Married men wake up, my wife takes a baby to work much more tired than your work

Do you often hear in your ears, "Women just bring a child at home, how easy it is to do anything." I really don’t know how this sentence can be said.Essence

A woman does not know how much to pay for the whole family. From pregnancy, let’s talk about pregnancy. I ca n’t eat much things all day long. It is always accompanied by nausea. Once the pregnancy, my throat is corroded by stomach acid once.Uncomfortable, for children, this cannot be eaten and not eaten, the appetite is not good, how can the spirit be good?Then there is the body shape. Before, the slim body looked bloated, did you not feel bad?Who doesn’t want to have a good figure, who doesn’t want to have a charming figure?The delicate belly, as the child grew up, slowly, torn slowly, and almost permanently accompanied by stretch marks, and never dared to wear dew -waist clothing.Sleeping at night can only lie in one direction, for fear that the umbilical cord is wrapped around the child’s hypoxia. It can only be relieved for a brief flat lying in the evening. After a long time, the entire limb is stiff and numb.After all, the child is ready to be born, and to bear the pain of opening the ten fingers. The pain is like a tens of thousands of knives. When your consciousness is very clear, you can pierce the body little by little.

Do you think it is over after giving birth?The most painful only came. Who can understand if you do n’t leave the child 24 hours a day, and you can feed your milk once every two hours. There is almost no rest time, especially in the middle of the night.When I was sleeping, I suddenly woke up to see the child.

After the child enters February, the so -called February trouble can directly collapse this mother. The child crying inexplicably. No matter how coaxing, it is useless.Evergreen.

The child is a little bigger, and it is even more inseparable. As soon as he leaves his sight, the child keeps crying to find his mother. He does n’t even have the time to go to the toilet. Coaxing the child to sleep at night, the arms can be numb, and a little movement.Waking up, lack of sleep at night, causing many women to be weak in spirit, a lot of hair dropped, and the mood naturally reached the freezing point.

At this time, you are still having abandoning your wife at home without cleaning up, not brushing the bowl, and not washing your face.Faced with your complaints, you can only tolerate your daughter -in -law, because you are the pillar of the family, only you can maintain the daily expenses of your family.Some people are more abominable. They think that this is what women should do. They do n’t help watch the children when they come back.I always feel that I am tired of working abroad, but I never thought that my wife was tired of 24 hours a day.Tired of body, more mental are more tired!

As soon as I went home, I cook, washing clothes, cleaning up my house, and helping to bring my children. I thought I did very well, but I slapped me fiercely.My wife was still depressed.

Daily love

At first, I always felt very loving and happy. I do n’t know that this is what my wife suppresss her mood, but I believe it is really taken for granted.Later, his wife said in the middle of the night.

Seeing this, I don’t know how to answer, because the child is sleeping among us, and he is afraid of waking up the child, so he can only rest with the child with WeChat.When I saw the word depression, my head was buzzing, how could such a thing appear on my wife.

Mental internal consumption

It turned out that his wife had been consuming herself in the spirit, and slowly didn’t patience. Slowly, she became more and more isolated and denied herself.

Mental internal consumption

I did n’t sleep all night. I have been reflecting on myself. I have always thought of doing it well, but I ignored my wife ’s heart. My wife’ s words and deeds need to be understood, but I did n’t do it.If you do n’t match, my husband is simply not competent at all.

So accompany his wife, understand his wife, and help his wife to share what she is unwilling to mention.The daughter -in -law is good, and the family can be better.

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