Menstruation is suddenly abnormal?Four common phenomena of women in women should be right.

Recently, I received a consultation. A lady was 40 years old this year. She said that her menstrual cycle has been 30 days for many years, which is considerable on time, but recently began to shorten to 25 to 28 days.God, it didn’t take long after the end, the next menstruation came again. Not only was she not convenient for life, but she also made her anemia. She was worried that it was a menopausal report to report early or a signs of gynecological diseases?

Many women after 40 years of age seek for obstetrics and gynecology due to menstruation. The common conditions include:

● Smaller or shorter menstrual period: Generally, menstruation comes for about 5 to 7 days.It is said that if the amount of menstrual blood is less than 5 days, the common cause may be related to uterine adhesion (often occur after multiple uterine endometrial scratching), drug use (such as contraceptives), and diet.

In addition, the problems of pituitary tumors and thyroids often cause ovarian ovulation, which can also make the menstrual flow less.

● The amount of quantity becomes more or longer: She reminds that if the menstrual period is more than 7 days or a large amount, even the symptoms of dizziness, weakness, and complexion have white., Endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial cancer, it is recommended to do medical examination.

● The cycle becomes slightly short: the menstrual cycle is normal from 25 to 35 days.If you are over 40 years old, the cycle is slightly shortened by 1 or 2 days, but the amount does not change much, don’t worry too much.

● The cycle is too short, less than 21 days: the short menstrual cycle may be related to the problem of endocrine. The pressure is large, the hybrid tumor and thyroid lesions may affect the endocrine and cannot be ignored.

● The cycle becomes longer: After 45 years of age, it is close to menopause. Ovarian functions are slowly declining and no longer fixed ovulation. Therefore, the menstrual cycle becomes longer, once every 40-50 days, or even 3 or 4 months.Such a transition period is about 1 to 3 years.Aging is a process that usually does not suddenly happen.I haven’t come for a year after menstruation, even menstruation.

● Cycle chaos: If the 40 -year -old woman is chaotic, anemia, anemia, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and unpaid for endometrial cancer, the possibility of endometrial cancer is needed.

In addition, some women’s menstrual cycles are not fixed, and they have not come for more than 6 weeks or 8 weeks; they will come to a large number of 2 or 3 weeks later. If the organs have no lesions after examination, it may be "no ovulation -free dysfunction uterine bleeding uterine bleeding."It is due to the abnormality of the nerve endocrine system, which causes continuous secretion of estrogen and cause abnormal bleeding.

If menstruation has not yet come to menopause, the possibility of pregnancy must be excluded first.

And if you are not pregnant, menstruation does not come before the age of 40. He is most afraid of early ovarian failure.The reason may be that chromosomal abnormalities, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, ovarian surgery or autoimmune disease may also accelerate early menstruation.But there are also many patients who can’t find the reason.

This situation is equally early in the menopause. It is recommended to supplement hormones to maintain physiological functions.It is also necessary to maintain exercise, sun, calcium and vitamin D to keep the bones.

If the two menstrual periods are bleeding, the amount is small and the end is ended quickly. It may be bleeding during ovulation. There is no need to worry about it or it may occur every month.

However, if there is a non -menstrual period and non -ovulation bleeding, it is not bleeding after sexual behavior, you must pay attention.Pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, abortion, cervix or endometrium long pork, cervical erosion, cervical cancer, or ovarian, uterine tumors, endometrial hyperplasia and other reasons may cause abnormal bleeding.

If the vaginal bleeding after menopause, it is necessary to improve alertness, and further examination of the medical bank should be checked in time.

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