Men who has been in love for ten years has been married (2)

When Chen Zixuan was 16 years old, her brother’s classmate came to her house as a guest. At that time, Jiang Yi, who was tall and handsome, instantly captured Chen Zixuan’s heart, so she had been in love with him for ten years.

Unexpectedly, ten years later, she rolled the sheets and became pregnant with an accident and secretly in love with her for ten years.

Chen Zixuan, who is ignorant and ignorant, has always thought that she was irregularly menstrual because of stress, so she was disgusting and nauseous.

However, her abnormalities were seen by Chen’s mother. Mother Chen quietly bought the test strip and blocked her into the toilet.Under her intimidation, she presented her own six grain.

After seeing the two bars above, Mother Chen’s face was as dark as the bottom of the pot.

"Chen Zixuan, you have to explain to me, what’s going on?"

Chen Zixuan said pale, "I … I don’t know what’s going on?"

Mother Chen stared at her and said, "Why don’t you tell me when you fall in love, you talk about you in love! Why don’t you know how to protect it? What do you say now? Find that manWhat dog? "

Chen Zixuan said, "I am … I don’t know."

Mother Chen stared at her and said, "Don’t you know? Did you go out and play blindly?"

Chen Zixuan hurriedly shook her head and said, "I don’t!" Mother Chen stared at her and said, "What is going on?"

Chen Hang, who was overheating in the living room, suddenly seemed to think of something.

That night, he asked Chen Zixuan to pick him up and Jiang Yi. When he got up in the toilet in the middle of the night, he just saw her hurriedly back.

At that time, he had an ominous hunch in his heart. After that, she never returned late, so he would not take it to heart.

Nowadays, it should be something that happened that night, and this child is likely to be Jiang Yi.

Chen Hang pushed Chen’s mother to the room, and then prepared to talk to Chen Zixuan alone.

Chen Hang looked at her and said, "Is this child Jiang Yi?" Chen Zixuan said nervously: "Brother, what do you say?"

Chen Hang stared at her and said, "If you refuse to tell me, I will ask Jiang Yi." He was ready to leave.

Chen Zixuan quickly held him away and said, "Brother, don’t ask, I am voluntary."

Chen Hang glanced at her with a black face, and then fell directly out.

Chen Hang made an appointment with Jiang Yi and gave him a punch directly: "Jiang Yi, have you been pregnant, do you know?" Do you know? "

Jiang Yi heard his words, his face became pale instantly: "Sorry, if she is willing, I can marry her."

Chen Hang glanced at him, then pursed the corner of his mouth and said, "You don’t like her, you will not be happy when you get married."

Jiang Yi paused and said, "She is my child’s mother. We will be a family in the future. Naturally, I will not treat her thin."

Jiang Yi came to the Chen family with Chen Hang. When Chen’s mother saw that the child’s father turned out to be Jiang Yi, her face became peaceful instantly.

Jiang Yi is tall and handsome, with an annual salary of hundreds of thousands, and the family conditions are good. He is still an old demolition household. Chen Zixuan always hopes that Chen Zixuan can find such a boyfriend.

When Chen Zixuan saw Jiang Yi, her face was red, and she didn’t expect him to come.

Jiang Yi looked at Mother Chen and said, "Auntie, I am not good at this matter. I am willing to be responsible for Xuan Xuan. I also hope that my aunt can give me Xuan Xuan."

Chen’s expression cleared her throat unnaturally, and Chen Zixuan quickly said, "No need, I just go to beat the child by myself."

In fact, she wanted to promise him, but she knew that he didn’t love her, and she should not kidnap him.

Chen Mu stared at her and said, "What are you talking nonsense? That is a lively life, how can you say it?"

Jiang Yi looked at her and said, "Xuan Xuan, this is our child. I hope you can stay, and then we raise her to grow up together, okay?"

Mother Chen said quickly: "Jiang Yi said that it makes sense. Since God has tied you together, you should accept the arrangement of destiny."

Chen Hang went on to say, "The child already has it, and it is really a bit cruel to do it again. It is better to receive the certificate first, so that the child also has a hukou. As for what you develop in the future, it depends on how much the fate of the two of you are.It’s. "

Chen Mu dangled his head and said, "Our Chen family will not marry his daughter casually."

Jiang Yi said quickly: "Auntie rest assured, the wedding room is not as small as weddings."

Mother Chen raised her mouth and said, "Jiang Yi has always been a safe child, that is, you, replacing others, this child must not be required."

Jiang Yi said sincerely: "Thank you Auntie for trust, I will definitely treat Xuan Xuan in the future."

Mother Chen said, "The child has been two months old, and this wedding cannot be dragged."

Jiang Yi thought about it and said, "Then the end of this month!" Said that he pulled out a card from the bag, and then put it on the table and said, "This is 200,000 here, it is me to give it a gift.Aunt, you can mention it casually, I will definitely do my best. "

Mother Chen stunned, and then split her mouth and said, "Xiao Yi will do things and give you Xuan Xuan to you. The aunt is very relieved."

Chen Zixuan looked at them again and again. It seemed that there was nothing about her. The matter had already talked about this. If she opposed it, it seemed a little redundant.

Thinking of the man who was going to marry her for ten years, she couldn’t help but start to accelerate her heartbeat.Shouldn’t all this be available in dreams?She really didn’t expect that she had a dream that came true.

The next morning, Jiang Yi drove Chen Zixuan to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Before getting out of the car, Chen Zixuan looked at him and said, "That two of us are going to get married, I think I have to say something. I know you have an unforgettable relationship before, and we get married because of an accident.Compared to your past, the combination of us seems a bit plays. What I want to say is that if you regret it in the future, I hope you can tell me as soon asOne point, if we divorce in the future, the child must follow me. "

This remark was Chen Zixuan thought all night. She felt that she should say it. Although she loved him, she would not be deceived.

If there is a divorce day, her child will definitely take it away.

Jiang Yi hesitated for a while and said, "I hope we will love each other in the future, but if you have a better choice, or if we have reached the unruly step, I will fulfill you all. As for the child, I will respect it.Your choice. "

Thirty minutes later, Jiang Yi and Chen Zixuan held a marriage certificate in their hands.

Because both of them have to go to work, they ran each other after receiving the certificate.

Later, Mother Chen helped them arrange a wedding venue. Because Jiang Yi’s parents were in the field, this incident fell on Mother Chen alone.

Chen Mu was busy and lived outside for twenty days, and even the wedding photo was taken by Mother Chen with the two.

On the day of the wedding, the two were particularly happy. What Chen Zixuan didn’t expect was that Jiang Yi’s ex -girlfriend actually attended their wedding, and she also brought a rich boyfriend at the time.

The ex -girlfriend was very generous, and came up with 6,000 yuan of money.

Although Jiang Yi still looked normal, he became colder and cold, suggesting that he was not in a good mood.

The ex -girlfriend was obviously angry with Jiang Yi, and she seemed to prove to him that she was very good now.

No matter what the purpose she is, when she arrives at her, she will not make her too proud.

Chen Zixuan whispered to Jiang Yi and said, "Let’s give your ex -girlfriend a glass of bar!"

Jiang Yi frowned slightly, and then looked at her, "It’s okay, ignore her!"

Chen Zixuan raised the glass and said, "Don’t, what about the money of 6,000 yuan? We should pay for a glass of wine."

Jiang Yi hesitated for a while, then raised the glass and said, "Okay!"

Chen Zixuan hesitated for a while, and suddenly reached out and held his arm.

Jiang Yi looked at the small hand on his arm, and then glanced at Chen Zixuan again. The delicate person in front of him was already his wife, which made him dream.

Chen Zixuan said with a shy way: "Can you leave?"

Jiang Yi nodded, and the two walked straight towards his ex -girlfriend Ding Qian.

After seeing them, Ding Qian quickly stood up. She looked at Jiang Yi in a stunned way, and Chen Zixuan could see the water vapor in her eyes.

Jiang Yi took the lead in shaking hands with her boyfriend, and then sighed a few words.

Chen Zixuan and Ding Qian touched the cup, and then smiled and said, "Miss Ding is very beautiful, and today is really different."

Ding Qian said coldly, "Who did you say?" Chen Zixuan looked at Jiang Yi and laughed, and then shyly said, "Of course it is Jiang Yi."

Ding Qian glanced at Jiang Yi, and then said coldly, "Jiang Yi, when did you talk about when your little girlfriend talked, but I did not expect to get married so soon."

Jiang Yi looked at Chen Zixuan with a smile, and then looked at Ding Qian: "I have known Xuan Xuan for more than ten years. We are green plums, so after breaking through that layer of window paper, everything goes."

Ding Qian sneered and said, "I can’t think of our scholar Jiang, and there is a young little sister hidden in my heart. I can’t see that you are so passionate."

Chen Zixuan heard the words, and immediately said with a smile: "Sister, you don’t understand, our family Jiang Yi is very simple. The reason why he did not confess to me at the time was also afraid that I had abandoned him.I saw him. Now that the two of us are combined, it is considered to be a dependent. In addition, we now have a baby. I believe that our future life will be very sweet. "

Jiang Yi glanced at her, and then couldn’t help but bow his head to arouse the corner of his mouth.

When Ding Qian heard this, his eyes had stared like a copper bell.

After a moment, she suddenly leaned on the shoulder of the middle -aged man and said, "My dear, I’m tired, let’s go!" After that, she glanced at Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi’s eyes were dark instantly. When Chen Zixuan saw this scene, her mood fell into the valley instantly.

He still cares about her …

In the cave, Jiang Yi was drunk. In fact, even if he was not drunk, they couldn’t do anything.

To be continued … Praise and follow … Tomorrow night!

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