Meibao Star: How long will chest swelling occur after pregnancy?How to relieve it?

Moms should have had such a deep experience. Pregnant breast swelling is a small condition that many women will happen. After pregnancy, chest pain is caused by changes in hormone levels.From the moment of fertilized eggs, the endocrine system in women’s body has begun to change.Among them, one of the most obvious signs is breast sensitivity and pain.This is caused by the improvement of hormone levels in pregnant women.This pain is very similar to women’s feelings before menstruation, but it is stronger.In the late pregnancy, chest bloating is generally related to the increase in breasts and prepare for breastfeeding.

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About 40 days of pregnancy will swell

In the early pregnancy, about 6 weeks of menopause, the estrogen in women’s body will continue to increase, causing the breast ducts to extend the development and spread the branch.The level of progesterone has gradually improved to promote the growth of bubbles in the body of the mammary gland (where the milk is produced in the future).Blood flows more to the breast, and the adipose tissue has also begun to accumulate, surrounds, and layer pads around the extended milk conveyor tube and surroundings.At this time, the nipples will have a slight rise, firm and sensitive.The areola gradually expands and the color becomes darker.

How many weeks of pregnancy occur in breast swelling

But not every pregnant woman will have symptoms of chest bloating in the early stages of pregnancy.Everyone’s physical condition is different, and some friends will not have pregnancy and chest swelling. Some people will have short -term chest bloating in the early stages of pregnancy, and the chest swelling time is even up to 1 month.Early pregnancy reactions are different, vomiting, some people are sleepy, frequent urination, some people are afraid of cold, some people feel uncomfortable when they smell the smell of oil.After the week, it usually lasts until 3 months of pregnancy.Everyone’s situation will be different. This is related to individual hormones. Some people have a long reaction time for early pregnancy and disappear until 16-18 weeks.Under normal circumstances, about 40 days of pregnancy, early pregnancy reactions may occur. Early pregnancy reactions should be appropriate due to people. Some reactions are early, and some reactions are late.

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How to relieve chest bloating:

For the symptoms of pain in breasts after pregnancy, pregnant women can use breast nursing methods such as hot compresses and massage.It should be noted that the breasts are very fragile during this period. Pregnant women should move gently during the care process to avoid damage to the nipples.

During the day, mothers can also try to breast -up bras to support their breasts more.By the third trimester, if you are preparing to breastfeed, you may buy a kind of breastfeeding bra that can be unlocked from before.When sleeping at night, mothers can also wear sleep bras during pregnancy, and some maternal and infant shops can buy this soft, loose cotton bra.

When choosing a bra, consider relaxing the size appropriately, because as the breast increases and the abdomen bulge, the size of the bras may increase by 1 or 2 sizes (cups and bust size will increase).When trying to penetrate the bra, it is best to buckle the buttons in the most tight gear, so that if the breasts increase, there is still room for rotation.

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Others are also necessary for breast massage.For example, apply cold towels to cloak the chest (not having to use ice), and patting gently with both hands (the prohibition of other diseases with other diseases) can alleviate pain.

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