to paint during pregnancy and how to apply it.Lipstick should not be in your mouth. If you accidentally go in, there will be no impact. After all, isn’t it the whole root to eat it?Intersection

During pregnancy, light makeup can be streamlined. The base makeup+eyebrow+lipstick+makeup remover products are finished!

1. [Base makeup]

①Naturaglace isolation

Their family focuses on the development of organic makeup brands.For pregnant women, breastfeeding, sensitive muscles are very friendly.This isolation official website is said to be a "five -effect" moisturizing and quarantine pre -makeup milk.

There are four colors in a total of four colors: champagne beige, natural beige, pink, green.

I used the green, and after trying on the face, I found that there is still a pearl component in it, so I have a certain sense of luster and I won’t get dry.

Generally speaking, if there are not many flaws on the face, such as a little red bloodshot, you are too lazy to make up, want to make the skin white, and the translucent pseudo face can directly isolate the face without adding other foundation.

Of course, sunscreen still needs to be used alone. This isolation cannot be used for sunscreen alone.

② Nenfu air cushion

Because of its products in Germany, because its products have always adhered to the "professional, safe, effective" concept, and the R & D team is more professional, so all product query ingredients are all 5 stars.

The hydration of the air cushion is very good. It contains more than 80%of the hydraulic essence of more than 80%of pantol alcohol and sodium hyaluronate. The milk is not only beautiful but also skin -nourishing, which is a moisturizing and persistent type, suitable for any skin type.And the better the night, the better ~

With concealer, the first layer can be covered. After the puff is uniform, the cream muscle is completely creamy. The makeup feels light and the skin feels very good at the same time, which will give people a natural skin.

During the period of pregnancy, I often had yellow skin during the period of pregnancy. This air cushion was a weapon that helped me balance my skin tone. After all, until production, my friend also said how I was like nothing else.Blood full.

The main thing is that it compares the air cushion that I have used before, and it almost smells no taste, especially suitable for mothers with pregnant vomiting reactions.

2. [Eyebrow]

kate eyebrow powder

Three -color eyebrow powder for man!

I use it to the tail of the eyebrows. The brush that comes with the eyebrow powder can well outline the shape of the eyebrow tail. The sisters with black hair and dark hair are just right with the No. 1 color.

The color of No. 2 is used to fill the eyebrows, and the color is shallow.

In color, I usually use the third and second color to mix the nose to repair the nose, especially natural ~

Two pieces of iron have been more than two pieces, there is really no more smoother eyebrow powder than this. No wonder it is an old Internet celebrity!

3. [Lipstick]

Hua Xizi lipstick

The light of domestic goods!From the previous concentric lock -ceramic -Miao impression to the Qiang impression, combining our traditional elements with makeup, I think it is doing a cool thing!

The design of the new Dai people impression lip glaze!It seemed to see the girl who was dancing in a Dai tribe in her hand. Xiaoman waist and peacock feathers really took the essence.

It also has to say that it has maintained some moisturizing degrees while not sticking to the cup!However, it will still be a bit dry after a long time, so the sisters with dry lips must also be found.

It should be noted that some TIPS still needs some Tips when applying.After applying it, you should blew up with your fingers. Don’t pout when it is half -dry.

Four, [remodel removal]

EVLOM makeup remover cream

I can only say that it is unreasonable, Hermes in the makeup remover!Guiden is expensive HHH

Use your hands to use the coin size each day, put it in the palm of your hand, massage the face, massage the nose, soak it in hot water with the attached cleansing towels, and apply it to the face for three times.If you want to be lazy once or twice,), then wipe it, take the makeup and makeup remover on the face, and soak the face in the cold water to help shrink the pores. After the washing, the face is clean and translucent.

The EVLOM paste contains essential oils, so it will not be tight after unloading. I will not use facial cleanser anymore in the future. The use steps are a little troublesome, but it is really clean. The entire makeup remover process is very very clean.What you enjoy is equivalent to cleaning ~ It will be more suitable for buying a large millis afterwards ~

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