Medication+preventing pregnant women easily cope with vulvar itching

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If a woman occurs during vulvar itching during pregnancy, pay attention not to take care of it casually. It is best to go to the hospital for examination. Do not blindly treat it. Women should pay attention to many problems during pregnancy. If itching, they should usually be done wellThe cleaning and nursing work of the vulva, the vulvar itching during pregnancy, is mostly caused by secretion stimulation, or it may be caused by inflammatory infection. Drug+preventing pregnant women can easily cope with vulvar itching.

What to do if pregnant women vulvar itching

Because the vulva belongs to the private parts of women, itching of the vulva cannot be taken care of, otherwise it is prone to greater problems.Especially for pregnant women, there are more worry about things than ordinary women, and treatment needs to be more cautious.

First, go to the hospital for examination

Go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to determine whether the condition is serious or not serious.If the situation is not very serious, it is generally not necessary to take medicine, and you usually pay more attention to some personal hygiene. If the situation is serious, you need to understand the cause and disease, and perform related treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Second, do daily cleaning and care

Replace the underwear every day, soak it with boiling water after washing the underwear. If there is a sun, try to expose it under the sun as much as possible; the vulva is mostly cleaned with warm water. It cannot be scratched with your hands when itching, so as not to grab the skin and cause infection.

Third, keep a relaxed mood

During pregnancy, there is a gynecological disease. Pregnant women should maintain a calm mood. They should not be too panic, so as not to aggravate their illness due to mood.Moreover, pregnant women maintain a good mood, which is also beneficial to the development of the fetus.

Can pregnant women use medicine?

If the vulvar itching goes to the hospital for examination, the doctor will definitely prescribe some drugs for you to go home with drugs for treatment.But after women are pregnant, they are more sensitive to drugs, and they may affect the fetus.Can the vulvar itching during pregnancy be used?

If it is just a general vulva itching, it can be used without medication. Pay more attention to the cleaning and hygiene of the vulva.Wash the vulva with warm white water every day, which can control itching and not stimulate the genitals.

If the vulva itching is more serious, you need to go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis.If it is a trichomonic vaginitis, you need to take related drugs under the guidance of a doctor, and the vagina needs to be used.

Due to the special physical condition of women during pregnancy, when the vulva itching needs to be used, it can only be used local medication, otherwise it may affect the health of the fetus.

In addition, pregnant women cannot use medication for the vulva by themselves, especially if they cannot go to the pharmacy to buy anti -itching drugs by themselves, be sure to remember the right to use.Moreover, spouses should also cooperate with appropriate treatment to avoid cross -infection or recurrent diseases.

Use medication+preventing pregnant women easily cope with vulvar itching. If a woman occurs during vulvar itching during pregnancy, pay attention to the correct care private parts. Do not use the washing solution to clean the private parts, otherwise it will increase the itching of the vulva.The phenomenon needs to go to the hospital for examination, and to do a good job of daily cleaning and care. It needs to maintain a relaxed mood.

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