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Summer sweating in summer, the frequency of bathing may also increase.

What kind of water temperature to bathe, blood vessels, hearts, and skin are injured?The cooling effect of the cold bath is actually not as good as warm bath?What is the "best time" of bathing?


The cooling effect of the cold bath

It’s better to take a warm bath

When the weather is hot, people are relatively easy to sweat. At this time, the skin capillaries of the skin are expanding. If you take a cold bath suddenly, it will stimulate blood vessel contraction, causing uncomfortable sweating, palpitations, and headaches.In particular, middle -aged and elderly people, as well as people with coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke history and arrhythmia, should try to avoid taking cold baths in the summer.This "sudden cold stimulus" is another burden for the body.

If it is just to cool down, the effect of cold bath is actually not as good as warm bath.This is because the cold bath will give the body a "cold environment", which increases the heat production of the body and reduces heat dissipation. Therefore, the cold bath is not more cooling than a warm bath.

Even people who seem to be very healthy may trigger hidden dangers hidden in the body under the cause of the outside world, so pay more attention when taking a cold bath and try to take a gradual way.Generally speaking, you can first pat the limbs with cold water, and then wipe the chest and back with cold water with cold water. Finally, the cold water wet the whole body. If you feel cold, you should shorten the shower time or increase the water temperature.

Note: No matter what kind of crowd, it is not advisable to take a cold bath immediately after strenuous exercise.

Since taking a cold bath is not the best choice in summer, is it better to take a hot bath for health?


Is the higher temperature of the bath water, the better?

For people with chronic diseases such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and coronary heart disease, the temperature of the bath water is too high.

With the rinse of hot water, the capillaries of the whole body are expanded, and a large amount of blood flows to the body surface. The blood of important organs such as the heart and the brain is relatively reduced, which may induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

In summary, the water temperature should not be too high nor too cold during bathing. It is generally suitable for controlling at 38 ° C ~ 40 ° C.


5 times are not suitable for bathing

1. After high -strength physical or mental activity:

After the severe exercise, the blood circulation is in an active state. Immediately bathing will add the burden on the heart and blood vessels, especially not to take a cold bath.

2. When you are full or empty:

After eating, the blood in the body is mainly concentrated in the digestive system. At this time, bathing and surrounding vascular expansion may cause the blood circulation of the digestive system to be relatively reduced, which can easily lead to indigestion.

During an empty stomach, the level of blood sugar in the body is relatively low. Bathing allows the blood to flow to the skin tissue, the blood volume of the supply of the brain decreases, which may cause accidents such as fainting.

3. After drinking:

Drunk can affect the sense of balance of people, and it is easy to fall in a slippery bathroom.

4. When hypotension or hypoglycemia:

During low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, or bathing when people are extremely fatigue, it is easy to cause dizziness or shock due to hypoxia.Even if you must wash it, don’t stay in the bathroom for too long. Pay attention to the proper ventilation of the bathroom to increase the oxygen content.

5. Before going to bed:

When I just took a shower, the human body would be a little excited and it was not easy to fall asleep immediately, so don’t take a bath before going to bed.According to a study published by the "Sleep Medicine Review" magazine, bathing 1-2 hours before sleep can speed up falling asleep.


Bathing has "the best time"

There is no so -called "best time" in bathing. It is not that it is better to take a bath in the morning or better bath at night, because from a scientific perspective, there is no saying when you have to take a bath, but bathing has a "best time".Under normal circumstances, the shower is sufficient for 10-15 minutes. Even if you want to take a bath, it is best not to exceed 20 minutes.

For a long time, people can easily feel fatigue and easily cause heart ischemia and hypoxia.

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Source: Chinese Women’s Daily

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