Mom, I dreamed of you again

Mom, every time I give you "Burning Seven", my sister and brother always regret why you don’t care for them?Even a short sentence or looking back.

And I am different from them.I can dream of you!I have dreamed of you three times since you left.

The first time I dreamed that you were wearing a red and white clothes, wearing a hat -supported hat on the top of your head, standing in a hurry to walk from me, the crowd was crowded.Looking back at me and waving.Although I didn’t give me a word, but it means that you are very good and don’t let me remember you!I remember knowing that there are people who take care of you.

I dreamed of you for the second time, I asked you why you still do n’t go back to your hometown?Isn’t it my brother, sister, and my dad returned to my hometown?You say that there is another important thing that you can’t do, and leave after you do it.What do I say?You say that you have to marry my dad to ask Mrs. Han to make a proof.

It is said that people who asked Mrs. Han to tell that people are very busy and may not have time.You are very anxious but helpless. When you are in a hurry, there is a saying that "your face is really big, people have time to come." You are very happy!

Last night, I dreamed of you again. In the dream, you go from the bottom up from the stairwell in our house, and I go down.There is a bowl in your hand, and one person crowded from the middle of us. The two of us could not speak close. You pointed at the bowl in your hand and waved to me.return.Because there is a person in the middle I have not had to "train" you, you laughed and "slipped" from my side.

Knowing that you still care about others so much.I came back on the day of the road on the road. Dad drank a lot of wine and said with tears and said, "Your mother has no culture in life, but she is a good person! Always love to care about others, even a fan brought from his hometown.I have to give people a taste from home. The 5.12 earthquake I donated 100 yuan first, and after returning home, your mother took me to the community to donate 200 yuan. "

Mom, every time I dream of you, I always feel that you are healthy and happy, and there is no uncomfortable uncomfortable showing dizziness at all.The pace of walking is always so strong.It seems that you are fine, it’s completely good!

Mom, I know: I can "train" you the most, but you are still the most "dependent" me.I just have a bad temper, and I will bully you!When we returned to my hometown the year before, I "trained a meal", and you said angrily, "I won’t take you back to my hometown!"

yes!Mom, you will never take me back to my hometown again.You go!In fact, you have long been afraid that there are a lot of words when you leave, and you have always wanted to explain to me a lot.And I just escape, unwilling to listen, afraid of listening.So that I said with impatiently to say "Don’t tell me these words, I don’t want to listen!"

Every time you do n’t force me, you will not talk about it.

I knew that you can go, I should sit down and listen to your instructions and explanations, I regret it!Mother.I hope I can always dream of you. If you have anything else you want to explain, tell me, I will never escape again!

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