Mornezen lack of progesterone, physical changes are obvious, emotional affected, hindering pregnancy

For women, hormones secreted by the ovaries have a key role in health, including progesterone, which is also called progesterone.

For women who want to get pregnant, whether for successful pregnancy or fetal development during pregnancy, progesterone has played a very critical role.

For ordinary women, progesterone also plays an important role. Once the progesterone is lacking, there will be some obvious performance in the body. Let’s take a look!

Show of progesterone deficiency

Affect pregnancy

Magnomone is a progesterone, which is literally understood that it has a great impact on pregnancy.

Women with lack of progesterone are difficult to conceive. Even if they are successful, if the progesterone in the body is not supplemented in time, it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus and cause abortion or fetal stopping.

Therefore, if women who are prepared during pregnancy, if there is a lack of progesterone, it should be supplemented in time.


Women with lack of luteum fluctuations in women fluctuate, and memory will decrease. This is mainly because lutenone can affect endocrine and cause endocrine disorders, which causes women to be easily affected. They often lose their temper because of some trivial matters.Self -control.

In addition to loving your temper, his emotions are usually easy to fall, and even depression has occurred.

Skin worse

Insufficient progesterone can also be seen from the external performance, such as can cause the skin to deteriorate and shape.

If a woman over 40 years old is declining, especially the decline in ovarian function, which will cause less lutenone secretion and cause hormone level disorders.

There is a problem with the body’s metabolism. The garbage and toxins in the body cannot be discharged in time, causing the body to gain weight, the skin has long spots, and it looks more aging.

Irregular menstruation

Menstruation wants to keep regular, estrogen and progesterone in the body should remain at normal levels.If the luteal ketone in the body is insufficient, it will naturally cause irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation, less menstruation, and amenorrhea.

How to add progesterone

Women who lack progesterone in the body can usually insist on drinking a cup of soy milk every day.Soy milk is made from soybeans and is rich in soy isoflavones. This substance has the effect of maintaining the ovaries and uterus, which can promote the secretion of progesterone and help improve all discomfort caused by lack of progesterone.

In addition to soybeans, women can usually eat more spinach appropriately. Spinach is rich in iron and progesterone, which can not only promote the secretion of progesterone, but also the effect of iron supplementation.EssenceIn addition, eating some kelp, eggs, lean meat and other foods properly can also improve the lack of progesterone.

In addition to diet conditioning, if women who are preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy have lack of luteal ketone, they can be supplemented by oral and venous infusion of progesterone to take effect faster.

In summary, progesterone is a very important hormone. The lack of progesterone will first affect women’s pregnancy. Even if they succeed in pregnancy, they may cause abortion.

In addition, the lack of progesterone will also affect women’s mood, menstrual cycle, and skin condition. If there is lack of progesterone in the body, it can be supplemented by diet, such as soybeans, kelp, spinach, eggs, etc.Cannonone.

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