My wife was derailed and pregnant, and her husband was very calm after discovering, netizens: Don’t impulsive!

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An disturbing incident occurred in a small place in a county in Shandong Province.A man exposed his wife derailed and pregnant in a video, and then secretly aborted.

The couple had known each other for more than ten years. During the college, the woman had been derailed, but the man chose to forgive her.Sadly, the woman did not cut off contact with the man, and still kept contact after they got married.To make matters worse, she had an extramarital affair with a male colleague.

The second derailment was even more serious, because she not only became pregnant, but also secretly miscarriage.When the husband discovered, he asked his wife in a relatively calm arouse, which was very worrying.It is normal to lose your temper, but it is abnormal not to lose your temper. When a person should have a temper when he should lose his temper, it may indicate that he has lost hope for this relationship, or it means that he is brewing a more violent way of venting.Essence

For example, before, there was a shocking criminal case in one place.A man brutally killed his wife, mother -in -law, and child because of his relationship discord.When the suspect was arrested, he was calm and didn’t seem to care.

The reason why he was determined to kill the killer was because their marriage relationship had come to an end. Although he had not confirmed the statement about his marriage, he had not confirmed, but he must have experienced huge pain before the crime, otherwise it would not be possible.

Can’t blindly bully the honest people, because no one can expect how extreme things they might do.Especially this case is very similar to this criminal case. The man made people see a little worry. He asked his wife in a bland tone. He said that the video was deliberately left to her.There must be a reply.

Netizens also seemed to feel some unusual places, and in the comment area, they persuaded him not to be impulsive, and must not do stupid things.They remind men that if their wives are derailed, they can find another.Once some things are done, they cannot look back. It is second to destroy the life of others. It is not worth destroying your own life.

The wife’s response was also abnormal. She did not try to fight for her husband’s understanding, nor did she show much emotion. It seemed that her spirit was numb.This can’t help remind of the worst result: there is no moral standards in her values, and there is no existence of concepts of right, wrong, white, white, and shame.When these concepts disappear in her mind, any effort is futile.

The most ironic is that these two people usually gather in the same family.One is the "old good man" with indecision, no bottom line, tolerance, tolerance, passing, soft -hearted, and dead one acre of land;

The other is a person who does not know the wrong, repeated mistakes, shame, and heartbroken.Because of the lack of attractiveness, it is difficult to retain the other half of the marriage, and they were mostly abandoned. In the end, they could only choose a "non -picky" person.The latter often plays cynical, and smart people will not marry them, so whether they marry them are the same, in the end, they will only choose a person who is most easily deceived.

It is difficult to change the nature of a person. For bystanders, such people may not enter marriage, but if they have such a wise mind, will they choose to embark on this path?This story tells us that when we are facing difficulties, we must think calmly, and we must not make stupid decisions, because once we do it, we may not be able to turn back, and it is not worth destroying our lives.

From a third party perspective, this article depicts two different stories, but both are related to emotion, marriage and human nature.

In the first story, during the process of getting married, the couple had repeatedly derailed and secretly aborted their children.This caused her husband’s anger and concerns, and although the husband questioned his wife in a calm way, it seemed to have lost hope for this relationship.

In the second story, a man brutally killed his wife, mother -in -law and child due to the breakdown of marriage.Although it was not sure whether this was related to the divorce, the man must have experienced huge pain before the crime.

In fact, these stories all show the complex and deep side of human nature.From the perspective of a third party, we may have the following views on emotion and marriage:

For the crisis of husband and wife’s feelings, we should solve the problem with a rational and calm attitude.Angry and impulse will only exacerbate the deterioration of contradictions, and solving problems requires more communication and understanding.In the relationship between husband and wife, both sides should respect each other’s feelings and make corresponding adjustments and compromises.

Derailment is not a way to solve the problem of marriage.Derailment may be because there are problems between husband and wife, but finding a solution can solve the problem more than betrayal.Especially for those who choose to forgive their derailment, the two sides should work together to strengthen trust and communication.

We also have to realize that some people may show unusual behaviors when they are injured or difficult.Whether the husband calmly questioned his wife or men’s cruelly killing his family, there is often huge pain and pressure behind these behaviors.Therefore, we should pay more attention to people’s emotional health and provide appropriate support and help.

The marriage problem is not only related to personal happiness and sadness, but also involves the stability of family and society.Therefore, as a member of society, we should pay more attention to and strive to provide support and help couples facing difficulties.This not only helps improve their relationship, but also has a positive impact on the harmony and stability of our entire society.

In short, when dealing with emotions and marriage problems, we should maintain a calm and rational attitude.Human nature is complicated. We cannot simply define a relationship with the right, black and white.

On the contrary, more understanding, tolerance and joint efforts are needed to maintain and improve our emotional and marriage relationship.At the same time, we must also realize that for people who are facing difficulties, we should provide appropriate support and help to promote their mental health and family happiness.

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