Notice!These "secrets" about dog sex knowledge, you may not know

Many people now raise dogs and learn more about dogs. For example, how much do you know about dogs’ "sexual knowledge"?Note that you may not know these points.

"It is best to do insect repellent and vaccine before mating."

1. If a dog is carrying viruses or parasites in the body, when mating with another dog, the virus and parasites may be transmitted to another dog.In this way, the behavior of the two dogs is a bit dangerous.

Therefore, it is best for the owner to make a dog breeding. It is to do insect repellent and vaccine for the dog. After deworming, the dog may have the problem of gastrointestinal discomfort.

"Dogs cannot be forcibly separated when mating"

Dogs use their buttocks to the buttocks when mating, but when the dog performs this behavior, it cannot be forcibly separated, otherwise it will cause the dog to be injured.Essence

"How long is the dog mating"

Generally, dog mating time is in 5-30 minutes, and some time will be long, so do not disturb the dogs at this time, it will scare them.

"Method of Dogs for mating"

First, the natural method is to let it go, and the damage to the dog is the smallest.

Second, the method of artificial assistance is that some dogs are different in size, and it is difficult to mate yourself, and the owner needs to help.

Third, the method of professional equipment and skills is generally carried out in large breeding places.

Fourth, a compulsory method is forcibly mating for dogs.

"When is the first estrus when the dog is the first time"

The first estrus time of dogs is generally 6-8 months, but it is not recommended to mate at this time, because the development is not complete at this time.During the estrus, the dog’s body and physiological change will have certain characteristics changes. The owner remembers that the dogs who take care of the estrus period and pay more attention to the physical condition.

1. If you don’t want the dog’s estrus to be so painful, and if you don’t want the dog to get pregnant, it is best to give it sterilization. The owner should pay attention.Dogs supplement nutrition in a timely manner in time, and can feed it some nutritious dog food in daily diet to better supplement the nutrients needed for the body.This topic is not expanded here. Interested pets, you can click the blue article below.

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2. The owner should look at the dogs who are in estrus. It is best to wear a traction rope when you go out.

3. Dogs that are in estrus may become irritable. Therefore, at this time, the owner must soothe the dog’s emotions. You can use some snacks to interact with dogs to divert the attention to reduce the pain of the dog.As for how to choose dog snacks, the owner of interested can read the following article.

"How to choose dog snacks?It’s enough to read this article "

Conclusion: Is your dog sterilized?

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