My mother -in -law gave her daughter -in -law a fetus, but the test was found out that it was an abortion medicine#TV …

The mother -in -law gave her daughter -in -law, but she found that she was an abortion medicine.

The mother -in -law came to the hospital to visit the daughter -in -law of her pregnancy, and then I took out a bottle of fetal medicine from the bag to the bag, and asked her daughter -in -law to take it on time.The daughter -in -law had to check it carefully, but the mother -in -law was constantly urging, otherwise you try it.After the mother -in -law explained, she hurriedly left the ward.This move instantly caused doubts from daughter -in -law.

She didn’t understand why her mother -in -law always looked down on her mother -in -law.For the sake of safety, the woman hurriedly asked her to take the medicine to find a doctor to test it.Who knew that the results I wanted to test were surprised by my husband: My wife was pregnant, take it away, and after finishing, you tell me the abortion medicine.Abortion medicine, bottle is a fetus, and the bottle is equipped with abortion medicine.After listening to the doctor, the husband felt creepy instantly.

What kind of consequences would she face if her wife took these abortion medicines?In order to protect the babies in the stomach no longer hurt, the wives who had a clever movement immediately decided to plan and declare that the child was gone.In order to ensure that the plan is everything, men quickly find their father -in -law and mother -in -law to discuss countermeasures, that is, we say that our children have not kept.Then let those bad people proud, we can take this opportunity to rest and win some time.

Sure enough, after the mother -in -law learned of the miscarriage, she instantly exposed her real face.This girl’s house, as long as she has a body, this is not a matter.Then this year will not be in the next year.No next year.I tell you, without this child, I would still insist on my original view.

Immediately after her mother -in -law came to her son, she persuaded her to divorce her daughter -in -law, and even blame all responsibilities on her daughter -in -law.A woman can’t even give birth to a child, and it is not a complete woman at all.Because of your marriage, how much disaster has brought us a family.Isn’t, I can’t let you suffer.People are selfish, Er Ye is reality, and people must be reality.

After listening to the mother’s words, the man felt incredible in an instant.He didn’t expect that his mother had no guilt to this day. Seeing that the mother insisted on asking him to divorce his wife, what choice would the unbearable son make next?

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