Not worthy of being a mother!Nine months of pregnancy, the woman was drinking a big belly and drinking. She also said to indulge?

Zong Lei reporter Wu Tao Wang Miao Miao, chief reporter of Henan Business Daily

Recently, a mother -in -law has been on fire for nine months of pregnancy: videos and live broadcasts are constantly showing themselves to eat and drink, beer, white wine, barbecue, and spicy spicy food.

While netizens are hot, more people are worried about the babies in her belly.

Dr. Zhengzhou said that …

Nine months of pregnancy, pregnant women drink beer, white wine, and barbecue

Recently, on Weibo, many netizens on a pregnant woman in Tucao’s live video.

A 9 -month -old pregnant woman on the video continuously shows that she can eat and drink in the video and live broadcast. Beer, white wine, barbecue, and spicy spicy food.

These videos are currently on the personal homepage of the pregnant woman netizens.At present, she has 130,000 fans. If you have the intention to take a look at her personal profile, you will find that she claims to be this:

"I am a post -90s pregnant woman, and I love my baby who cares more about my belly!"

This is called more care?Many netizens said: Being her child is really unlucky!

"Reported, I can only say that this person is not worthy of being a mother."

"Oh my god, how dare this, I am not responsible for my child."

More netizens expressed their concerns: Will the children born like this be deforming?

Excessive alcohol intake may have a certain impact on the baby’s central nervous system

Wu Aihong, director of the obstetrics department of Zhengzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, has not seen this video. She said that from the perspective of a pregnant woman’s diet, if the doctor’s perspective, the pregnant woman’s practice is not advisable.

She said that beer also has a degree. It is recommended not to drink for pregnant women throughout pregnancy, because after all, she is pregnant and the amount of alcohol is too much. In addition to it, it may have a certain impact on the baby’s central nervous system.

In addition, she suggested that pregnant women do not eat or eat less skewers, because the food is easy to bake over during the baking process, and it is not good for the human body.There are some meats if they are not cooked, and microorganisms are not killed, which is more unfavorable to human health.

In addition, Wu Aihong said that women themselves have slow gastrointestinal peristalsis due to pregnancy, which is easy to digest. The gastric emptying time is prolonged, and those who eat them are not easy to digest, which will cause indigestion and bloating.

She said that some people are not easy to diarrhea, and they are tightly accelerated and stimulated by people’s intestines. They may cause contractions and cause premature birth.

Nutrition during pregnancy is critical

Excess nutrition and malnutrition will have problems

Wu Aihong said that women’s pregnancy is a special period. Due to changes in hormone levels, the body may have an impact on the body. Throughout pregnancy, pregnant women will have early pregnancy reactions, middle pregnancy or late pregnancyWait.

She mentioned that generally speaking, estrogen in the body, progesterone, has a small impact on the body. Generally speaking, for pregnant women, these physiological changes generally do not cause particularly great harm.

Overall, in the diet during pregnancy, nutrition should be balanced, reasonable, and diet, try to diversify as much as possible, eat less and eat more.

She reminded that if the nutrition during pregnancy is unreasonable and the diet is irregular, it will have a bad impact on the mother’s body on the baby. If you eat and drink during pregnancy, there is no restriction on any restriction.High, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, weakened gastrointestinal digestive function, and digestive problems.

If you need to keep your body shape or other reasons during pregnancy, it will cause anemia for pregnant women and affect your baby’s growth and development.

Diet during pregnancy is critical. Excess nutrition will have problems, and malnutrition will also have problems.

According to your own different gestational weeks, different diet characteristics, reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, coarse detail, diverse diet, rigorous and violent food.

Mother -in -law diet, there are a lot of misunderstandings

The more fruit eats better?Eat more walnuts to replenish the brain?Experts say that expectant mothers have a lot of misunderstandings.

Zhai Guirong, director of the obstetrics area of Zhengzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that in fact, it is not good for pregnant women to eat too much fruit. Various fruits are controlled every day.Some are more dried fruits. These dried fruits contain a lot of fat, and they are easy to convert energy storage after eating.In addition, we must avoid treating fruits as the main source of vitamins. It should be based on vegetables

The heat that pregnant women consume every day depending on the height and weight of pregnant women, they should usually be around 2000 cards.Foods containing carbohydrates are mostly staple foods, such as flour, rice, red beans and other grain potatoes. In addition, in addition to vitamins and dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables also provide carbohydrates.

Protein includes fish, shrimp, meat, and milk and soy products.Oils include animal oil and vegetable oil and dried fruits.

Some people say that pregnant women eat walnuts to replenish the fetus.Experts rumored that walnuts are actually not as magical to the brain. They just look like a brain in appearance. It is more suitable for pregnant women to eat 2 to 4 a day.Although the space occupied by dried fruits such as walnuts, melon seeds is small, the calories generate are relatively high. For example, two walnuts are equivalent to 90 calories.Too much consumption will be counterproductive and increase excess heat.

In addition to paying attention to a balanced diet, Zhai Guirong also reminded expectant mothers to prevent the baby from being too fat. After half an hour after meals, pregnant women can take a proper walk for 20 ~ 30 minutes with their is best not to exceed 500 grams of weight growth every week. To lose weight for yourself and your baby to prevent diabetes during pregnancy.

How much weight does it take to increase during pregnancy?

So 10 months of pregnancy, how can expectant mothers control weight and how to manage weight?

Zhai Guirong said that people of different body types need to be treated differently.In general, the weight of thin human body can be more, and the weight gain of fat people must be controlled strictly.

It is necessary to distinguish fatty and thinness, and is represented by the physical fitness index (BMI). BMI = weight/height (weight is divided by height).

Among them, the weight is in kg and the height is in the meter.

Therefore, we must understand how much weight increase during pregnancy. First of all, we must understand the BMI before pregnancy.

1. BMI is less than 18.5, and it is advisable to increase the weight of 12.5-18.0kg throughout pregnancy.

2. BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, and it is advisable to increase the weight of 11.5 to 16kg throughout the pregnancy.

3. BMI is greater than equal to 25.0, and it is advisable to increase the weight of 7 to 11.5kg throughout pregnancy.

Zhai Guirong suggested that obese pregnant women have a greater chance of complications such as diabetes, hypertension, hypertension, hypertension, and venous thrombosis during pregnancy. Therefore, if you are preparing to get pregnant, it is best to lose weight first.If pregnancy has been found, it is not advisable to lose weight during pregnancy, and the weight gain should be appropriately controlled under the guidance of a nutritionist.

(Editor Zhang Shuhui, Henan Business Daily)

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