Men, don’t just ask your woman to get an abortion


My friend Feifei’s girlfriend was pregnant.

After Fei Fei woke up with his girlfriend that morning, he was passionate, only to think of the pregnancy test stick I bought last night.Feifei called his girlfriend to test in the bathroom. In this test, the two red lines on the pregnancy test rod were clear and obviously jumped into her eyes."I am pregnant!" Fei Fei said a little frustrated.It seems that he still has no psychological preparation and ability to welcome the arrival of the little life in his girlfriend’s belly.

As a result, Feifei took his girlfriend to the outpatient department for examination, and the inspection found that his girlfriend had been pregnant for more than a month.But he didn’t want to get married so soon, because he and his girlfriend had just patted for half a year, and even the parents of both sides didn’t know.

Girlfriend threw this question to Feifei, looked at Fei Fei with innocent face, and asked, "Do you want the child? Everything listens to you, but I’m afraid of surgery, afraid of suffering from suffering, the pain is me …"

Fei Fei didn’t even think about it, and came out casually: "Broken."Where would he think of "tires", no matter how good the technology is today, he must first anesthes and torture the uterus before he can complete the surgery!How can that painful Feifei be appreciated?It’s not you, but your girlfriend!

My girlfriend seemed a little wrong, but now this unexpected pregnancy has to face the current actual situation. I can only obey the arrangement of Feifei. I am going to do a painless abortion and lead the little life in my stomach.Thinking of the cold operating table and the kind of pain, his girlfriend began to grieve and lay on Feifei on the shoulder of Feifei.Fei Fei comforted: "Don’t be afraid, baby, there is me! Being people is normal, wait for anesthesia, you can’t feel the pain, the pain will only have a faint pain after anesthesia, I have asked a doctorIt’s okay for a few days to rest. "

For the first time, the two young people faced such things, and they had to deal with this "abortion surgery!" It can be imagined that each other’s hearts seemed to be helpless and nervous.Knowing this early, why not take contraceptive measures at the beginning?


Fei Fei settled his girlfriend on the wooden chair sofa in the clinic, and ran to the doctor with herself, quietly asking a doctor: "How much does my girlfriend do that abortion surgery?Give him a general number … "

"Ah, so much! Really black!" Fei Fei muttered.For him, who was very economical at the time, how can there be so much money to pay the cost of these thousands of people!And this is still done in the outpatient clinic. If it is changed to a regular hospital, isn’t it more expensive?

Fei Fei Agreement, one set, how much is the money left on his bank card?Forget it, it’s not enough!Not enough!After this surgery is over, there must be nutritional costs!I ca n’t have a girlfriend surgery, I do n’t even buy supplements!Fei Fei hurriedly thought that he would borrow something with friends first, and it would not be so nervous when he was paid until the salary was paid.

So Fei Fei asked his girlfriend to sit on the outpatient wooden sofa chair and wait for him to know, but he panicked, "Go to the bank teller to get some money, the money is not enough!" Then he ran out.

Fei Fei couldn’t help but have no way. He took a car and ran to me all the way. He was embarrassed and flushed begging me to help.He said: "My girlfriend is still resting in the clinic. I have to have a abortion surgery and borrow 3,000 yuan from me!"

I gave him money, seeing him running away from the back of the car, I couldn’t help but think of it …


Through this incident, I feel a little bit distressed for this young little couple.They still can’t afford responsibility and responsibility; they don’t even have the cost of fetal tires, and feel heartache!Is it young or really ignoring this consequences?I hope Feifei can learn from experience and lessons through this matter.It can also bear the responsibility of buying for your own consequences, mature as soon as possible, not …

Obviously, Feifei and his girlfriend do not know how to protect themselves, and do not know how to avoid such things better.

Young little couples, some things are really impulsive, such as "when the two are passionate, they forget to take good measures and have no consideration at all." Without preparingNot to buy it by yourself!Figure in the picture of the moment caused unnecessary costs and embarrassment!

Fei Fei, neither economy nor the ability to bear all the girlfriend’s pregnancy. When all this comes, it makes himself panicked.What about a series of life events brought back?

If someone can tell them these experiences, it may be possible to avoid such things.This is why I want to write this little story.I hope that young couples who can smoke and burns together can be considered to be considered.

Take good measures beforehand!Take good measures beforehand!Take good measures beforehand!Important things are used to say three times in order to remember.

Whether in this little story or such a thing, I always feel that "men should bear greater responsibilities. When playing with girlfriends, don’t be too selfish to satisfy your own selfishness and happiness! Go to hurt his girlfriendThe body is not desirable. "If you do n’t take contraceptive measures, if you do n’t intend to have children, this damage is to throw it naked to your girlfriend, and the pain will not stop!

Men, is it just because it is painful? Can’t you feel at all?Comparing the heart to the heart, this pain is unbearable by every woman.

— End —

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