Maternity insurance is used well, and it is not troublesome to save money to save money

Some time ago, a female fan friend who consulted insurance insurance was pregnant, and she just said that she would resign and go home to raise a fetus in a few months.As soon as she heard her, she stopped her and told her that if she left at this time, she would not be able to enjoy all the treatment of maternity insurance.Unexpectedly, she said, "It’s too hard to go to work at work. It is better to go home early to raise a tire, not to mention that maternity insurance can’t receive much money."

When Uncle heard it, he was stunned.The comment area asked me how many old irons thought so!

Is the role of maternity insurance just to receive money?Today we will re -understand the treatment of maternity insurance.

There are two money of maternity insurance, and the old iron will figure out!One is a maternity allowance, and the other is maternity leave salary.The two money cannot be received at the same time.

Previously, I heard two mother -in -law talking about maternity salary on the subway. One of them also said: "The salary of maternity leave is actually a fertility allowance, which is different."

This statement is definitely wrong!Because the fertility allowance was issued by the government, maternity and leave wages were issued by the company.When maternity allowances> maternity leave salary: The company should pay the maternity allowance to employees on a monthly basis.When maternity allowances <Maternal leave salary: The company should pay the maternity leave salary to employees monthly, and the insufficient parts shall be subsidized by the company.

Take a simple "chestnut" [Da Detective Pikachu], assuming that the calculated maternity allowance standard is 6K/month.

Xiaofang’s monthly salary is 10,000, (10000> 6000 standards) then she can receive 10,000 yuan per month during maternity leave; if Xiaofang salary is 5,000 yuan, (5000 <6000 standards) can only receive 5,000 yuan per month during maternity leave.

Under normal circumstances, most company employees pay their wages in full, but few companies may deduct salary reduction.In this case, the old iron must protect their rights through the local people’s social bureau and ask the company to pay the full salary.

So, how to calculate the fertility allowance?

Calculation formula for maternity allowances: maternity allowance = company’s monthly average salary of employees last year ÷ 30 × maternity leave days

At present, the state’s regulations are 98 days. Since the "comprehensive two -child" policy has landed, 25 provinces across the country have successively extended maternity leave to 128 days to 158 days. Guangdong, Gansu, Heilongjiang, Hainan and Henan have nearly half of the production leave. Tibet can even rest.1 year.This calculation depends on the actual situation of everyone.

In fact, in addition to receiving money, maternity insurance can also reimburse the costs incurred during maternity.

Because the reimbursement rules of each city are different, we can understand through the reimbursement rules of several first -tier cities:

We can find that the specific reimbursement rules in each place are different, but there are related reimbursement and subsidies from all aspects. There are still more subsidies in some places, so that the old iron can save a little more money!

If you want to know the local fertility reimbursement policy, you can draw the area code +12333 to consult the local social security department.

It should be noted that the four cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, maternity insurance needs at least 9 months in a row to enjoy treatment.

The above is the maternity insurance treatment of employees’ social security. Considering that some friends pay the social security, can you enjoy the maternity insurance treatment by yourself?Let’s talk below.

Yes, but the social security you pay can only enjoy the reimbursement of maternity medical care and cannot receive maternity allowances.

There are two ways to hand over social security, namely: as a flexible employee or find an institution to attach to employee social security.Or pay the residents’ social security by yourself.

Compared with employee social security, residents’ social insurance is lower than employee medical insurance. Most cities can enjoy fertility treatment as long as they participate in insurance. The insurance insurance time for medical insurance in various places is generally from September to December each year.

If you choose to resign and raise your fetus and have a local household registration, you must remember to pay residents’ medical insurance in time.

Maternity insurance can save a lot of money for friends.If you want to be reimbursed successfully, you must do the following work:

1. If you want to reimburse the cost of check -up and delivery hospitalization, you can prepare left and right information (hukou book, wedding certificate, B -ultrasound certificate, etc.) after 12 weeks of pregnancy, and apply for maternity registration through the Internet or window.

2. Select a fixed -point delivery hospital.You can search for "designated medical institutions" on the official website of the local medical insurance bureau and find the list of hospitals.Choose a suitable hospital, bind the medical insurance card, and swipe the card after discharge to reimburse.If your city does not support online handling, you can also choose the way the window is handled to go to the local family planning department or community.

3. For the maternity allowance, you can consult the company’s personnel administration. You can handle it directly to the personnel of the company according to the list.Under normal circumstances, information such as family planning certificates, ID cards or social security cards, related diagnostic certificates, and medical certificates of birth.

Because there are still differences in various regions, if it is not clear, everyone can still call 12333 to consult.

In addition to what mentioned above, some fans have previously consulted other uncle’s maternity insurance questions, just to answer you together.

1. Housewives do not have social security. Husbands have social security. Can she use her husband’s maternity insurance?

is allowed.Husband’s maternity insurance can be used to reimburse the costs such as inspection, childbirth, and abortion, but there is no maternity allowance to receive it.And some places are special. The husband’s maternity insurance cannot be used for his wife. If you want to use it, you must pay it.

2. If you have a baby in a different place, can the maternity insurance paid by the company still report?

is allowed.However, fertility costs need to be paid first, and after returning to the unit, you can apply to the Medical Insurance Bureau through the unit.And it is necessary to apply within the period of one year, and it will not work in one year.

Finally, I hope that when you have a baby, you can use the benefits of social security.Now the pressure of giving birth to baby and raising baby is getting greater, even if it can save tens of thousands of dollars, it is excellent!Is it not fragrant to buy more good milk powder and buy a few more good clothes?

I am Self -Bao, who can save you the most money![cool]

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