Niannian: Hidden marriage and pregnancy, want a house in a maiden family, Ni Weizhen is exquisite and favorable.

Ni Weizhen to the elder brother: I can move out of the house alone.

You can only let Junjun and Hongyan move over the house where I live in.

This house is still mom, not mine.

After seeing the elder brother carrying the whole family at the age of retirement, after being hit, he was also knocked down. Ni Weizhen’s conscience found that he said such a paragraph.

This will be subsequent.Think back first, Ni Weizhen (played by Wang Ou) at home to refute the words of Wu Erhu (played by Song Dandan) at home.

At the beginning, Dasao Wu Erhu hoped that Ni Weizhen would get married quickly and get out of the room.Their old two moved to take care of her mother -in -law.

As a little aunt, Ni Weizhen strongly refuted the words of Dasao, and even had some sorrow.

Ni Weizhen was resolutely disagreed with the house.

Why did Ni Weizhen agree to move out again?People are very complicated.On the surface, Ni Weizhen is very reasonable. In fact, she is indeed a woman with a very angular, temper, and a gentle kernel tolerance.

Ni Weizhen was originally a daughter -in -law at home and was loved by everyone.She will make a joke and tease Erchun Chunmei (played by Hao Lei) to control her mother. She will tease the nephew and will educate him with a relaxed tone, and she will also be a sister -in -law.The second brother who has a good relationship is not big or small, but also calls his name.

At work, she is a stubborn and principled self -confidence and independent new era woman.She does not cater to the traffic and has her own unique view.The children in the group also regarded her as a psycho and a heart pill.

She is confident and firm, advanced and retreat, and has a sense of measurement with the opposite sex.In the face of career blows, you can soon digest emotional investments into future work.

Facing the repeated marriage and the "old girl" remarks, she just tipped it. In the face of the difficulties and ridicule of He Zhichao’s aunt, she just laughed and kept heart to heart.

She has confidence and love herself, knowing what is the most important thing.Therefore, some small offenders will not stir up her heart anymore.

Many times, anger is not a strong manifestation, calm and gentle.

When I saw my elder brother almost lost his life, Ni Weizhen couldn’t sit still.

Ni Weizhen took the initiative to transfer the house, which was unexpected.When will the third child Ni Weizhen have such kindness and affection?

Shining Ni Weizhen’s words, is Ni Weizhen unprepared?This is the typical exquisite self -interest.

Obviously married He Zhichao’s certificate, but he had to marry intentionally.The reason for the hidden marriage given by Ni Weizhen was that they were afraid of the instability between them, and did not want to let the parents of both sides know and increase the trouble.

In fact, she just doesn’t want to let Dasao know.After all, if Dasao knew that she was married, she would definitely use her legitimate excuse to move her out of her house.

Ni Weizhen was pregnant and still did not tell Dasao, but just told Erji.As smart as her, she knew that Erxiang had a large rich pattern and would not care about her mother’s house.And the big sister is different.

In real life, the aunt who was still pregnant still lived in her mother’s house, and she couldn’t say it.

This is where Ni Weizhen knows the losses.

Selfishness is human nature.Everyone wants to be comfortable.On the surface, Ni Weizhen was reasonable. When she saw her elder brother sending out takeaway, she first took the initiative to propose to give the house to the nephew and nephew. In fact, she was just being an old man. She knew that Eryi would not agree.

In the second step, Ni Weizhen also took the initiative to propose to the house in front of the elder brother.

She also specifically designed the property ownership of the house in front of her elder brother.The house is an old mother, not any one, especially for the eldest Sun Junjun, let alone let Dasao remember this house.

The meaning behind this words is that as long as the old mother is willing, she can give the house to anyone of the three children, not to give her grandson.

This sentence extinguishes the halo of Ni Weizhen’s Gao Zhi’s women, and lower her pattern.

Obviously capable and high income, why must he occupy the mother’s house?Why not go out to buy a house?

Ni Weizhen actually wants this house in her mother.She is very smart and knows that her mother loves her most.The old mother currently lives with the second sister. Once her old mother is hundreds of years, she will definitely be the owner of the house.

The Erju family had no opinion. If the old mother had a will, she had to leave the house to her daughter.Dasao Wu Erhu also has no way.

This is Ni Weizhen’s Ruyi abacus.

Therefore, Ni Weizhen is the biggest beneficiary and the most exquisite self -interestingist in the Ni family.As the old lady at home, she rarely takes care of her mother, and she is not responsible for her old mother.

Living obviously in her mother’s house, but even the mother’s nanny fee did not pay a point, the whole process was paid.

Living in the mother’s house, enjoying the favor of brothers and sisters, and the spoil of her husband.Ni Weizhen is a very sober woman. She can’t say that she is bad, but she can only say that she is delicate and self -ist.

On the surface, a gentleman, with his own pursuit and dream.But the puppet gentleman was in the back of the ground.

Some people may say that Ni Weizhen didn’t think so at all.However, the situation will develop in this direction. Isn’t this what Ni Weizhen expects?

If she really wants to make a house, she directly expresses her action and moves away.Why do you go in front of the elder brother to say a long story?

Now that he got married, Ni Weizhen should take the initiative to move out, but he kept depending on his mother’s house.When the old mother arrives, she can also set a will and take the average three people in the house.This is fair.

In fact, the way the old mother handles the house is not appropriate.As the property owner of the house, she should divide the house in three parts. Whoever wants this house will take out the other two cents.

For these two money, the old lady can still hold the elderly.

In the future, the ownership of the house is unclear, and the old mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. It may be inevitable that the dispute between brothers and sisters will be inevitable.

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