My grandma

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In 2019, grandma was 79 years old, and she became more and more like a child.

She was lying on the bed, opened her eyes wide, looking east.

I said her, you have been sleeping for too long, and you haven’t remembered a lot of things.

Grandma laughed, and the wrinkles on her face were very embarrassed.

She said, yes, then don’t you tell you that my dad is awake, and when I think of you, I will save him a stinky face.

Suddenly, my tears drifted out with the past …


My family is in a small town in Anhui.

Grandpa used to work in the power department before, and his living conditions were very good.In the 1980s, he lived in the building.

Grandpa has two sons.Uncle did not like to study, and he entered the cotton spinning factory when he graduated from junior high school.In 1988, he smoked discipline in the warehouse, causing fire, and he failed to run out.

That year, my dad was just married.Grandma told me that she lost her eldest son at the time and felt that it was the most difficult time in her life, but I didn’t expect that it was just the beginning.

Uncle’s death was very bad to Grandpa.I fell ill in two years.In 1991, just passed 50 unfortunate death.

My dad’s high school culture.I used to be a technician at the Glasses Factory.My mother is a worker in the same factory. After marriage, she has always lived with my grandparents.

In 1992, I gave birth to me.

In 1994, my parents were laid off.My dad has technology, and later entered a private company.My mother and grandma sold frying screws in front of the vegetable market.

The rock sugar screws I burned by my grandma are really a must.Business is getting better.

As a result, all the laid -off family found the way out.

That should be in 1995, and I went to kindergarten.


Every time my dad goes to class, he will go to the grandmother’s stall to replace my mother.

My mother came to the kindergarten to pick me home, and then went home to cook.But one day in April, I couldn’t wait to my mother.

Because of my family.As soon as my dad arrived at the vegetable field, he found someone quarreling with my mother.

There are a few places to drink too much and harass my mother.My dad fought with them.

As a result, my dad was beaten with a cranial fracture, the scalp to tear, the left -eye vitreous, and the legs were injured in multiple legs. Later, my dad was completely blind, and his left leg muscles had to be amputated.

Those who hurt my dad finally sentenced to life.

Grandma said that Dad was a happy person before, loves laughing, likes to play table tennis, and he is a father. Others always say that he is like a student.

Unfortunately, I have never seen it.Because of the disabled dad, his temperament has changed greatly.

His left eye was atrophied, which caused his eyes to look sturdy and scary.

He hadn’t seen him with his brows, always locked, and was often furious because of a small matter.

Grandma and mother can only follow him.


In those years, my family lived hard.

The family of beating is also very poor, as if only 2,000 yuan is lost.

My dad needed money to treat his body, and his savings were gradually emptied.

At that time, many people went south to work to earn money, and my mother also went to Guangdong with her friends.

As soon as my mother left, I returned once in half a year.But pay money every month.

Grandma continued to sell screws, and the street arranged my dad to work in a factory for silk flowers.That factory is specially done for disabled people.

My dad is still dead every day. I stick to my grandmother, afraid of him, and dare not talk to him.

In 1998, I went to elementary school.

My mother went back to my hometown to see me and bought me new stationery and new skirts.

I don’t remember because, before school, my dad quarreled with my mother and poked my new skirt.

I felt distressed and I didn’t dare to let my dad see it.Later, Grandma bought a beautiful supplement.

It is estimated that the children do not know what it is now. I used to replenish clothes for clothes.

It was a big deer, grandma, said, I fancy at a glance, because it looks like me.

I was finally happy.

When grandma replenished the hole, I told me, "Don’t be angry with your dad?He is not easy to live.You have to hurt him.

I said that other children are distressed by their dads.

Grandma can only sigh softly.


At that time, my grandmother often educated me and grew up filial piety to my father.

After school every day, grandma has confiscated the stall.She will let me give me hot meals and wash her feet.

One day, grandma returned early.Because her right wrist made the bicycle hit, red and swollen.

Dad saw that not only did not care, but also lost her temper with her.

He said, why don’t you catch him!Let him lose money!This life is always so losing!

Grandma quickly soothed him and said, lost, lost.After paying 50 yuan to let him go.

In the evening, my grandmother wiped the medicine in the room, and I helped.I gently rubbed her wrist and asked her not hurting.

Grandma said, one day in the future, you grow up, grandma can’t move …

My interface said, I just filial to you.

Grandma laughed and said, I don’t use it anymore, what are you doing?You have to take good care of your dad.

When we said, we didn’t pay attention.

My dad happened to pass the door.He said suddenly, sorry, mom.Let you suffer.

I was startled with my grandmother.

We all thought he was going to lose his temper, but my dad returned to the room alone, closed the door, and made an unpleasant cry.


In the summer of 2001, the summer vacation was about to take, and my mother suddenly came back.

I was still in class, and my grandmother told me later.

On the fifth day when my mother came back, she changed her double -heeled shoes early in the morning and went to the street.This pair of high heels couldn’t help but be stunned.

Mom never wears high heels.Because her feet were very wide and flat, and she was suffering from high heels.Why suddenly wear such high heels to go out?

Grandma always feels wrong.

She is waiting for my mother near the community.Until noon, I saw my mother, and the man next to my mother.

Under the questioning of grandma, my mother kneeled directly and begged my dad to divorce her.

When she worked, she met this man.She said that these years have not worked and worked hard.

The money she earns treats my dad, and raised children.But she was still young, and she didn’t want to put on life widow for a lifetime.

I can imagine how my dad jumped like a thunder and scolded.

But in the end he agreed to divorce my mother.

After many years, my mother told me that my grandma shot off my dad.

Grandma is angry and angry, but she is a woman, and she understands my mother’s suffering.

On the day my mother left her hometown, my grandmother went to send it.

Grandma told my mother, I don’t expect you to remember my son, but don’t forget your daughter.This child is smart, like you.

My mother covered her face and cried.

At that time, I didn’t know that my parents were divorced.I only know that my mother has been working outside. I came back to see me once a year, and I didn’t feel anything wrong.

My dad has been vibrating for a while, probably stimulated by his mother.

He went to learn the computer and wanted to engage in a printing shop, but he couldn’t help but feel helpless.

The injured body is very poor in all aspects. If you work a little, you will have a cough and a fever.

Grandma said he had kept your body and was more worry -free than everything.

Slowly, my dad wanted to do something.


In 2007, I went to high school.

In November, the weather was already cold, but the classmates gradually became familiar.

The first time I received the love letter from the boy was read in the toilet compartment.

The childish confession has no literary talent, but it does not hinder my blushing fever and my heartbeat accelerates.

The boy is the Sports Committee of the class next door, called Xu Zhongwen.It looks not good -looking, but it is ugly and handsome.

After school, Xu Zhongwen always rode me home.

I didn’t clearly promise him, but I had a tacit understanding in my heart.

He would send me downstairs, say a word be careful of the dark corridor, and then see me on the dark stairs and then leave.

Remember the 14th, Wednesday, the same program, after walking.

Opening the door, but saw my dad lying on the ground, his body was pumped, and his mouth was foaming in his mouth.

My dad didn’t know what to do that day. He fell off the wheelchair and happened to hit the cervical spine.

I hit 120.

The neighbor went to call grandma, and grandma ran back as soon as she threw the stall.

At that time, my dad had consciousness.When he saw grandma, he tried hard, but only his fingers stretched out, like catching transparent air.

Grandma cried and said, my son.What’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you!

My dad stared at his only one eye, blood red, and tried to speak hard.But there was only a bite of white foam with blood.

I knelt beside him, crying and wiping for him, but I couldn’t finish it.He suddenly cough and shouted, mom!

Can’t say a word anymore.

In retrospect, Dad should suffer from depression.But at that time, no one understood, and no one really helped him to solve the knot.

He finally left the world with those unspeakable sorrows.

That year, grandma was 67 years old and lost her second son.

I was 15 years old and lost my father.


I knew my parents divorced this year.

Because of her father’s funeral, my mother did not come.My mother wanted to worship, but my grandma would not let.

I asked for a week off.At the beginning of school, Xu Zhongwen sent me the notes of these days.

In fact, I have never answered the love letter he gave me.My dad happened to be in love.

That day, I told him the answer.I said, if you want to find a girlfriend, just find someone else.

His eyes were dim, and he never contacted me again.

Boys without experience are always easy to share happiness, but they will not comfort sadness.The only ambiguity in my middle school was stretching in the bud stage.

Dad’s death made grandma heartbroken.I haven’t got out of the stall for more than a month.Every day she shed tears at her father’s photos.

I was scared in my heart.If you don’t say too filial piety, for me, there must be no loss in the world, only grandma.

From my memo, my father had a dark face, and his mother went out to work.

All the warmth of my loved ones was given to me by grandma.

When I was a kid, I wrote a composition, regardless of whether I wrote my mother or my dad, my image in my mind was grandma.

One day, when he came back from school, grandma did not cook, and she packed things in my father’s room alone.

I helped in the past.My milk launched a big box and told me, you see, your previous homework and test papers.Every time I want to sell them as waste, your dad has to pick and pick it up to let me throw.He said that when you grow up, he will give you again.

I sat next to her and said, grandma, you have not only dads, but also me.Pack up things today, and tomorrow I will help you out of the stall.

After that, I cried.Special helpless cry.

Grandma finally came out of the pain of losing her son.She hugged me and cried too.

She said, okay, well, no son, I still have granddaughter.Let grandma cry for another night today, and will leave the stall tomorrow.


Sometimes I think, this is the life of ordinary people.

Life is bumpy, wipe to dry tears, and live.

In the 30th year of that year, grandma was busy making a large table dish, but there were only two of us by the table.

Grandma said, in the past, he had to prepare five or six pairs of tableware.After two years, one less pair, now there are two of us left, saving.

The first time I drank in my life was to accompany my grandma.

The two were drunk and drunk.Said to keep the year, but fell asleep confused.

It was the most difficult Spring Festival.After that, I got used to it.

In 2010, I was admitted to the university of Hefei.

My mother has never returned, but I have been in contact with me, giving me tuition and living expenses.

In fact, she is not doing well.The man in her second marriage is not something.My mother was pregnant, his family violent.As a result, miscarriage can no longer be pregnant.But my mother is over forty years old.She was courageous and married again.

That year, my grandma was 70 years old.She is still tough in all aspects.

It’s just that I am gone, and there is no relative at home.

In the evening before leaving, I cried in the quilt.Grandma found out, and patted me gently, what happened?

I said, I don’t want to go to college anymore, I want to accompany you.

Grandma said, stupid.You don’t go out to study while my body is good.Could it be that I can’t move again.

I can’t refute this truth.In this way, I went to college.


Very boring four years.

Almost all holidays will come back to see grandma.No way, I miss this old lady so much.

At that time, my grandma didn’t set up a stall.Various national assistance policies have come down.

My grandma’s money for a month is enough to live.

In the summer vacation of the sophomore, I have seen my mother.Still work in the glasses factory, and a month’s salary is higher than her man.

My mother said that now my dad is taught by your dad.

My heart was sad instantly.I persuaded her to leave, why can I earn it?

She said, do you still understand your grandma?Children always want to fly out of the nest. If you are old, you have to have someone to accompany you.

I really have a generation ditch and I can’t understand her completely.

The only thing I can understand is that my grandma is even more distressed.

I talked twice in college.One is my foreign teacher, Americans.Pure breed flower heart big radish.

That was my first true love, without heart.He was cheated by him.

The second is the senior, who looks a bit like Xu Zhongwen.

The senior is a school hegemony. The senior year graduated from the senior year. Most of the time, he gave the library for most of the time.

We talked for half a year, and it was broken.


In 2014, he graduated from university and returned to his hometown to take civil servants.

It’s smooth, enter the Archives Bureau.

Grandma began to have a lifelong event in Zhang Luo.

She said that she would have this wish, depending on my family.

I said, the most annoying you said that, I do n’t end in my life, so you can save it, and throw me away.

Grandma is so angry that he wants to hit me.

That was the most smooth and happiest time with my grandma.

My salary is not high, but I am not busy with work.She is old, but she is healthy, and she changes the tricks every day for me.

In 16 years, we sold the old house as the down payment and changed the new house.With the elevator, Grandma no longer had to climb up and down.

It was also this year.

This city is so small.The sports he studied at university is now a coach at a youth basketball base.

I was surprised to see him.

I said, how could you not find your wife?

He laughed and said, why can’t you find it, why can’t I find it.

Sometimes, I really have to believe in fate.Topping around, I returned to the beginning.

We have paved the way before, so we have made great progress. In less than half a year, we decided to get married.

Xu Zhongwen’s family conditions are similar to me.Parents are also divorced.There was a sister who followed her mother.

His dad used to be a state -owned enterprise worker, and now retires, and his pension is self -sufficient.

They are all ordinary families, and the wedding conditions are smooth.I only made an excessive request, and even my grandma felt too much, that was, the honeymoon trip took my grandma.

But Xu Zhongwen quickly agreed.I originally, wouldn’t I bring his dad too?

But my father -in -law refused on the spot that he really didn’t like going out.


To be honest, it is not easy for me to take my grandmother to take a few thousand yuan of salary class a month.

When my grandma was young in her life, I went to Beijing once with Grandpa.I haven’t traveled again.

Honeymoon, go to Sanya, I must take her.

Hainan in April is the summer time of green island.

Grandma for the first time was also the first time I saw the sea.Standing on the sea, Grandma said with emotional emotion, so beautiful, our man has no life, only I enjoy your blessing.

I said, there will be more days when you enjoy blessings in the future.

That was 2017.My grandma and I stood side by side in the soft sea breeze. There was really a sense of happiness that I experienced thousands of sails and suffering.

The wedding room of Xu Zhongwen and I was very close to my grandma’s community, which was a bit far from the father -in -law.This point, Xu Zhongwen took care of me.

On the one hand, the father -in -law is younger than my grandma.On the other hand, the father -in -law still has a daughter.My grandma is only me.

At that time, everyone said that my grandma was in good health.But in 18 years, her heart began to feel uncomfortable.

At first she kept saying that she found that she was a bit out of breath, and after questioning, she told me.

I took her to check. The two -pointed valve narrowed and turned incomplete.In view of the age of grandma, conservative therapy began to be adopted.But the effect is not good.

November.I took my grandmother to the three hospitals in Hefei again.It is recommended to do minimally invasive.Because the grandmother’s body is good, there is no serious basic disease.

The doctor said that if no surgery is performed, grandma lives for up to 2 years.Grandma said that it was good for 2 years and did not do it.

But I burst into tears on the spot.I pulled her arm and said, grandma, two years too little.It’s really too little.

Some words, I dare not say.

Grandma understood me for a moment.She reached out and wiped my tears, saying, I’m not afraid of you spend money.


Grandma’s surgery was arranged after the year.

That was March 2019.The operation was very successful, but after entering the ICU, I haven’t come out.First, the heart function was repeated, and then a infection appeared again.

At the beginning, Grandma woke up intermittently, and then became completely unconscious.

I was stunned at that time, and washed my face with tears every day.

Xu Zhongwen asked for leave to accompany me.He advised me that it was optimistic at this time.Grandma insisted in it, you can’t be discouraged.

I cried even more fierce.I said, I asked her to do it, otherwise she could live for two years.

Xu Zhongwen patted my back, and said, rest assured, grandma Ji people have a heavenly phase.

Actually, I was still worried about money at that time.

Grandma’s surgery fee was expected to be 40,000 at the time, and I had 50,000 in my hand.But grandma has been gone, ICU, like the golden beast, starts 5,000 a day.

Xu Zhongwen and his father -in -law borrowed 50,000.My mother knew her grandmother’s surgery, gave 5,000, and then knew the situation of grandma, and gave 10,000.

I just put money for my grandmother to change my life.

Xu Zhongwen and I said, you go back and help me hang my house out to see if I can sell it immediately.I swear, I won’t ask you to do anything in my life, you must help me save my grandma!

Xu Zhongwen hugged me quickly, well, I must find a way.


Actually, I know I was hard for him.

In other words, I am in trouble for everyone.

But I can’t help it.Grandma was undergoing surgery because of me.Otherwise, she still has 2 years.

I thought that she was continuing her life for her. I didn’t expect to push her into the fast track of life.

It was the 21st day when my grandmother lived in the ICU. I stood outside the window and watched my grandma.

The skin can no longer see a trace of blood, and the paper is blue and gray.Faintly, I heard two aunts sitting behind the bench to chat.

A aunt said that she had lived in the ICU for more than ten days, and she would rather die in this life.

Another saying that sometimes people inside don’t want to go, but people outside can’t let go.

The sadness in my heart spread a little bit.

In the evening, I asked Xu Zhongwen, is I very cruel?Fear of losing her grandmother, she would torture her.

Xu Zhongwen said, don’t think about it.Since the choice, we must persist to the end.

Before, I thought that I finally knocked me down. Only money, now I understand that the ultimate test is the will.

Long waiting is a step by step.

And my grandmother opened her eyes on the 23rd day.

On the 25th, she transferred from the ICU to the general ward.The first sentence that grandma said was that I had a dream and dreamed that I was dead.

I said, grandma, dreams are reversed.You must have a long life.

Grandma smiled and nodded to me.After that, she fell into a long -term coma.

The doctor can’t find the reason.

Destiny is like a roller coaster, thinking that it is the apex of hope, in fact, it is the top of despair.


Grandma opened her eyes again on April 10.

I was excited.Drinking water for grandma and drinking milk.Don’t dare to eat her hard.Xu Zhongwen ran home to cook the soup and said it was immediately sent.

After the doctor’s examination, the doctor said smoothly.

Grandma’s eyes widened, looking east, like a child.

Later, when there were only two of us in the ward, she beckoned to me.On the cabinet on the bedside, I don’t know who sticked a sticker with a deer.

She pointed to me, and then said, how beautiful this deer is, big eyes, just like my granddaughter.

I froze a little, feeling her memory was a bit confusing.I said, grandma, I am your granddaughter.I grew up.

She looked at me carefully, and suddenly said, "Ah, yes, old -fashioned.My granddaughter has grown up.

For a moment, I wanted to cry a little.I sat down by the bed and said, you have been sleeping for too long, and you haven’t remembered a lot of things.

Grandma said, yes, then don’t tell you that my dad is awake, when I think of it, you say it.Save him stinking his face.

I laughed and quietly hid tears.

Suddenly I didn’t want to correct my grandma.

It made her think that those once warmth and happiness still surrounded her. Those who had loved and had left were still living in the world.

And my grandma fell asleep with this beautiful fantasy dream.

I never woke up again.

Little nurse who takes care of grandma said that some people would inspire all the potential of the body before dying, and finally glanced at the world she was nostalgic.

I am very fortunate that she can stay in the time of her grandmother’s return to light and become her last memory in the world.

That year, my grandma was 79 years old.

She finally let go of me, flew to the distant kingdom of heaven, and reunited with the uncle Dad.


Grandma asked me if she was dead, would I miss her?

I cried all at once.

Grandma hugged me and said, don’t be afraid, if grandma goes to another world, it will bless you.

Yes, she will bless me.

This year is the third year that grandma has left.

Xu Zhongwen and I have a beautiful and cute daughter.

To this day, I will still ask myself. If she did not let her grandma perform surgery at the beginning, she was still alive.

Xu Zhongwen said, this is life, there is regrets how to choose.Just do your best.If there was no surgery at the beginning, it was the most difficult time for grandma, and you should regret that he did not let her have surgery.

I think he is right.

The old man is going to leave one day. As long as the children and grandchildren do their best, there will be no right or wrong.

But I really miss her.

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