My pregnancy diary | What should I do if my toothache during pregnancy?Can you make up your teeth, tooth extraction, and wash your teeth?

Hi guys.

Recently, when brushing your teeth every morning and evening, when the toothbrush rubbing on the teeth, you can always feel a soreness, and when you rins, you can also see a little red in the mouthwash.

Well, gums have been bleeding.

Why are expectant mothers more likely to have a problem of dental health?

In fact, after women, the changes in hormone levels in the body, while continuously increasing the physical blood capacity of expectant mothers, can also cause gum congestion. The consequences of this is that the teeth and gums are more sensitive to foreign matter friction. Therefore, the gums, the gumsOral diseases such as inflammation and periodontitis follow.

In addition to the impact of hormone changes on oral health, early pregnancy vomiting will also exacerbate the incidence of oral problems.You know, repeated pregnancy vomiting will cause quasi -mother’s mouth to remain in the middle and long -term residue of vomit residues. These residues or bacteria will cause corrosion to the teeth.

So, can expectant mothers have oral problems, can I take medicine to relieve it?

If it is just like me, there is only a slight soreness and bleeding gums. In fact, there is no need to see a doctor. Usually, it is basically relieved that you only need to clean your teeth.

However, if your teeth have developed more severe pain and even affect normal meals and life, then it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time and ask professional dentists for timely treatment.It should be reminded here that many expectant mothers often choose to take some anti -inflammatory drugs such as nitrate nitrate to relieve oral problems before pregnancy.It is a taboo for expectant mothers without authorization.

In addition, expectant mothers do not need to move towards another extreme -hard carrying medicine. You know, even if it is a small tooth inflammation, it may cause abortion or premature birth of the fetus. Do not take it lightly.You know, such as the treatment of oral inflammation, replenishment, tooth washing, and root canal treatment, medical intervention can also be performed during pregnancy.Moreover, some tattoo measures during oral treatment can also be carried out during pregnancy. Local anesthetic anesthesia will hardly affect the fetal development, and expectant mothers can rest assured.However, oral treatment such as taking dental slices, tooth extraction, orthodontics and other oral treatment is not recommended to be performed during pregnancy. On the one hand, it may endanger the normal development of the fetus. On the other hand, the mothers and bones of the expectant mothers have all organs and bones during pregnancy.If you change more or less, the treatment effect is not too ideal.

After speaking, how to deal with oral problems during pregnancy, in the end, let’s talk about how expectant mothers care for their teeth correctly.

First, the cleansing of the oral cavity every morning and evening is the foundation.

Of course, it would be better if the expectant mothers can rinse their mouths with water every time they eat.If the teeth are stuffed with the food, try to allocate the tooth floss and dial the food out.

Second, regular oral examination is necessary.

Even if the teeth are not uncomfortable, it is recommended that expectant mothers conduct oral examinations every three months and have tooth wash care under the suggestion of dentist.

Third, reduce the intake of foods with high sugar content.

This can not only effectively prevent the corrosion of sugar on the teeth, but also help expectant mothers to better control blood sugar and ensure the health of themselves and fetuses.In addition, expectant mothers can eat more foods rich in vitamin C and calcium to make their teeth stronger.

In short, when facing the problem of dental problems, it is important to clean the foundation. It is more important to seek medical treatment in time.

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