My mother -in -law scolded me as a hen who did not get eggs. On the day of the divorce, I sent my husband’s infertility report to send a group.


My dad went bankrupt.

Her husband turned to get home with a big belly.

Both my mother -in -law and my aunt laughed at me.

On the day of getting a divorce certificate, I sent my husband’s infertility report to their family group.

In the third year after marriage, Dad’s factory was not well -operated.

The position of her husband and deputy factory is gone.

The next day, the mother -in -law and aunt moved to our house with big bags.

I drank six for me, and my mother -in -law asked me to pour her cup of water.

I turned to the refrigerator and took a bottle drink.

My aunt asked me to cut her apples for her.

I cut the apple and stuffed it into my mouth under the eyes of my aunt.

Mother -in -law and aunt out of my madly output:

"I really think I’m still a young lady"

"Your dad is bankrupt, what else do you drag?"

"After three years, it is time to raise a hen."

I looked at them with frying.

"When will you go back?"

Before marriage, Peng Junyang and I agreed to live with them after marriage.

My mother -in -law yelled immediately when she heard me, "Go back?"I come to my son’s house, when will I go back and tell you?"

"We won’t go back in the future, and our family will be together in the future."

The little aunt followed "yes, we won’t go back in the future."

I called Peng Junyang to get back quickly.

Peng Junyang came back and brought back a big belly woman.

My mother -in -law ran over to support the woman "Yiyi, and I won’t leave in the future. Our family will be together in the future."


I watched Peng Junyang "What do you mean?Give me an explanation."

Peng Junyang hadn’t had time to speak. The aunt Peng Xiaohui said "What does it mean?Don’t take the position if you don’t put the egg."

"This is my sister, Ling Yiyi.It ’s also my brother’ s green plum bamboo horse. If it ’s not because my brother can work with you for decades, how can my brother marry you?"

"Now that your dad is bankrupt, don’t be in my brother."

My mother -in -law also mocked me, "I haven’t seen this, and I can’t even get eggs for three years."

I have never been a little sheep to be bullied by others.

"I haven’t suspected that your seeds are not good, you pour all the dirty water."


"Buton!Peng Junyang walked to me quickly and gave me a slap.

I watched Peng Junyang unbelievable with my face, "Do you dare to hit me?""

"Butter, I have long wanted to hit you. I used to coax you on your dad’s face, otherwise who would like to pretend to be a grandson around you every day."

My mother -in -law saw Peng Junyang’s excitement and "hit her, killing her little bitch."

Peng Junyang walked towards me.

I made a big voice, "The thin camel is bigger than Ma, Peng Junyang, you dare to move me a finger, I don’t mind all the connections and will be sent to prison."

Peng Junyang woke up "The bitch, I hit you and he was dirty."

I hid in the bedroom to clean up while they were asking Ling Yiyi to ask.

I was still shaking when I returned to my parents’ uniform villa.

Peng Junyang and I are college classmates.

I have a good personality, good looks, and generous to my friends.

The boy who chased me ranked from our school to a foreign school.

In the end, I chose Peng Junyang blindly.

He is humorous, funny, helpful, and has a lot of common languages with me.

For the first time, he met Dad in the bankruptcy factory in my house.

After Peng Junyang left, Dad told me that Peng Junyang’s eyes were erratic.

And I was immersed in the love of the middle and Africa.

Dad finally agreed to me, and couldn’t tell Peng Junyang’s situation unless there was a child.

During the medical examination a year ago, it was found that Peng Junyang’s sperm survival rate was extremely low, and there was almost no possibility of recovery.

After I told my father, my father decided to give Peng Junyang a final test.

Unexpectedly, Peng Junyang had already betrayed me.

But I didn’t find it.

Thinking of this, I was sweating.

When I thought of the twenty -four filial piety husband who was gentle and considerate and obeyed, I felt nauseous with my purpose.

I quickly intended the divorce agreement to send it to Peng Junyang’s mobile phone:

Our wedding room was bought by my dad before marriage and belongs to me.

After the deposit and marriage, there are no divisions.

Peng Junyang didn’t return to me.

The next day, the property of the house where my dad lived in "bankruptcy" contacted him, saying that someone smashed the door at the door of the house.

On the video sent by the property, the mother -in -law and Peng Junyang scolded.

"Little bitch, my son served her for three years before bankruptcy, and divorced and wanted to take away the house."

"Corresponding her dad to bankruptcy, retribution."

Peng Junyang kicked and smashed again.

"Zhang Yutong, rolled out, Lao Tzu would not kill you."

My father glanced behind me and glanced at me, "See what you chose.Fortunately, Lao Tzu is smart, or you can’t close his eyes if Lao Tzu died, hum!"

After listening to my father’s words, I shed tears.

Mom stared at her dad with a paper towel, "When is it?You just look at the girls being bullied by them!"

"Go, they will go, I think they are going to make trouble?"

In order to prevent us from suffering, Dad took two security guards to accompany us.

Peng Junyang made me slap yesterday and was addicted.

Seeing us coming to hit me again, I was pressed directly by the security guard.

I took the opportunity to slap "Give your face?"

When my mother -in -law saw me hit Peng Junyang, I was going to scratch me. "Little bitch, you think you are still a young lady before, you dare to hit my son, I will kill you!"

Hold up by another security guard.

Peng Junyang can’t see a little benefit and starts to scold "Yo, Zhang Yutong, is this two appearances you find?In order to pay back the money, did you start to sell?"

My mother heard that Peng Junyang’s words were slapped again.

"I killed you." Peng Junyang was hit with two palms.

"Where am I sorry for you?Do you want to treat me like this?I stood in front of Peng Junyang and asked him angrily.

"Where are you sorry for me?The wedding house is written in your name. My mother is so old that you will not allow her to come over.For three years, the child did not give birth to one.I coax you as a slave every day for you.I have to cook and do housework … "

Peng Junyang’s complaints one after another made me feel funny and sad.

When he was married, Peng Junyang said that he had no money at home.

There was no score in Cai Li. My dad was a dowry suite, and the decoration did not make his family a point.

Although I am more willful, housework is not as wronged as he said.

He cooks, I will wash the dishes; he sweeps the floor, I will wash.

"If you feel wronged, you can divorce with me …"

Before I finished speaking, I was interrupted by my mother -in -law "Divorce?Divorced my son’s grievances for so many years is not in vain."

"I wanted to wait for your dad to die, and your family was all Junyang. Who knows that your dead ghost dad is so uncomfortable and go bankrupt!Harmony Junyang Bai suffer from grievances for so many years "

For the first time, I saw that eating soft rice was so bright and straightforward.

"So, why are you here?Look at my dad’s joke?I looked at them teased.

"Divorce, the house belongs to me.Compensation for my youth loss in recent years.Peng Junyang said.

I laughed directly, and the people who watched the lively looked at him scornfully.

The mother -in -law heard theft of the people around him and yelled. "What’s wrong? She didn’t even have an egg for three years. Shouldn’t she compensate my son’s youth loss fee?"

"What are you beep?"

A aunt next to him turned his eyes, "People, let’s accumulate virtue!"

"I don’t have a life, don’t you find a life long ago?I saw Ling Yiyi’s belly that day, at least five months, right? "

If you want to die, let him crazy first.

The mother -in -law shouted "You can’t give birth, and someone naturally can give birth."

I stood up with both hands, "Then you let Ling Yiyi go, what come to me to do?Hurry up!"

"The house is left to Junyang, otherwise I will know what you can’t give birth.Your family is bankrupt, and let others know that you can’t give birth. I will marry you from Junyang."

Dad was angry and hit her. I was held by me "Wash and sleep, dreaming is faster!I just don’t marry for a lifetime, and I won’t be cheaper."

The people around him heard the Peng Junyang family who did not know the shame, and pointed at their family.

"Huh, you wait."

After Peng Junyang put down his ruthless words, he left his family.

After putting aside the filter of love Peng Junyang, I really want to give myself two slap.

In my dad’s words, "What did you find!"

For so many years in love, Peng Junyang has never had any substantial performance except for the thoughtfulness of his mouth.

His salary is all used to subsidize his house.

Our little home is responsible for eating and drinking.

To say what gifts Peng Junyang gave me for so many years, that is, a silver ring I gave me in college.

Hey, the woman who was confused by love was really stupid.

During this time, I have been living in my dad’s villa. Peng Junyang thought I was afraid of them.

Three days to go to the door of the house where my dad lived before hitting the door.

My mother -in -law even preached that I could not have children.

There are many friends who are sympathetic to me, ridiculed, and lucky.

I suffer one by one.

When they thought they were going to hold me, they received the subpoena from the court.

Peng Junyang called and scolded "The bitch, you dare to sue for divorce."

I smiled and told him "Either divorce now, otherwise I don’t mind that you spend on Ling Yiyi’s common property to chase back."

I used to think that Peng Junyang sent his salary to his mother, and he never thought that most of his income was Ling Yiyi.

In the New Year’s festival, it is a gold bracelet and a famous brand bag.

Some time ago, the private detective told me that Peng Junyang actually bought a small apartment for Ling Yi.

Although there are only hundreds of thousands, the money is also our marriage property.

I lost the news of private detectives to Peng Junyang.

Within a few days, Peng Junyang sent a divorce agreement he signed.

In the Peng Junyang family scolded, we received a divorce certificate.

I took the house back and hung directly in the intermediary. Is the big villa at home fragrant?

It was really self -moved to live in a house of more than a hundred square meters.

I said, I have never been a gentle sheep.

What Dad has taught me from an early age that others have bullied you and must hit them back.

The reason why I was so long was to let the bullets fly for a while, and now it is my turn to counterattack.

On the night of getting a divorce certificate, I searched the family group of Peng Junyang in WeChat.

When the first year of marriage, Peng Xiaohui pulled me in and said that the bride would send a red envelope for everyone.

I posted one after another, about 50,000, and Peng Junyang’s relatives were still unintentional. Later, I pretended to die.

This group is idle.

I sent three two hundred red envelopes, and then lost Peng Junyang’s medical examination report.

The name and test results of Peng Junyang were also carefully marked with the red lines of the software.

The red envelopes in the group were finished, and none of them spoke.

I also posted the same operation on our common friend group, classmate group.

After a while, the group was fried.

"I am ah, don’t Peng Junyang say that Yutong can’t give birth?"

"I knew that Peng Junyang was not a good bird, but unfortunately Yu Tong was such a good girl."

"Zhang Yutong is good, but his eyes are not very good."

"I heard that Peng Junyang fucking is not to give people everywhere that Yu Tong is a hen who is not egg?"

"Laughing to death, it turned out that her son couldn’t, hahaha …"

Peng Junyang called me, and I pulled it directly.

I had to call me WeChat, um …

WeChat can’t be black yet.

I kept dried various brand -name bags in the WeChat circle of friends, afternoon tea for five -star hotels, and later bask in luxury cars and luxury homes.

Peng Junyang scolded me "The bitch is a bitch. Which of the injustice was raised by the divorce?"

I ignore him and continue to expose.

I went to Paris today, went to Norway tomorrow, and went to Dubai the day after tomorrow.

My circle of friends is drunk all day long.

Peng Junyang directly sent a WeChat to ask me, "How much do you have a night now?"


If you are rich, you will have enough to take a lot of money.

Moreover, only the Peng Junyang family can be seen.

Soon, Peng Junyang’s video phone came over.

I applied the mask and pressed the "Yu Tong, isn’t your dad bankrupt?"

"Yes what’s the matter?"

"Then, what’s the matter with your circle of friends, those companies, and real estate certificates?"

I smiled and said, "Oh, that’s all P."

The mother -in -law and aunt said in a disaster, "I just say, she’s bankruptcy, but …"

I’m too lazy to listen to them. I continue to say "I lie to you, that’s all true."

Peng Junyang wanted to be angry and dared not to be angry and asked me, "Yu Tong, which say is true?"

I was too lazy to talk nonsense with them. "My dad’s factory is not good at business, but I forgot to tell you that there are more than a dozen factories."

Peng Junyang said with a smile, "Why don’t you say it earlier, let’s take a look at it, I have something to say to you!"

When Peng Junyang saw me, he knelt directly on the ground. "Yu Tong, I know wrong, I ask you to give me a chance."

I took a step back and looked at Peng Junyang. "I’m sorry, I don’t poverty alleviation."

"Moreover, you said you can’t give birth, why do I want you as a waste?"

Peng Junmao tried to cover up the resentment at the bottom of his eyes. "We can adopt one, or you can live with others, and I will treat him as his own child."

"Do you want to laugh at me? Peng Junyang, how charm do you think you are, I will forgive you after you are derailed. I will accept you after you laugh at me when you are impoverished and loved me?"

"Peng Junyang, you are also a nine -year compulsory education. Why is the brain circuit so strange?"

"Moreover, who is going to be born with?Have to follow you the waste."

Peng Junyang kneeled down and took a few steps to continue to say, "Yu Tong, we have so many feelings, I do n’t believe you, let me go, give me another chance, we have come again."

I used to worry about Peng Junyang’s face, never asking for money in front of him, now!

"Re -restart?You also match?Look at your poor look, and don’t take your urine to take your own.I don’t think about it, I think it’s pretty beautiful."

"Hurry up and far away, otherwise your poverty is smoked to me."

Peng Junyang has always been proud of the emperor, and I have always complimented and encouraged him.

The first time I saw me said that he couldn’t stand it, "Zhang Yutong, your little dog looks low, you wait for me!"

"Are you a person?You are not as good as a dog in my eyes. Our dogs are richer than you!Poor!"

I continue to stimulate Peng Junyang.

Peng Junyang stood up and hit me.

"You dare to move me a slightest, you believe it or not, you have left the pants that I have lost."

Peng Junyang put down his fist and walked away.

Peng Junyang asked me to wait.

Joke, now is my home, how can I wait.

Dad’s factory that said "bankruptcy" was re -injected.

Start checking the account.

Peng Junyang’s monthly salary is limited. Where can I come from the money?

I don’t know if I don’t check it, I am frightened.

No wonder people say that family thieves are difficult to defend.

In just three years, Peng Junyang, a small factory, greedy two million.

It is said that I really saw the soft rice of Peng Junyang’s soft rice.

Without suspense, Peng Junyang went in, sentenced to 5 years and 8 months, and confiscated all property.Immediate execution.

Peng Xuyang was really good for his Xiao Qingmei. Even if he wore a green hat, he was not willing to put Xiao Qingmei out of the apartment.

But I am different, I won’t pity the fragrance.

When I closed the house, Ling Yiyi stared at me.

Although she did not have a direct conflict with me, this kind of person who knows three as three can be a good bird.

The mother -in -law is the old man, and the son has entered.

Of course, I also sent her and her daughter in intimately, isn’t it that the whole family is reunited!

At the beginning, she made a rumor that my videos and records were there.

During the divorce of me and Peng Junyang, my aunt took away my bag jewelry and added more than 200,000.

Their family is really sentenced to punishment.

Mother -in -law and auntie are free housing for 3 months, and a free housing for 2 years and 6 months.

In a husband and wife, I am considerate.

One year after divorce, I married the son of a business partner.

Dad was very satisfied with him.

Two doors are right, and their strength is equal.

The in -laws looked down on me because of my marriage.

Instead, my husband felt that I had encountered such a family and gave me a sense of security as much as possible.

Life is long, who can do not take one or two steps for a lifetime.

Fortunately, I still have a chance to start again.

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