Not all bleeding during pregnancy is abortion, it may be other reasons. Do not panic.

When we usually watch the palace fighting drama on TV, we often see which lady fell, or collided, a pool of blood flowing under the skirt, and then watching the plot later, the doctor diagnosed, and the abortion.It’s right.We have been in charge of the routine of the TV series, but in our real life, most of the pregnant mothers may also have bleeding during pregnancy, and there are many reasons for bleeding.Let’s understand what are the causes of bleeding during pregnancy.

1. Normal situation

During pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will have vaginal bleeding to vaginal bleeding. Go to the hospital for B -ultrasound examination and show that the fetus is normal. This situation will not affect the development of the fetus and the continuation of pregnancy., Keep a sufficient rest.

2. Breakfore abortion

If the pregnant mother or pregnant dad has a chromosomal abnormalities, or the factors of the mother, such as systemic diseases, adverse habits, serious lack of nutrition, etc., there may be a omen abortion.The initial symptoms are often vaginal bleeding, with a small amount of bleeding, which is dark red, and generally has abdominal pain.In addition to observing the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, pregnant mothers should also maintain a peaceful and stable mentality, ensure the quality of rest, and strictly prohibit sexual life.

3. Portosy and ectopic pregnancy

In addition to miscarriage, there will be some other serious cases during pregnancy, such as hydatidal and ectopic pregnancy.The hydatidiform is named after its shape. Pregnant placenta fluff with different placenta is like grapes.Most of the pregnant mothers with hydatidal fetuses will occur after 2-4 months after menopause, which will not have cell hyperplasia, forming vaginal bleeding with size rules, starting with a small amount, slowly increased, and a large amount of bleeding in the future.even death.Do B -ultrasound monitoring embryonic development in the early pregnancy, and early detection of hydatidum.Extra -uterine pregnancy refers to the abnormality of the development of the outer bed in the uterine cavity. The normal situation will develop in the uterine cavity.Ectopic pregnancy will cause vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain. Once the fallopian tube pregnancy rupture occurs, it will cause severe abdominal pain and a lot of bleeding, which will cause a great threat to the life of the pregnant mother.If the pregnant mother has abdominal pain and bleeding after menopause, it should be paid enough to go to the hospital as soon as possible to eliminate ectopic pregnancy.

Finally, what I want to say to pregnant mothers is that do not panic when you encounter bleeding. Observe the condition of bleeding to the hospital to describe to the doctor. Use sanitary napkins when bleeding to help doctors understand the amount of bleeding to better treatment.I hope that each pregnant mother can overcome all difficulties and give birth to a healthy and healthy baby.

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