Method of the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine pulse to determine whether to get pregnant

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"Cervical asthma and cough, saying water. The eyes are slightly swollen like lying silkworms, saying water. Drowning yellow red and lying, jaundice. Those who have eaten like hungry, gastric jaundice.The yellow person is jaundice. The woman’s hands are less yin and pulse, and the stretch is also. "

(Ahead of the previous article) The last sentence is called "the woman’s hand is less, the pulse is very pulsating, and the stretch is also."This sentence has this controversy.Each note is also very in place, but there is actually a difference in clinical perspective.What is the hand of Shaoyin pulse?The first statement was Wang Bing said: "The hand of the hand of the hand, the hand of the palm, is the hand that should be handed down when the little finger moves."He refers to the little thumb corresponding to the wrist, and the little finger corresponds to the arteries of the wrist. The acupuncture points in this place are called Shenmen.Zha Shenmen is very good for sleep. This is an acupuncture point for acupuncture.The ancients under the Shenmen acupoint believe that it is the hand of Shaoyin, which corresponds to the place where the hands of the hands of Shaoyin, so it is called the hand Shaoyin pulse.This view is the most recognized in history.What is moving?Dynamic refers to the arteries, and the pulse movement is relatively powerful.

"Large beans, shake it," means that the pulse of this place is usually unable to touch it with your hands, and you can touch it. It is a small small pulse.Corresponding to the thumbs, it is impossible to compare the pulse of the position of the pulse, and the lower radial artery is very obvious.The bottom ulnar arteries are not obvious in anatomical arteries, but you can touch it carefully.This is the meaning of this sentence.That is, "the hand is less yin pulse, the stretch", you can’t touch the young yin pulse of this hand, you can touch it carefully.But once you are pregnant, you can touch this place.What kind of performance is this pulse?Just like beans, soybeans are so large, and you feel there in the case of touching. This is "the hand is less yin and the pulse is very, and the stretch" is also a manifestation after pregnancy.For example, if we have encountered these situations, can women just get pregnant for a week?It is not easy to touch for a week of pregnancy, but it is very obvious for more than three months of pregnancy.Therefore, in the ancient medical books, when I was pregnant, unless the experience was extremely rich, you could touch it within a week of pregnancy. Generally speaking, after two or three months of pregnancy, some changes in women’s bodies.

What are the changes at this time?Modern medical research has found that women have increased significantly during pregnancy during pregnancy, exceeding 30 % of the total normal blood, which means that at this timeIncreased force, the amount of fighting each time increases, so the pulse is more powerful than when you are inaccurate, and it is very smooth. This is the feeling of slippery to the touch of this pulse.So at this time the Shaoyin pulse, that is, the pulse of the lower thumb side of the ruler side to the position of the wrist. We are called Shaoyin Pulse, and Shaoyin pulse is "big as beans, shaken by Jue". At this time, you can get this pulse image.Essence

There is also the "Direct Solution of Suwen" that refers to the ruler of the two -inch mouth veins. He believes that "Shaoyin ruler veins are also, and those with both hands and shades are very pulsating, but they know that the kidney qi is more than the qi, but the qi born of Tianyi, but the qi born of Tianyi,Therefore, stretch is also ".This is the view of "Direct Solution of Suwen", thinking that it is two flames, which is the position of the ruler of the inch of the pulse.There is also the third understanding that this hand and Shaoyin wrote wrong, and it should be foot Shaoyin.In the "Sutra of the Sutra", it is considered that there is a mistake in copying.What do he think?Said, "Hand Shaoyin Heart, Foot Shaoyin Kidney also. The kidney is the main essence, the main blood of the heart, and the combination of sperm blood, which is able to have children, so Shaoyin moves very much the pulse of the sons."This is the annotation in the "Sutra of the Sutra". This sentence does not support many in ancient medical doctors.

All in all, we see Zhang Jingyue’s comprehensive judgment. He believes that Wang Bing said right, and Wang Bing said: "Foot Shao Yin pulse, which is said to be in the hands of the palm.of.He explained why?He said that "the vein of the heart meridian, that is, the Shenmen acupoint", he affirmed that this method was correct.This sentence is very interesting. Zhang Jingyue affirmed Wang Bing’s understanding and also said his experience, that is, experience.He said that in addition to thinking that Wang Bing said right, I also felt that with my experience, if it was pregnant, it was that the woman’s left hand also felt like this after the woman was pregnant.It is also obvious, the big beans are shaken, and it feels like this.

Zhang Jingyue was very interesting. He was a doctor in the late Ming Dynasty. When he annotated the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon", he often said his experience.The veins of wearing pregnant women in clinical clinical clinicals are often encountered. It is indeed the inch veins and smoothness of the left hand. Once pregnant, it is much slippery than usual.why?In fact, we understand the anatomy now, because the heart is in the left chest, not in the middle, not on the right, but on the left, so the blood pressure on the left hand is higher than that of the right hand.The pulse beating on the left must be slightly larger than the right.We just said just now that once women are pregnant, her heart is fighting and blood flow, which is 30 % larger than usual.Therefore, at this time, the left hand is more obvious than the right hand. It is 30 % larger and close, so it is very in line with modern medicine here.Here I will share with you the experience of ancient doctors.

We learned this paragraph to know edema, jaundice, gastrointestinal jaundice, and pulse under the circumstances of gastric jaundice. Whether it is a pulse or a physical manifestation of the main point of inspection, everyone will know here.Some prescriptions and treatment methods mentioned in the lecture. Everyone pays attention to this content as ordinary Chinese medicine enthusiasts or ordinary audience friends. You probably understand it.The knowledge in the book book must also be clinically followed by clinical consultation, and it must be practiced specifically to master this skill slowly.(Today’s headline@((() I believe most of the audience friends follow me to learn the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon" mainly to understand some of the methods and principles of the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon". The most important thing is to learn some health knowledge.Just use it, what is going on when you encounter this phenomenon, you can understand it in your heart, not to say how this disease is specifically cured.Specific how to cure must be given to professionals, and you must not prescribe the prescription yourself, so here to remind everyone to pay attention to the precautions in this area.

Well, this is the case for today’s class. Thank you for listening. We will see you next class.

This article is: Dr. Peng talks about the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon" series-Essence-678.(More exciting content is continuously updated …)

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