Novel: Grass God is pregnant!I am a god -principal, who does not accept it?

Later, Lin Fan and others walked towards the teaching order.

Come to the square below the teaching order.

At this time, it was 12 noon.

It should have been the sun, and it is extremely dazzling.

I do n’t know why, from time to time, a few black clouds tried to cover the sun, causing the surrounding environment to become darker.

Looking around, I saw people around the square!

"Oh! Don’t squeeze it! It’s going to squeeze me!"

"Who! Stepped my feet !!!"

"Are you all sick? Stand back! Don’t squeeze forward! You can also hear the sages and adults in the back!"

"What the hell is going on! Great Sage, come out and talk to us!"

"Do Master Grass really have the seeds of mortals? Is it really or fake?"

"Is it a rumor? We don’t believe that Master Cao Shen will do that kind of thing!"

"My God! This is too unbelievable! How can the gods combine with mortals! Even if you can combine with mortals, how can you get pregnant first?

"Is it true that the situation is? This is too big! My grandparents have lived for so long, and have never heard of such ridiculous things!"

"Dirty! It’s so dirty!"

"If this is true, Cao Shen is a representative of unclean! I still pray prayer every day! Oh! It really makes me feel disgusting!"

"Master Sage, you will come out and explain it! What is going on!"

"Great Sage Master …"


"I have listened to me! No more step ahead!"

"For the safety of the great sages, everyone is far away! Give me a withdrawal!"

"Say you, don’t squeeze forward! Dare to take half a step forward, take it as an assassin!"

"Please don’t be irritable. Regarding the matter of Grass God, the great sages will come out to explain in person!"

The scene is too complicated, the crowd is restless and crowded.

In order to maintain the order of the scene, the captain of the guards continued to send people.

Although many people have been assigned, the scene is still increasingly controlled!

The shouts that the guards maintained the order soon drowned in the crowd!

I saw the people around him even more uniform!

At the square of the Teaching Order, at most, you can accommodate thousands of people!

But now, at least tens of thousands of people have come to the scene!

There are villagers in Aru Village, traders of Kwanzi, people in the desert, and foreign students …

The Square of the Teaching Order could not be crowded at all, and the crowd even crowded to the path outside Sumi City!

The crowd is crowded, and everyone is looking towards the top layer, waiting for the great sage to come out to explain everything!

In their hearts, Master Grass God has always been a symbol of pure and indifferent, and it is also a spiritual sustenance!

Today, Master Caushen has happened to such a thing, and everyone feels that their spiritual sustenance has been severely polluted!

Therefore, no matter whether men, women and children, let go of work, and have come to ask if the matter about Grass God is true!

The shock of the scene is that Xu Mi has never met for a hundred years, or even for thousands of years!

I still remember that this happened, or when everyone organized the army to go to war!

Unexpectedly, so many people can come today!

Seeing this scene, Naxi was suddenly froze.

It is conceivable how much she has such a thing with mortals and how much it has on the people.

The guilt in her heart became deeper and deeper.

Ying and Pai Meng also stunned, looking at each other, and didn’t know what to do.

As for Lin Fan, it is still so indifferent, as if to control all feelings, and the scene is more difficult to control at all.

Now the people’s emotions are very unstable, and it is easy to be controlled by the spiritual control of these cults.

Worried about what dangers would appear in Naxi, Lin Fan temporarily used stealth skills to disappear several people in the field of vision.

He wanted to see what moths the big sage had to do.

Wait for the meeting, he can easily solve it again.

After that, a few people saw that their bodies became transparent, and they suddenly stunned, then turned to look at Lin Fan, and reacted.

Shi Ying did not investigate Lin Fan in the time being, and their current thoughts are solving the incident of the great sage.

Ying came to Xu Mi for a year. Although she didn’t have any friction with the big sage, she didn’t know why, she was disgusted with the person of the big sage.

Ying was frowned and looked at Lin Fan worriedly.

She didn’t know how to help her good friends to solve her dilemma.

Although she and Pa Meng support the combination of Naxi and Lin Fan, after all, Naxi is a Grass God. The criticism of the public, she really can’t think of any good solutions.

Naxi also lowered his head, entangled with his small hands, his sharp ears trembled slightly, and his face was full of restlessness.

After all, she is a grass god, and mortals cannot hurt anyway.

She is most worried about Lin Fan, and she is always afraid of what Lin Fan will happen.

Watching his wife’s eyebrows was very disturbed, Lin Fan crouched directly and touched her little head.

Subsequently, she squeezed her cheeks on both sides with two big claws.

"Okay, don’t think about it anymore." Lin Fan said with a smile, "Everything, I will settle with your husband."

Speaking, Lin Fan squeezed her soft and elastic face to the sides.

Suddenly, the face extended, and the original depressed expression suddenly became cute and funny.

"Haha, it’s so fun." Lin Fan laughed while playing with his wife’s small face, just like a jelly.

Naxi Kaisa’s claws opened the big gray wolf, and there was no good atmosphere: "When is it? You still have to tease me idle."

"Hmm!" Said, she hugged her arms, and tilted her head in anger.

In this regard, Lin Fan just smiled.

After a while, the door of the teaching of the court was opened.

A person came out.

I saw the man’s head wearing a lotus crown and a dark blue round neck pattern robe.

He raised his head and held his hands, always overlooking all beings.

In Xuyi, this suit is only equipped with a very high position!

The person coming is the great sage -Azar.

At this time, there were at least 30 guards around him.

Each of the guards are elite, with serious faces and vigilance, searching for each corner that can cause danger.

As long as it is dangerous, the great sage will inevitably be unscathed and retreat throughout the body.

Seeing that the master of the tutoring court came out, the public discussion below was even higher than waves!

"Everyone watch !!! It’s big, the big sages come out !!!"

"The big sage is so temperamental !!!"

"The great sage is still so majestic!"

"Master Sage! Can you explain to us, what happened to Master Grass God?"

"Master of the sages, is the situation really true? Is the Grass God really unclean with mortals?"

"Our faith! Is our god really so dirty?"

"Master Sage, ask for explanation!"

"Great Sage Master …"

The people underneath are all anxious, the expression on the face is angry, angry, doubtful, and strange!

Seeing the sound of the surroundings was too noisy, Azar slowly raised his hand.

The next second, everyone stopped discussing. Soon, the noise disappeared, and the surroundings became quiet.

Just then, the big sage spoke …

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