My husband dreamed that he was happy to get pregnant. He came to the big aunt the next day. Why can’t he be pregnant?

A 37 -year -old patient came to me from Jining. Last year, the second marriage found true love, but wanted a child to be infertile for a long time.Previously, there were uterine adenomyosis, endometriosis, tubal adhesion on both sides, and pelvic adhesion.Extreme lesions, uterine fallopian tube Meilan liquid, and hysteroscopy.

The patient’s surgery was very successful. The fallopian tube was very good. The six sex hormones were normal, and the ovulation was also very good. However, the two months have not been pregnant. The anxious couple came to me again to see the situation.

This patient told us in the clinic: "I just this month. Since the eggs are exhausted, I don’t know how to do it, I always have no appetite, I have lost 8 pounds."This is very unfavorable to pregnancy. Preparation of pregnancy still has to relax.The patient said, "My husband dreamed the day before yesterday, and said happily," Oh, I dreamed that you were pregnant, and I was happy. "Then he came to menstruation the next day and saw what he was disappointed.I feel uncomfortable. "

The patient and her husband were too anxious, and the mental stress was too strong. Some patients who were willing to conceive when they were willing to be pregnant.The patient was too worried about the problem of gonad muscles and endometriosis, and thought too much. The whole person was in a state of anxiety. I think this is also one of the important reasons she has never been pregnant.

Because her other examinations were fine, there was a history of endometriosis, and I checked her CA125. The normal value should be less than 35U/ml. The patient is nearly doubled, which is the main reason for infertility.Coinciding with Professor Liu Ruifen’s consultation in the hospital, Professor Liu prescribed Chinese medicine for conditioning according to her situation to improve her physique and help her pregnant.

The patient and her husband were particularly eager to want their children. Now they need to adjust the CA125, and there is a relaxation.In this case, in addition to drug conditioning, artificial insemination can also be used to help her get pregnant faster.

There are many patients who do not check any problems, but they can’t be pregnant, and both husband and wife are anxious to get angry.Here I want to tell you that if you and the physical condition of your target are no problem, and you can’t be pregnant, it must be that the mental stress is too great, and emotions will affect conception to a certain extent.

Before preparing for pregnancy, everyone must have a comprehensive examination to ensure that the physical condition is suitable for conception.Many infertility condition can be solved by treatment, but the mentality of preparing for pregnancy can only be adjusted by itself. Relax, don’t be too anxious, worry, I believe that good pregnancy will come soon.

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