Men’s contraceptives with a success rate of 100%are here!Will he eat for you?

Tang Yuan and her husband were just married and had no intention to have a child.Unfortunately, dumplings are allergic to rubber (you know), so she can only use You Siming to contraception.However, You Siming has serious side effects on dumplings: headache, retching, and emotional low …

Dumplings spit out a manual of You Siming while throwing it:

"You see, this manual has written a full page of side effects, I have half of my! Contraception is obviously a matter of two people. Why is it only me?"

Yes, why is the only woman suffering?If there are contraceptives for men.

The issues we can think of, scientists have long thought of.

After checking the dumplings, I knew that as early as decades ago, scientists began to develop male oral contraceptives.At present, this medicine has passed clinical experiments, but there is only a period of time from the investment market.

However, why did women’s contraceptives developed 60 years ago, but the development of men’s contraceptives was so strenuous?

The answer is simple:

"Compared to the egg cells only one month, it is much more difficult to deal with hundreds of millions of sperm per day."

Apart from wearing a suit and ligation, there are no other contraceptive methods. Each of 180 million sperm is expelled. Only one sperm is enough to make egg cells fertilize and be invincible.

Before talking about men’s contraceptives, dumplings will give you the principle of female contraceptives.

Female contraceptives are divided into three types: long -term, short -acting, and emergency.The "You Siming" just mentioned is a short -acting contraceptive.Short -acting contraceptive pills are compound drugs made of estrogen and progesterone, which will not affect pregnancy after discontinuation; emergency contraceptives, also known as "afterwards contraceptive pills". The most familiar "Yuting" is one of them.A short -acting oral contraceptive dose, which is equivalent to 8 days at a time, will interfere with normal endocrine and severely hurt women’s bodies; long -acting contraceptives are also compound drugs made of estrogen and progesterone.Dozens of times the contraceptives, so doctors are not recommended to take it, and it is rare on the market.

Short -effect contraceptive You Siming

Among them, the most side effects are emergency contraceptives, which will seriously affect endocrine and even lead to infertility. Therefore, doctors recommend taking up to 3 times a year.However, even if women take the most short -acting contraceptives now, the side effects are very large. It is obese, dizziness, and dysfunction.It’s right.

In addition, short -acting contraceptives can make people feel mood, and dumplings have heard such a joke:

"The contraceptive mechanism of short -acting contraceptive pills is to turn women into cold …"

In the eighth season of "Lao You Ji", Rachel accidentally conceived Ross’s child, and she said helplessly:

"Sometimes it’ s so unlucky. I ’m wearing all of them, but I still ca n’t prevent so many omissions.”

Many people don’t know that the success rate of condoms is only 97%.In other words, every 100 couples who are applauding for applause will have three unexpected pregnancy, and the probability is not low.This is why many women do not believe in condoms, but to choose contraceptives with higher success rates.

Unfortunately, the success rate of women’s short -acting contraceptives is 99%, nor is it uniform; and the success rate of emergency contraceptives is only 85%, which is the so -called "unsuccessful, adult".Therefore, scientists began to conceive a contraceptive pill for men with a success rate of 100%.

The folk has always said that "celery kills", and men who prepare for pregnancy are not good.Can "Celery Killing Essence" be inspired by the R & D of male contraceptives?

After experiments, doctors found that after eating celery with good health and fertility, the sperm volume will be significantly reduced after eating celery for many days.EssenceIt can be seen that men eating more celery will indeed suppress the production of testosterone.

Inspired by scientists, a male contraceptive pill was developed.

This male contraceptive pill is called "11-β-MNTDC", which is a modified testosterone. It also has the characteristics ofrogens and progesterone. The former can maintain sexual desire.%, Sperm levels can return to normal after a few stops.

For the side effects that everyone cares about most, scientists do such an experiment:

Find 40 healthy men aged 18 to 50, and the experimental group is 30, and the 30 people take "11-Beta-MNTDC", of which 14 are 200 mg and 16 people take 400mg;Any drug component "placebo".

After taking 28 days, scientists evaluated the physical condition of the participants.

The biggest side effect of male contraceptives is to increase weight, the "placebo" group has an average increase of 0.6 kg, the average increase of the 200 mg group by an average increase of 1.3 kg, and the average increase of the 400 mg group by 1.9 kg;

In addition, 5 people have a mild "decline in sexual desire", and the two people have mild "erectile dysfunction", but they are within normal side effects related to hormones, which will not affect normal life;

There are also a few people report that mild fatigue, headache and acne, but it cannot be proved that these symptoms are caused by "11-Beta-MNTDC".

On March 25, 2019, the research team of the Los Angeles Institute of Biomedicine and the University of Washington announced that the new male oral contraceptive pill 11-β-MNTDC passed Pharmaceutical clinical trials, not hurting the body, and small side effects. It is expected to be listed in 10 years.Essence

However, drug development is just one aspect, and market acceptance is also important.After all, everyone will have some concerns about a new medicine. What should no one buy it?

Regarding everyone’s acceptance of male contraceptives, dumplings made a small investigation.

Most people think that male contraceptives are a good thing.Women said that they can get rid of themselves, and they will actively give her husband an medicine; men also expressed their willingness to think about the health of their wives and try to take male contraceptives.

However, there are also a few little brothers who see the word "reduce the number of sperm", and the face is immediately full of rejection:

"Don’t don’t want it! Even if scientists say that there are no side effects, I can’t pass the psychological level. There is no small tadpole, what kind of man!"

Some younger sisters also have the same concerns:

"It sounds a bit dangerous. What if my husband is broken? I can’t ask for a baby in the future."

Others are not optimistic about this medicine.However, they are not questioning the contraceptives itself, but that men’s acceptance of it.They speak very straightforward:

"Oh, some men don’t even want to wear TT, do you still expect him to take medicine?"

So what do you think?


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