Mother and child conspire!Cai Xukun has a baby in one night, and Mother Cai has 500,000 abortion. It is too much to pay 200,000 first

The peach -colored melon in the entertainment industry is here again!

The news this time is no longer covered, but directly reports the name!

A netizen who claimed to be "Mr. C", as an incident, broke the news that Cai Xukun had "one night love" with strange girls who met at KTV two years ago.

Xu Xukun’s mother, the mother -in -law, was worried that her son was deceived and intervened in person. Not only did she find a private detective to follow the woman, but she also illegally installed a pinhole camera at the door of the house …

A series of operations of the top -flow mother and child can be described as quite burst.

According to the news, on May 20, 2021, Cai Xukun attended a party in a KTV in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and met the female C girl introduced by a friend.

It didn’t take long before they knew it, the two sparked sparks and had a close relationship in the early morning of the 21st.

Because there were no contraceptive measures, the woman found that she was pregnant 1 month later. After the "child" Cai Xukun learned, she immediately asked her to abandon her abortion. On July 5th, the woman went to the hospital alone to get a fetus.

It is worth mentioning that during the whole process, Mother Cai knew and took the team to participate in it.

At 12 noon on the 26th, paparazzi broke out more details of the incident in the live broadcast room.

It is said that in order to better handle the mirror debt, Cai Mu specifically registered a trumpet called "Mo Lu Xing" to communicate with private detectives and supervise the women’s fetal matters in real time.

Papaya revealed that the first response after Mother Cai learned of the incident was to suspect the woman’s intention to set up a bureau.

On the one hand, he invited private detectives. Not only did he send someone to follow the woman secretly, but he also illegally installed the monitoring equipment at the door of her house. He secretly investigated whether the other party had a gang.

Later, paparazzi also released a suspected recording of Cai’s mother. She said to the staff, "I don’t think she will agree (the flow of people) so quickly."That’s right, don’t give it in place at once, "For example, 100,000, 200,000 cash … but you don’t need to give her so much … It really does not have a sense of trust in each other."

Judging from the exposed Cai Mother’s chat record, she and the team conducted many discussions on the details of the woman’s pregnancy time in the group.

Because Cai Xukun had a relationship with C women in the early morning of May 21, Mother Cai has been analyzing the B -ultrasound photos taken after 33 days of conception. To what extent should the fetus develop.

During the chat, Mother Cai also put forward several assumptions:

1. I suspect that the woman has slept with other men on May 8th, and has a relationship with Cai Xukun on the 21st, and then delays the child on Cai’s head;

2. I suspect that the woman was not pregnant, but just took the B -ultrasound for other people for fraud.

In this regard, the suggestion given by the staff is that no matter what the situation is, it is best to take the woman to the hospital. They can not only conduct a B -ultrasound on the spot to understand whether the woman’s pregnancy and pregnancy can be given.Solve all problems and possessions.

The staff’s proposal was the first of the mother of Mother Cai, so the staff immediately arranged cash and asked the woman to go to the hospital for examination and abortion.

In the process, there was also a period of oolong.

During the period, private detectives had taken a video of the woman, and found that she went home with a man and a woman in the early morning in the early morning, thinking that she was working together to plan "fake pregnancy".She is just her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s boyfriend.

After excluding the suspicion of the woman’s fraud, Cai Mu and the team continued to arrange abortion. In the chat, they mentioned that they need to prepare a backpack for a large amount of cash.Take money directly.

Once the incident was exposed, the hot search was instantly detonated. Keywords such as "Ms. Cai Xukun C’s fetal", "Ms. C’s fetal certificate", "Expost Cai Xukun’s Mother’s Recording" and other keywords instantly occupied the top five hot search.

In fact, this melon has long been able to follow.

As early as 2019, some netizens broke the news that the man and a fashion circle had a child. At that time, there was no prediction to go abroad to accompany the birth. Later, the child was raised in Shenzhen;

In 2021, he was exposed to the rich woman fans to have children …

Because one child took one child, the rumors sounded too outrageous, and there was no real hammer, so it has always been circulated in the field, and not many people believe it.

On the side of Cai Xukun, when he was constantly changing. When he was the most fierce, he even showed a photo of a pet and called his dog "good daughter".The ridicule and response of this melon.

Since then, his fans have been playing with this dog. As long as there are rumors of children, he will take this "dog daughter" to block the gun.

After the bombing of melon in recent years, I feel that the lower limit of the entertainment industry has been lowered by the stars. The response of 2.08 million people has become more and more joke in the eyes of the people who eat melon.

If this melon is true, then Prada is "inner entertainment scanning and fighting."

Anyway, in recent years, the cancellation public relations of this brand have not stopped.

The celebrities are either a day or the seal. The statement and the lawyer’s letter are full of sky. The means of all kinds of passers -by of mouth are endless. In fact, they are really named by the name of the name, but they dare not face the public at all.

It is recommended that the stars of the internal entertainment, who really have to be clever and cautious, and learn Hong Kong and Taiwan if they really happen.Take out the momentum and responsibility of the top flow.

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