my country is a iodine deficiency area. Come and see if you are "iodine deficiency"?

Today (May 15) is the "National Publicity Day of the National iodine deficiency" and is also known as the "national iodine deficiency disease prevention day".

my country belongs to iodine deficiency areas

Iodine deficiency is a kind of earth chemical disease caused by the lack of trace elements necessary for the human body in the living environment of human beings -iodine.It includes local goiter, Katin disease, and Yakine disease, simple deaf dumb, premature birth, abortion, death, and congenital deformity.In accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization, my country is almost all in regions of iodine deficiency, and crops, animals and people growing in these iodine deficiency areas are in a state of iodine deficiency.

The greatest harm of iodine deficiency is "one -generation thick (thyroid gland), the second generation silly, and the third generation of broken roots."It can be seen from this folk song that was once circulated in the severe hometown.However, the greatest harm of iodine deficiency is affecting the development of the fetal brain, causing different degrees of intelligence and physical development damage. Light can cause potential damage or obvious mentality.

80%of the children with more than 10 million intellectual disability in my country are attributed to iodine deficiency.The surface seems to be normal, but the actual intelligence person is not included in this country is born 20 million new students each year, of which 6 million are in areas of iodine deficiency. According to the iodine deficiency, the average loss of intellectual quotient is lost by 10-15 percentage points. EssenceWhen these smart disabled children become low -intelligent adults, they are difficult to master cultural science knowledge, and many even simple labor and living skills are not available.

Pregnancy and lactation women’s iodine supplementation is the most important

Edible iodine salt is the simplest and most popular, most popular and safe and effective method.In order to protect the fetal and infants that are not harmed by iodine deficiency, pregnant women or lactating women must pay special attention to the harm of iodine deficiency, so as to do whether to do it in their bodies.During the period, the iodine content is measured in the urine and the detection of its own iodine nutrition level. Pay attention to the edible seafood, seaweed, sea fish and other seafood. When cooking, remember to add salt and boil for a long time.

How do you know that you are deficient in iodine

Iodine nutritional status has become increasingly concerned about nutritionists and people’s attention.The nutritional status of iodine is generally represented by urinary iodine excretion.Under the condition of the iodine balance of the human body, a person’s urine iodine excretion is similar to his iodine intake, and the iodine nutrition is normal, and there will be no harm of iodine deficiency.Its urinary iodine excretion should be above 100 micrograms per liter, which is lower than this number, indicating that there is iodine deficiency.Due to the high technical requirements, urine iodine excretion tests are generally tested by provincial local diseases or local diseases of epidemic prevention stations.At present, the maternal and child health care institutes or maternal and gynecological hospitals in some economically developed regions can conduct TSH (low -thyroid function) screening of newborns.Screening includes two items: phenylurodu urine and horizontal detection of thyroid hormones.If a child with a low -discovered A in the test is treated in time, it can basically recover.

What is the difference between "excessive iodine" and "high iodine"

First of all, excessive iodine is only slightly better than iodine’s physiological needs. Except for a few people who are sensitive to iodine (such as patients with thyroid diseases), they will increase hyperthyroidism and other thyroid diseases, which will not harm the vast majority of people.And "high iodine" is too much iodine, which greatly exceeds the physiological needs, that is, take 1,000 micrograms per day, which lasts for a long time (such as a few months).Mainly represents high iodine disease.China’s high iodine areas are mainly distributed at the junction of Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Anhui, and Jiangsu, which is the area of the Yellow River’s hometown.Greater than 5%.The population in these areas is about 30 million, which is just a minority for 1.3 billion people across the country. The state has stipulated that ordinary people in the region should not eat iodized salt.Some people think that eating more iodized salt will "high iodine", which is impossible.Calculated by eating 10 grams of iodized salt per person per day, 10 grams of iodized salt contains 200 micrograms of iodine. This is the amount required for each person every day. According to this, if you want to consume 1,000 microgramsIodized salt, how is this possible?

The "two most" of thyroid disease

Most significant -hyperthyroidism

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism are obvious: especially eating, people are thin, afraid of heat, and anxious.In addition, some patients with hyperthyroidism are also accompanied by thyroid enlargement, which is a large neck.

Some patients do not perform typical, such as fast heart rate, diarrhea of unknown causes.When you can’t find the reason, you should do a thyroid function test.

If hyperthyroidism is not treated in a timely manner, pregnant women are likely to cause fetal stopping, abortion, premature birth, dead tires, etc., and hyperthyroidism will also affect the heart and cause hyperthyroidism heart disease.

Most hidden -hypothyroidism

The dysfunction of the unknown hypothyroidism is higher than the hyperthyroidism. This is because the symptoms are too hidden. If you feel tired all day long, you have no spirit to do anything, always want to sleep, and the memory is getting worse.Do a related inspection.

A hypothyroidism is very harmful to women’s physical damage.Can cause infertility; cause premature birth, death, or affect fetal intelligence and growth and development; it will also lead to increased blood lipids and increased cardiovascular danger, as well as increased opportunities for dementia.

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