No friends!10 ultra -strong pregnancy test tools pick

It’s the most enthusiastic summer, drinking small wine at home on the weekend, eating crayfish, and a fancy creation is suitable!While entering the best pregnancy status, naturally also need to stock up a wave of pregnancy testing tools. In the face of a variety of pregnancy test strips, pregnancy test pens, pregnancy test sticks, pregnancy test cards, pregnancy test cups, what are the PICK?IntersectionTake a look at the popular stick of pregnancy testing tools for small persimmons.


Yijianshi early pregnancy multifunctional detection card

Different from the packaging of other brand girls’ hearts, Yi Jianshi, who has a low -key appearance, is professional and accurate, and has more diverse functions. It not only has pregnancy testing function, but also can detect and evaluate signs of abortion and ectopic pregnancy.Both word of mouth and cost -effectiveness, the accuracy of the test results is also very high, and rarely fried paste. It can detect new functions of heteroic pregnancy, and also help many pregnant mothers have peace during the early pregnancy.


Core Lan Electronic pregnancy test pen

Coca’s electronic pregnancy test pen has a unique display screen. The test results are known at a glance. It is more convenient to read, and it can also show the pregnancy week. It can be accurately displayed in 1-3 weeks of pregnancy.Very accurate, but compared to ordinary test strips, the price is relatively high.


Jin Xier Early Pregnancy Test Paper

Jin Xiuer and Xiu’er are two different brands, but don’t confuse.Jin Xiuer’s early pregnancy test paper has a good reputation. Many users report that their test strips are very high and the price is very affordable. Generally, it will also give away the ovulation test strip and the urine cup.


Yuting pregnancy test stick

This pregnancy test stick can accurately capture the HCG of the urine in the body, and the results can be produced in 5 minutes.The comprehensive evaluation is good, the inspection effect is more accurate, and the sensitivity is better. The box will send a supporting early pregnancy test paper. The cost performance is not bad.


David pregnancy test stick

As a relatively famous product of similar products, David is a brand that many women who prepare for the first pregnancy. The sales volume is also among the best, but because of high sales, the reputation has decreased, the accuracy of the test results is not particularly high. Generally, the experience of useful use is generally generally experienced., Box experiments will be equipped with early pregnancy test strips, and the packaging is very delicate.


Yijianshi early pregnancy test test agent cup

Like the multi -functional detection card of early pregnancy, it is also a patented product owned by Yijianshi. It is not only different from other products. It is more convenient to use. It will not be dirty.The reason for the list.


Xianzhi pregnancy test stick

This is a relatively cost -effective product. A box test pen is also equipped with early pregnancy test strips.The time for the Xianzhi pregnancy inspection stick to contact the urine should not be less than 5 seconds. This time is longer. You can choose to use test tubes to continue urine.The results are accurate and the use effect is also very good, but there are also users who call it an aunt artifact.


Xiu’er early pregnancy test test agent

Although Xiu’er is similar to Jin Xiuer’s popularity, she is good at different scope. Xiuer’s ovulation test strip is famous.Early pregnancy test strip is a single box, the packaging is very hygienic, and the use of pregnancy test sticks is better.High sensitivity and accurate test results.


Pregnancy stick for the first time

The general pregnancy test stick will only have results within 3 minutes, and the pregnancy test stick can appear in about 1 minute in the first time. The urine cup and early pregnancy test strip can also be given away, which is more intimate and humane.The inspection effect is good and efficient.Affordable.


Hai’s Haili pregnancy test stick

The cost -effectiveness of this pregnancy test stick is also good. After 7 days in the same room, you can use test strips to detect whether you are pregnant, but the accuracy is not high. It is more accurate to test after 11 days in the same room.The method of use is very simple, suitable for novice use.

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