My wife was derailed during pregnancy, causing miscarriage, and I collapsed

Wife’s pregnancy is the happiest moment in the family.At this time, as my husband, I should have care, care, and support her without reservation.However, I encountered a nightmare that could not be opened.

It was an ordinary night, and we were happy at the joy of pregnancy.His wife turned and told me that she wanted to go to the hospital for an examination.I didn’t notice anything wrong, but her distracted eyes made me doubt.

Sure enough, the facts quickly revealed the truth.My wife was derailed during pregnancy.The news was at a loss like a lightning tore up my heart.What makes me even more sad is that because she has a physical relationship with others, we lose our children.

This strike is simply described.At the beginning, I once supported her in the mental spirit, but in exchange for her betrayal of betrayal.I tried to ask her why she did such a thing, but she just burst into tears.Not only did the abortion lose my dear child, but also deprived me of my trust in her.

After that, I fell into contemplation.Why do she do this?Is it because I ignored her?Or because she is tired of me?I repeatedly review my words and deeds, but I can’t find the exact answer.

I finally decided to face all this and have a frank dialogue with her.When I took that step, she confessed everything to me.She said that she had a sense of helplessness and neglect, and could not control her emotions at that stage.

When I heard these words, I deeply appreciated the sensitivity and fragility of women during pregnancy.As a man, I missed the opportunity to take this responsibility and pain with her.Such mistakes have led to huge losses in our family.

However, we decided to forgive each other and start again.We talked with each other’s inner pain and slowly restored trust and understanding.We understand that families need to be managed and paid.

Although we have experienced a difficult time, our marriage has become stronger.We have learned to communicate better and care more about each other’s needs and feelings.This experience taught us to cherish the preciousness of love and family.

Derailment during pregnancy is a painful and sad experience, but it also allows us to grow and enlighten.We decided to walk through this difficult time and re -establish a stable and harmonious family.

We understand that marriage is not a light commitment, nor can it be maintained by a person’s dedication.We must understand, tolerate and give it sincerity.We must cherish the happiness we have and operate a happy family together.

Although we lost their treasures, we did not give up hope for the future.We will advance more firmly with the lessons of experience, and build a home that cannot be shaken with deep love and trust.

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