My son is married, the bride is pregnant for 3 months, and the father -in -law and mother -in -law at the wedding scene black face

Today, the village is loud, and the sound of artillery starts at 5 am yesterday.

My husband woke up and told me that this was his son in the West, "Oh, is the son who was admitted to Tsinghua University?" I suddenly remembered to say to my husband.Sleep.

There are two money in the family in the West, a family of four in the family, and a daughter, but this family of heavy men and daughters let her enter the factory at the age of 9. The monthly salary is 1300.Yuan pocket money.

It was not until her daughter was 25 years old that she started marrying, and she was still 30 years older than his daughter’s sister -in -law. The money made by the girls fell into her mother’s house in force, forcing her daughter to live in this familynot good.

His son and bride met in the university. After graduating, he worked together and lived together for two years.The two discussed this year to return to the man’s house for the New Year,

After returning home, the old couple looked at it, the girl’s slightly bulging belly. The face was dark for a moment, but it was fleeting, and the two old men quickly led the two into the house.The old couple hurriedly made a table of vegetables, but at the dining table, they were sandwiched and booed.

The two old men saw the girl who spoke well and said, "Nier, do you see, can the family get married when they are poor?, 280,000, one point cannot be less.By the way, before marriage, car, and room must be bought before marriage, and there are hardware."After speaking, I heard the old two people stunned,"

The old couple said insidiously that you are pregnant. Do you think you still have these chips?"

The girl also broke the jar, "In this way, I will break up with your son, and then the court will sue your son to rape from the court."

The old couple were afraid of the conditions of the girl, and quickly said to the girl, "Oh, I just just joked with you, you see your little Niho is still serious."When he got up and worshiped, the old couple. Unexpectedly, Si Yi even called several times.

Sure enough, no matter how bad people are, someone naturally treats you. What do you think?

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