Neymar’s "official announcement" girlfriend is pregnant!It will usher in the second son, and the kiss is too happy to cover the pregnant belly without blocking the pregnant belly

On April 18, local time, the Brazilian football star Neymar Da Silva Santos Júnior, on social media, and his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi) Jointly announced that he was going to be a dad and again.

"We dream of your life, we plan to come, know that you come here to complete our love, which makes our days happier." Neymar and Buna wrote. "You will come to oneBeautiful family, brothers, grandparents and aunts and aunts, they already love you very much, come, come, son, we look forward to it! "

In fact, Neymar, 31, became his father early. He and his ex-girlfriend Carolina Dantas, Davi Lucca, were 12 years old.

Luca has followed her mother since she was a child, but she was recognized and loved by the star’s father. In some ways, she was a lucky child.

The 28 -year -old Broona is a Brazilian net red with a good appearance and graceful figure. Obviously this is also an indispensable condition for Neymar’s girlfriend.

One hand holding his girlfriend’s head and the other hand on his girlfriend’s pregnant belly. Neymar smiled very openly. Obviously, he was about to become a father again to make him very happy.

The birth of Luca was an accident for Neymar. After all, he was only 19 years old at that time and was just an adult, and this time he should have matured a lot.

Broona happily showed her unobstructed pregnant belly. It seemed that the month was not too big, and it seemed to be only 3 or 4 months.Neymar, who was wearing a baseball cap, kissed his girlfriend’s pregnant belly seriously, very warm and romantic.

Are Neymar and Broona have been engaged? They have not announced it, but there is a ring on the quasi -mothers’ left -hand ring finger. Is this not a deep meaning?

But now wearing a ring on the left -handed finger does not seem to be so strict. For example, Portuguese star Christiano Ronaldo (Ronaldo) girlfriend Georgena Rodriguez often wear diamond ring on the ring finger.At the beginning, the fans were still very excited and guess they were engaged, but over time, they found that there was no "official announcement", which didn’t matter.Maybe this is George’s preference, or this is a hint she gave Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is reported that Neymar and Broona have been dating since 2021, but they announced their separation in August last year, but soon they were together.On the birthday of Neymar in February this year, Bruna expressed her deep love for her boyfriend, "I love you, I will never let you down."

It is easy to find that the girls who like Neymar have a bit similar. Before 2018, he also had a girlfriend named Broona. In Brazil, he was famous in Brazil’s famous actor Broona Masquz (Bruna Marquezine, the right side of the picture).

From the comparison photos, the two Bruna is still very similar. If you don’t look closely, think it is a person.

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