My mother -in -law came to my house, and I could n’t eat it for four days of meals. I could n’t bear it: divorce

This person is particularly strange. The more you have the bottom line, the more you can kick your nose on the face, so you should still be horizontal when necessary.Otherwise, it will always be your own hardship.

I have been married for more than four years this year. My family conditions are good. My mother is a senior teacher, my father is a technician of the state -owned enterprise, and I am the only daughter who is used to her family. My parents have taught me politeness, civilization, and one to have one.Education.

At my husband’s house, my father -in -law had died earlier in the early years. He was also a only child and was a classmate with me.

When talking about marriage, my mother -in -law was crying for our family, saying that a wife could not make much money, and said that the old man at home was not good and could not be separated from people.My parents are more enlightened. I feel that my husband and my husband really love each other, and I am also considerate of my mother -in -law. There is no requirement for Sanjin and Cai Li.

But even if these are not, you have to buy a house, otherwise where do you live after getting married?At this time, my mother -in -law started to sell miserably again, and said that when she worked hard, she pulled this son. When the father -in -law was in the rural hometown in the rural hometown in the early years, it was a two -story building.The remaining layer is for them.

This is that they planned to be good early, and did not expect the future development. My husband and I were working in the city. How could it be possible to return to my rural hometown every day. My mother -in -law sells miserable to my mother and said: How expensive the house in this city is.Can’t afford it at all.

But we really can’t take care of both sides of my hometown. Other people have new houses and can buy houses in the city. Isn’t this clear?

At that time, when my mother -in -law said this, our whole family was unhappy. I felt that my husband had no sincerity to get married at all. I decided to think about the marriage.Parents said that they must work hard to make money in the future, and they will always afford the house.

I was also soft -hearted. I promised to listen to him. When I was in the wedding, my relatives and friends came to many people. My mother -in -law did not mention how proud it was.Are you marrying?

My mother was unhappy when I heard it, but I still endured it in a happy day.

At the session of toasting, my mother -in -law boasted at her husband and said to my friends and relatives: "Look at my son how handsome today."

After listening to this, I was unhappy instantly, as if I couldn’t match her son.I turned my head and left.

After getting married, my parents were distressed by me. I didn’t want me to rent a house outside and paid us a house.

After a year, my daughter was born. At that time, her mother -in -law saw a girl. Her husband asked her to take care of me. At that time, my mother had not retired, so I had to take a leave to take care of me for a while.After that, I found a nanny for us.

But it is too difficult to live with the nanny. Every day, all kinds of chickens fly and dog jump, but later I finally got to my daughter to the kindergarten, and I was pregnant again.

But after the big daughter’s incident, I also wanted to give birth to Erbao, but my mother -in -law strongly persuaded me to have a second child. She told me that whether it was a daughter or a son, she helped me bring it, so I just put it.Born the Erbao.

Fortunately, Erbao is a boy, and her mother -in -law is happy to close her mouth and came to my house to help take the child. At the beginning, I was very grateful to her. When I came, I bought her new clothes, new shoes, and bought it.A golden bracelet, also changed a new phone, hoped that she could bring me a good child.

But despite this, I still can’t change my mother -in -law’s sincerity. I found that no matter what point I do, my mother -in -law regards me as an outsider.

In normal times, when you see that the baby playing with the toys is thrown everywhere, it will let my husband pick it up and pack it, but after hearing it, the mother -in -law will do it immediately, fearing that my husband will do it.

When I go home every night, I have to feed my children before eating. I can eat until they finish eating. Not only that, my mother -in -law also hinted that I washed the dishes and brushed the pot.

But I endure these. I know that my mother -in -law is not easy to bring a baby at home. I don’t want to have so many things, but later I found that my repeated endurance was discovered.

When I gave birth to Erbao, I didn’t dare to eat crabs, leek, and bitter gourd.

But my mother -in -law didn’t know why she wanted to deal with me. Once she fried bitter gourd and steamed crabs again. My husband told him that I could not eat these things, but her mother -in -law didn’t take it seriously. She said that my husband loved and she would do it.

In the first time, I found that there was a cage irrigation bag on the table. I also liked to eat pasta, so I was very happy. When I sat down, I found that it was crab yellow.Origin.

When my mother -in -law saw me like this, she said that if I didn’t eat, I went to the kitchen for leftover dishes. I could only go to the kitchen. At first glance, there was a half bowl of Liangmi soup leftover in the morning. I could only be hot and barely padded with my belly.But I didn’t get angry, because I felt that my mother -in -law was very hard to do these, and I just eat leftovers.

But in the next few days, she ate it every day. On the next day, the table was still a crab yellow soup bag. I was very unhappy, but I still didn’t get angry. I thought it may be yesterday’s filling.After eating, eat another meal today, so I continued to eat leftovers again.

On the third day, a steamed crab was placed on the table, and my face changed instantly, but my mother -in -law still disagreed. I saw that there was leftover rice in the kitchen, so I made a copy of it.Egg fried rice.I thought I changed my face this time, and my mother -in -law should see it again.

On the fourth day, there was another plate of crabs on the table. I couldn’t bear it, and the anger came up all at once.

I yelled at my mother -in -law: You know that I like to eat these, and now I ca n’t eat these. Why do you have to do it every day? Is n’t this torture me?

But my mother -in -law did not take care of my emotions at all, but said lightly: Didn’t I leave you leftovers?Just eat it!

After listening to this, I was even more angry, and then quarreled with my mother -in -law. At this moment, my husband came back. After pulling us away, my mother -in -law scolded me and returned to the room.When her cry came, her husband ran over quickly.

After a while he came out and said to me seriously, "You go in and apologize to my mother. It is not easy for her to cook with children every day. Can’t you be considerate and understand her?"

My lungs were frying, pointing at my husband’s nose and scolding, "You are really a wasteful thing, there is no conscience, and she gives me the leftovers every day. I still have to feed my children.And milk? "

My husband had never seen me like this, and opened his mouth to speak.

I shouted at my mother -in -law’s room deliberately, saying, "I don’t want to get a divorce if I don’t want to live well, what does me mean every day?"

My husband quickly pulled me, I said, "What do you pull? You are useless, watch your own wife suffer and suffer, isn’t it?

Later, my mother -in -law came out of the room and apologized for me. It was said that the meals I made in the future are nutritious and I can guarantee that I can eat it.

Therefore, you ca n’t stand it when you get angry. The typical tiger does n’t send me a sick cat!

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