My ex -wife who lied to say that she couldn’t have a child, and I announced my pregnancy as soon as I divorced it. I hate it.

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Only by treating emotions and retreats, you can be free to settle.The reason is very simple, but some people will be trapped in a relationship. Until the breakup or divorce, they realized that they were played by others as monkeys, so they knew that they should not retreat when they should retire.

Just like a friend A Song said: "If I divorce when my ex -wife lie for the first time, she will not be played by her as a monkey. When she lies me, I still feel bad about her, and I still reflect on whether I was myself.What did you do wrong? As a result, she betrayed me, and I didn’t find it in time. It wasn’t until she remarried that I realized that she had made a grievance. "

In the emotional world, such problems are very common, there are in love and marriage.Although it is a good thing to treat love with the heart, if it is better, just care about paying, regardless of the return. Once the other person changes the heart or betrayed you, all your payments will be drifted.

It is not a good thing to be immersed in a relationship in a relationship.Love is a matter of two people. You can move the other party, and the other party can make you move. Such love is meaningful.Just a person wants to move the other party and ignore your own feelings at all. Sooner or later you will find that you are just passionate.


A Song’s ex -wife Xiaomeng’s way of changing his heart is a bit strange. Perhaps it is related to her personality. She obviously has ideas in her heart, but she never expresses it. This makes A Song not guess her thoughts at all.get along.

He said that they had such problems when they were in love. Every time he guess his mind, the two would have a conflict: "If I broke up with her at that time, there would be no such things later.Unfortunately, I was immersed in our feelings at that time, and I felt that I might not have paid enough, so I continued to pay blindly. In the end, I still didn’t get the results I wanted. "

Such love itself is very troublesome, because one party always has to coax the other side, and always need to spend a lot of thoughts to discuss each other happiness. Over time, it will inevitably be tired.

A Song said that he often feels tired, but in order to guard the hard -to -law, he doesn’t want to retreat easily.What made him unexpected was that the relationship between the two people did not deepen because of getting married, as if the wheel that marked was stuck, no matter how hard he worked, he would be in vain.

If you can’t get married, he thinks of having a child. Maybe after having a child, she will not be so indifferent to herself.As a result, when he was not born, Xiao Meng could continue to make up with him. When he was born with his mother -in -law, Xiao Meng began to retreat.

The reason why we said that Xiaomeng’s way of changing his mind was a bit strange, which refers to her attitude towards the child.

If she clearly states that she does not want to give birth, or it is not time, if she has her own clear thoughts, after speaking, she will do it as she said with her character.

Unfortunately, she kept saying nothing and kept silent, and suddenly told A Song that she could not give birth to children.

In fact, she had changed her heart when she said this, and more accurate was to betray her marriage.For A Song and mother -in -law, who is being given the juncture, there is no way to accept it.Especially her mother -in -law, she thinks that A Song must have children after marriage. This incident cannot be fulfilled. It is better to divorce earlier.

A Song himself decided to give up marriage at this time, there are two reasons: one is that he really has no recruitment, and it is not possible to have a child. He really does not know what else can move Xiao Meng’s heart; the other is that he has always beenI dare not yell with Xiao Meng, Xiao Mengfei is going to divorce, and said, "I can’t give birth to a child, even if I don’t leave now, I will leave sooner or later." He has no choice but to respect her wishes.

In fact, at this time, he should realize that the two have been exhausted, and one shot and two are the best ending.

Sadly, although they were scattered on the surface, A Song did not put down Xiao Meng in the bottom of her heart. After the divorce, she still cared about her movement.

This is why he was sad again after his divorce. He should not look back, should not be nostalgic, and should turn around and leave in time.Children are not left me to not delay my life, but because she doesn’t love me at all, otherwise she will not do something that we have never done between us with others. It is really hateful! Since I do n’t love itIsn’t it good to leave me directly? Why lie to me? Why do you play with me? Why betrayed me? "


When a person dare not determine the authenticity of love, when a person dare not determine whether the two people are doing their best, even if they are in their hands, they will be confused.

Like A Song, although he has been loved Xiaomeng, although he married Xiao Meng as his wife, he was just giving from beginning to end.He couldn’t see the return in a short time, and he could continue to pay.However, he has never seen the return. He still does not know how to judge the authenticity of love, and he does not know how to judge whether the two people are doing their best.

Based on his relationship with Xiao Meng, before the couple’s fate, there are often these two signs.

Symptoms can not communicate normally.

Whether two people have come together because of fate, they will not lack normal communication if they have fell in love.Even the love of A Song and Xiaomeng, the woman does not like talking, and there will be normal communication between the two.

If the most basic communication between the two people one day is gone, they ignore each other, or one party continues to pay, and the other party is indifferent.It means that the two are exhausted.

Symptom 2, lying.

Although the husband and wife that love each other sometimes lie, they lie in the state of love, and the nature is different from the lied in the state of the husband and wife.

Lying in the state of love is mostly good -faith lies. At the same time, it will be carried out with the life of two people at the same time, and it will not have any impact on each other’s feelings.

And when the husband and wife are lying in the state of exhaustion, it is often not good intentions, but because of selfishness. For example, Xiao Meng lied that he could not give birth to a child. This was just for her.In order to smoothly find an excuse for divorce.

If you can see these two signs in your love and marriage, you should dare to determine that you have done your best with the other party, especially when the other party wants to separate, you can’t keepevidence of.At this time, the most thing that should be done is to separate, turn around, and don’t look back, otherwise, like A Song, the problem of discovering that the husband and wife do not have to do not lies in yourself. At this time, you will have more pain on the basis of divorce.

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