Miao Miao took a fitness photo and was suspected to be pregnant, but netizens said that pregnancy can also fitness

In fact, Miao Miao and Zheng Kai were exposed very early, especially in March, they went straight to a private hospital in Beijing after the two were taken on vacation.All kinds of medical examination packages for various pregnant women.

Miao Miao is wearing very loose clothes, and the pregnant belly is not obvious. In fact, the current stars do not like official declarations. For example, Tang Yixin, the pregnant belly is already significant.Xuan Xuan was produced after two months of pregnancy.It will not be official announcements for the stars to be less than three months old. Zhao Liying and Tang Yixin are very tolerable actresses. They will be announced in less than ever.

The breaking news said that Zheng Kai was holding a must -have bag in his hand. This can already explain the situation. In fact, if you are really pregnant, you will not respond immediately. If you are not pregnant, you should learn from Zhao Liying.Force, but Zhao Liying’s splits are all playing, not taking it seriously.Because Miao Miao is also very thin. If she wants to keep her body, she will not eat crazy drinking. For example, Wenna, her mother -in -law advised her to eat more, but as a result, she was not changing to her fat.

Today, Miao Miao and Zheng Kai were exposed to the airport to see Miao Miao’s clothes are relatively loose, and they were wearing flat shoes. The clothes were very loose.It will be particularly large. Miao Miao holds Zheng Kai’s hand. The two are also very loving, but it may be the reason for accompanying Miao Miao to raise or isolation. Zheng Kai who recorded the program was found.Do not urge, as a male artist, you still have to pay attention to body management, because a fat destroys everything.

Zheng Kai must eat too much. It is fat around the stomach. It is not caused by lack of movement. Walking with Miao Miao, everyone teases Zheng Kai’s belly than Miao Miao.Kai, it is estimated that it has been pregnant for five or six months.Because Miao Miao has studied dancing before, he has worked very hard.

If Miao Miao is not pregnant, why a female star will wear like aunt, she should show her beautiful figure, so it must be pregnant. It is not easy to see the clothes of the clothes.

Miao Miao posted her own fitness photos, and netizens were guessing that they responded to rumors of pregnancy.Miao Miao’s abdomen in the photo looks flat. Who knows whether there is a P picture, but the upper circumference seems to have changed a little. Generally, only pregnancy will change.

In fact, Miao Miao just said that fitness, and also said that I would like to thank everyone for their care. It is really uncomfortable to wear a mask. If it is pregnant and wearing a mask, it may be even more uncomfortable. After all, two people are breathing.

From the comments of netizens, three points can be summarized. The first Miao Miao’s chest is pregnant. The second is because I am very thin, and I should show it in six months. The third pregnancy can be exercised appropriately.Sports, especially like Yao Chen’s big belly, and Jiang Qinqin’s pregnancy also insists on making yoga, and Cai Shaofen is also pregnant and exercise. In fact, pregnant women do this, there are two reasons. Exercise can burn fat appropriately.Failure to production, increase physical strength, and tighten muscles.

Netizens really understand that they can exercise during the four to six months of pregnancy. Of course, exercise must be under the guidance of fitness coaches.

See how crazy Yao Chen is, really just a fat belly, his limbs are very slender. It seems that Miao Miao is also trying to control not to become fat.

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