Novel: Female college students were confessed by the senior, and the roommates were more disgusting after seeing it. She: You are pregnant

Xu Yunxi listened to the somewhat unpleasant voice over there, and couldn’t help raising her eyebrows.

Uncle Tian said.

In fact, I had greeted it before, but I do n’t know why I have a sense of unsatisfactory feeling in my heart. I always feel strange …

When talking about this, Master’s expression was a bit wrong.

"Yun Xi! I just told your master just now that I have submitted the registration form for you. You can rest assured that this game is just to run out first, it’s all my disciples who are not talented.Grand. "

Xu Yunxi’s hesitation had made Tian Zhennan notice, and hurriedly appeased.

"Child, don’t be afraid, it’s just a small game. I still recognize your ability. Besides, your master also let me teach you more, this is a good opportunity for a thousand years."

Xu Yunxi’s black line, "Uncle Tian, I know, I’ll go."

The three -year -old child is probably knowing that this is the excitement method, but what can she do, she still hooks it.

In any case, even for the promotion of the aura in her body, she has to go.

"Okay, then I won’t bother you, the address and date will be sent to you, just come here directly."

After speaking, I was afraid that Xu Yunxi would hang the phone directly.

Saying no ghosts, Xu Yunxi didn’t believe it.

But I can’t help but feel aggrieved. Is there anything better than knowing that there is a pit in front, and do you have to jump down below?

Xu Yunxi’s normal school life has not yet ended.

On this day, Sun Luogang called Xu Yunxi out, and many students talked about it.

"What’s wrong, is there any game?"

"I didn’t hear it, but Xu Yunxi was also a genius, looking for her to win steadily."

Lu Man listened to a look of glory next to him. They were good friends. They praised Yun Xi like praising her.

Xu Yunxi was outside, listening to what Sun Luogang said quietly, she frowned slightly, saying that I didn’t understand, "Teacher, I don’t think it is appropriate."

"What’s wrong, where do you think I’m not satisfied, I’m going to coordinate with the teachers, but you need to know that this opportunity is rare, and it is passed by our teacher’s vote."

"It’s not this problem, but the teacher you just said to go to Yecheng Medical University for exchange fees, aren’t you all selected among medical students? I am not in the selection category."

Yecheng Medical University, well -known in the city, is a place to send talents to major hospitals. She seems to remember that Wang Shuoxin is going to school there.

In March of each year, the school exchanges students with medical universities. In the past, studying for a month or two, but this year, Xu Yunxi did not expect to choose himself. He would choose himself.

She doesn’t want to go, go to see the outside world, but she is not born in a science class, and it is easy to be criticized.

I heard that Xu Yunxi was worried about this. Sun Luogang was relieved and said with a smile, "It doesn’t matter, these things, we will help you think about it, as long as you sign this transfer notification book, you can."

"To be tied?" Xu Yunxi was a little surprised. I did not expect that there was a policy and a countermeasure. In order to allow her to exchange the students, it really did not use it.

Xu Yunxi looked at the document, and asked about what to pay attention to as an exchange student, and returned to the classroom with the document.

Hearing Xu Yunxi said that the news of the exchange of fees was to be transferred, the class was exploded.

"Yun Xi is so powerful, go to the Medical University as an exchange student. Isn’t that for a long time?"

"It doesn’t matter, there will be someone from the Medical University, but it is best to come over a few handsome guys. I heard that there is a talent on the medical university. It seems to be Wang Shuoxin, very handsome, do you say he will come here?"

"Wang Shuoxin, it seems to be handsome, but I heard that he is not very good. I have a classmate at the medical university and listened to him, Wang Shuoxin has not been to school for a long time."

Xu Yunxi couldn’t help but worry about hearing Wang Shuoxin’s name. Is his condition okay?

She can only put all her hopes in the game of Uncle Tian, and hope that her spiritual power will break through, and she can directly draw the yellow mantra. In this way, Wang Shuoxin’s condition can be suppressed.

After class, Lu Man rushed over, holding Xu Yunxi with a smile and calling, "Yun Xi, you are so amazing, I really have to read it wrong. You are the only one to exchange non -medical majors.Thinking of the teacher, I still helped you go through the procedure, my God, I won’t be dreaming. "

Xu Yunxi was ashamed for a while, although she also felt that this was a more powerful thing, but she was not so exaggerated.

Sun Ting couldn’t stand it anymore, and pulled the long sleeves, "Okay, people are watching, and quickly converge."

Several people laughed into a ball and walked into the dormitory. On the road, Liang Feifei suddenly stopped, and his eyes looked straight towards the people in front.

Sun Ting also stopped and dragged the sleeves of Lu Man. After seeing who it was, there was a hint of irritability in the eyes of the road, "Why did he come!"

After knowing the tattered things that Hu Jinchen did, Lu Man felt disgusting at a glance.

But he is not like the ghost soul. It is really annoying to follow Xu Yunxi every day.

"Yun Xi, are you back?"

Hu Jinchen pretended not to be aware of it, and he still smiled at his face and looked at a few people.

"Student Hu, let’s be busy, we are not free." He didn’t want to hear what he said at all.

"I just delayed her for a few minutes." Hu Jinchen’s face changed slightly, but still squeezed a smile.

Xu Yunxi looked at it, and said coldly, "What’s the matter? Just say it here."

I love to say anything, anyway, she doesn’t want to hear it.

Hu Jinchen looked at them, and his eyes passed by Liang Feifei. Liang Feifei lowered his eyes down, as if he didn’t see him.

The atmosphere between them suddenly became awkward.

Hu Jinchen gritted his teeth slightly, and finally said slowly, "I came here because of the school exchange."

Lu Man was shocked, and suddenly remembered something, "Senior, do you want to pass this exchange student?"

Hu Jinchen nodded, and Lu Man scolded Hu Jinchen in his heart. It was really shameless.

I knew that Yun Xi didn’t wait to see him, and had to do exchanges together. This is good, what should the two get along with Yun Xi. And the principal, did the heads squeeze the door?Why is it him?

"But senior, aren’t you a senior this year?" Lu Man asked, in short, you are the person you want to go to an internship. Why should you be an exchange student?

"The internship can go late, but this exchange student, I must go."

Hu Jinchen’s eyes were tightly locked on Xu Yunxi’s body, and wanted to see her emotional fluctuations, but this is destined to disappoint him. Xu Yunxi’s eyes have no waves, without a trace of mood.

After he returned home, he heard his mother talking about what happened at the banquet, and the recipe she opened to the patient.

Hu Jinchen suddenly felt that she was really attracted by this girl.

He was beside her, looking at her a little bit of transformation, and a little bit dazzling until it attracted all his eyes.

At this moment, it is not a question of gambling. He is Hu Jinchen. He really likes this girl. He eagerly wants to follow him.

"Okay, I know, if the senior has nothing else, then I will go." Xu Yunxi greeted politely and left.

I looked at Liang Feifei and found that her look was a little frustrated, and nothing said.

Hu Jinchen looked at Xu Yunxi’s back eyes and flashed a hint of yin, saying, "You can only be mine, you must be mine."

After speaking, I left.

Back to the dormitory, because of Hu Jinchen’s affairs, everyone seemed to swallow a fly, can’t swallow, can’t vomit

Because the joy of being selected should be a bit of the joy.

"Why, don’t you still be fine just now? Don’t influence our mood for a person who does not matter, know?" Xu Yunxi packed things and comforted.

"Yun Xi, then you don’t have to face him every day in the future." How sad it would be.

"I’m going to class, and the teacher is almost the same every day."

As he said, Liang Feifei suddenly changed his face and rushed directly into the toilet.

"What’s going on here?"

Lu Man was startled, she wouldn’t say something wrong again.

Sun Ting shook his head and said he didn’t know.

It wasn’t until the bathroom came from a sound of retching that Xu Yunxi hurriedly walked in.

I only saw that Liang Feifei kept spitting up. I don’t know if I had a bad stomach.

Xu Yunxi looked at her really uncomfortable, so she gave her a pulse. As a result, her face became more and more ugly. In the end, she seemed to be not sure.

In the end, he looked at Liang Feifei with a dignified face, "You are pregnant." Then he took a deep breath to ensure that he was calm and said, "Who is the child?"

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