Men’s swimming pool swim and make 10 women pregnant?How long can the sperm live in the body?the answer is……

Out of professional habits, when I said swimming, my mind emerged with two problems: one is the problem of swimming safety, and the other is to swim in the public swimming pool. Will I get pregnant?We have discussed several times in the first question, and I won’t go into details today.And the second question, don’t feel surprised. Such a problem is a big search in many search engines and forums.

Will swimming in the public swimming pool accidentally get pregnant?

To be honest, if you want to get pregnant, there are many conditions that need to be met. Let’s say one by one.

01 Male BIU is healthy sperm

Normal testicular sperm function is a physiological basis for sperm.Sperm quality determines the fertility of men.

If sperm quality is low, such as too small sperm, low vitality, and high deformity rate, it means that men’s fertility ability decreases, which greatly reduces the possibility of women conceive.

02 Women during ovulation and discharge healthy eggs

Generally speaking, the next few menstruation is for 14 days, and the ovulation period is the ovulation period 2-3 days.However, women’s ovulation is susceptible to physiological, psychological, and other factors, which leads to advanced or delayed ovulation.

When going swimming, it is precisely in the ovulation period, which is originally a probability problem!

Besides, the generation of eggs depends on normal reproductive endocrine function.Even in the ovulation period, a healthy and healthy egg is generated, but it is also a problem to survive safely.

03 The speed of sperm

The sperm, sticky, and exercise ability that I just came out of BIU is really not good.However, after entering the pool, semen liquefied into water, and sperm can be regarded as liberation and can swim freely.

But the problem is that the swim speed of sperm is about 2-3 mm per minute, which is too slow!IntersectionIntersectionConsidering the size of the swimming pool, it is difficult to imagine how long it takes to reach the destination.

Of course, everyone is like cooking dumplings in the pool. Some sperm can swim around the woman, which is not completely impossible.But can she conceive her by the woman?Not that simple!

04 Women’s self -protection mechanism

In the environment of the pool, sperm wants to find the eggs, and through layers of barriers, such as crossing the "people in the mountains", women’s swimsuits, vaginal ports, hymen, and so on.

The first two are not difficult to understand.As for the vaginal opening, it is usually closed; women who do not have sex can also prevent sperm from entering the uterus.

Seeing this, everyone should know whether to swim in the pool "whether swimming in the pool".

In fact, compared to accidental pregnancy, swimming in the public swimming pool, everyone should be more vigilant …

Swimming in the public swimming pool, you should prevent these diseases most

01 dermatitis

Whether it is alkaline pond water, or bleaching powder, chlorine, etc. used for disinfection, it will stimulate the skin.

Suggestion: After swimming, use mildly bathing supplies to bath and wash your hair immediately.

02 Swimming pool eye disease

Swimming eye diseases generally include red eye disease, sandylonia, viral conjunctivitis, etc.If the red eyes continue for more than 24 hours after swimming, or the secretion of the eyes increases significantly, it is necessary to highly suspect that eye disease is high, and you should seek medical treatment in time.

Suggestion: Wear the goggles when swimming.

03 otitis media

When swimming, it is inevitable that water enters the ear canal. If this happens, it is recommended to use a soft cotton swab to suck the water, or crooked the head of the head, press the ears several times with palms, and pour the water out.

04 foot moss

Foot moss is generally not dyed on the pool, but on the ground outside the pool.

Suggestion: Comes with slippers to avoid walking on the pool.

In fact, in addition to the above diseases, many people also care about a question: Will swimming in the public swimming pool, will it be contaminated with sex diseases?

The answer is basically not.After leaving the human body, the primary bacteria have insufficient survivability in vitro, and the disinfectant in the swimming pool can kill them.

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