Novel: I heard that I was pregnant. If my boyfriend was shocked, I started to plan


With the sound of the door, Dai Changfen saw Liu Huarui’s figure disappearing on the side of the door. On the tile floor on the door, several broken flashed porcelain was scattered.

Dai Changfen’s tears did not continue. She looked at the porcelain slices on the ground with a stunned manner. She felt that the crushed porcelain was very sharp. It could be used as a knife, committed suicide, or killed others.You can be fatal …

Immediately, she was immediately frightened by her own thoughts. She subconsciously stretched out her hands and covered her belly. Baby, with a baby, could not think about it, it would scare her baby.

This child, she is actually longing for a long time …

Liu Huarui was not the first man for Shi Changfen. When she was in high school, she talked about a fire -like love and burned her entire youth.After her boyfriend, her academic performance was a mess. After barely mixed up, she never wanted to study anymore.

When she was out of the school, her mother told her to help watch the clothing store. She looked down at her in her heart, and she was too hard to earn too little.At this time, her boyfriend asked her to go to Guangzhou, saying that he had a cousin to do an electronic product business in Guangdong, and he could make money very much. When the two made money together, they got married.

Dai Changfen was full of joy. She asked her mother to say it, so I finally got to Guangzhou with her boyfriend. Whoever thought that his cousin brought them into MLM, and both of them beaten a lot.

Dai Changfen was almost sold to be a lady. Because a Hunan girl jumped down from the sixth floor and just fell in front of a police officer, the MLM den was destroyed. The two were lucky enough to escape the magic palm and return to their hometown.

After returning, the two felt awkward when they met.

When her mother called her to go to the small clothing store, she went obediently.

They sell women’s clothing. On behalf of Changfen, they have a good figure. Wearing a trendy fashion that wholesale from Hanzheng Street can attract some female customers, but she is not attentive to do business, either wants to go online cafes to play, or to stand at the door to see the past.Essence

When her mother saw her heart, she said, "If you want to find a good man in the city, you have to grow up. In this clothing store, you have to at least you can operate it to keep it.Spring board or platform, otherwise you will be different when you return to the countryside. "

Dai Changfen feels that his mother’s words are very reasonable. Springboards and platforms are really important to women. The reality is cruel. The ugly duckling growing in the duck group, no matter what egg hatch, is difficult to become into it.swan.

So she began to do business with her mother with her heart, but soon her mother was stroke, a serious illness, and spent a lot of money without saying, and she couldn’t do something business, so she had to return to the country to take care of her father.

Dai Changfen gritted his teeth and decided to run the clothing store anyway.

When she encountered difficulties, Liu Huarui, who had just met, helped her.

When he first met Liu Huarui, Dai Changfen had no special impression of him.When Liu Huarui helped her, she noticed him, feeling that he was talking in front of his colleague, like a small lead.

Dai Changfen does not want to live in a clothing store for a lifetime. She knows that if she wants to get rid of this life, she must be attached to a person like Liu Huarui.

But Dai Changfen knew that it was difficult for him to contact him. If you want to make him a springboard, you have to think about it!

So when the executive went to her shop again, she paid attention to taking his words to go to his words, and inquired about Liu Huarui’s situation in a corner, and finally learned that undergraduate degree, civil servant, there are houses in the city, in the replacement, in the city, in the replacementThis is a very good condition in the eyes of Fen. Unfortunately, he is already a husband, and he is his father!It’s annoying!

I was annoyed, Dai Changfen thought of the hard work of being alone in this city, and thinking of the white eyes and contempt of the guests who were usually subject to the usual guests, they firmly had to put on Liu Huari’s heart.

She knows that if there are people like Liu Huarui helping herself further, she can fall down in the city and live a life where she is worried.So she decided to try it.After that, she arranged several times of encounters.

Dai Changfen was still stunned at the beginning, and it ended in panic.After Liu Huarui in the tea restaurant, she felt it.

Later, it was getting better. In her rental house, she had enough time to teach Liu Huarui and felt that she was in love with him.

She was completely inadvertent to go on a blind date. The young boy, she was either ugly or too bad.If she finds a way, she is calmly grasped Liu Huarui little by little!

And Liu Huarui explained to her at the beginning that he would not promise her marriage to her, or even stopped her from making a friend.Dai Changfen feels that he can do his best to make elements in front of outsiders.

But for the condom, she was very disgusted and wasolated her into his world.

There was still a big opinion of Dai Changfen who did not sleep with her. Dai Changfen knew in her heart that Liu Huarui said that his wife checked his post or was mostly lied to her in the middle of the night.

Because she heard that there was a nurse on the night, she was killed after being spoiled by several hooligans at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night.When this happened, all hospitals adjusted the duty time. As soon as the night shift was one night, it was only off work in the morning.

She knew that Liu Huarui was often lied to her, but she never said it.

Dai Changfen also felt that she was suffering. There were some moments. She also thought about letting go, but she was not reconciled. She had no turning arrows. Since she had taken this step, she had no reason to turn back.

One day, there were three women in the shop. From the conversation, she obviously felt that the two women in it stabbed another woman who called Sister Zhang.They pointed at a piece of clothes that Sister Zhang looked, and said that the temperament was shown after putting it on, and the wife of the director was different!

As soon as Dai Changfen heard his wife, he was busy with God, and was waiting to praise.

Dai Changfen said busy: "This dress is the most expensive price of our store. The fabric is not bad. If you like it …"

The woman waved her hand and laughed slightly, so she greeted the two women out of the store, and listened to her on behalf of Changfen, "Go to a large brand clothing store. Such a small shop, no matter how good it isIt’s not so I go! "

Dai Changfen listened, and there was a little unhappy about the business. She thought that if I could marry Liu Huarui, one day I might be the director of the director. Why should I listen to Liu Huarui’s mercy?

I -want -top -position!

These four words were like four granular fried peas, which were thrown into the mouth by Shi Changfen, and chewed and swallowed their stomachs.

The curse of these four words made Dai Changfen excited. She felt that some of the hazardous thoughts of her previously became clear at this moment.She seemed to find her own direction.

However, she feels that her mind is not enough, because she knows that Liu Huarui is not a person who can easily just like it.

That night, after the stall closed the store, I went straight to the Internet cafe and opened Baidu search.

Dai Changfen rubbed her hands excitedly, wowed, and she opened it one by one. There were too many methods, just like a huge small three training school.

Looking at the successful cases, some of the means in her opinion is simply a rookie level, and she has also succeeded. She is increasingly felt that she is sure, and she even feels that she has this talent in this area.

There is no invincible original match, only the third primary three -when I saw this sentence, Dai Changfen was so excited, and raised his fist!The network management came over and asked, "What’s wrong with you? Don’t make a loud noise."

Dai Changfen spit out his tongue and dressed his face, and the net tube laughed. Dai Changfen was proud. She had thought about how to solve the problem that she was currently distressed. I wanted to get that man, haha, in minutes!

There were many inconveniences in Internet cafes on the Internet, so she spent more than 5,000 entangled Liu Huarui and bought her computer.

After a period of hard work, Dai Changfen finally took a big step towards success. She was pregnant and now it has been three months.

She was lying on the bed, stroking her belly, and a kind of maternal tenderness rose warmly in her heart.Broken?He dreams of Liu Huarui!As long as she can give birth to this child, she is only one step away from the upper position!The wishes of the director’s wife are just around the corner!

She thought so, still blame herself that she couldn’t help it. She shouldn’t tell Liu Huarui so early that she had to say it after six months of pregnancy before it was most appropriate.At that time, if the child was killed again, there would be a danger of life to adults. Liu Huarui always couldn’t ignore this?

But she held back last night, but she couldn’t hold back this morning!

The place where the shoulder was just stubborn was so painful. Liu Huarui’s attitude and performance eventually had her expectations. For this child, he was so cumbersome to get rid of it, and even almost started to her!

No, can’t stop it!She cheered herself, she was going to defeat He Yuqing!

She has an idea. She looked at his mobile phone while Liu Huarui was asleep. She wrote down their seat number, recorded the seat number of their couple units, and dismissed her number of blacklist settings.As long as Liu Huarui was in a hurry, she had various methods to declare the cards directly with He Yuqing.

Thinking of He Yuqing, Dai Changfen was struggling, and she felt that she had encountered a strong opponent.

Just the day before yesterday, she had seen He Yuqing.

Dai Changfen has a cousin to work in the western pharmacy in the People’s Hospital.When she was determined to go to place, she paid attention to the closer to this cousin. The new clothes that came back, chose to give her to give her and let her pick it up.

The cousin really wants to give money. She just collects a wholesale price, and then chats with her cousin. From her, she holds the general situation of He Yuqing.

She did not open the shop the day before yesterday. She went to the women’s and children’s hospital for pregnancy. After coming out of the maternal and child hospital, she wanted to see He Yuqing.This idea has long been available, and it is justified today and decided to see it.

She was very careful that when she arrived at the third floor of the inpatient department, she went to the nurse’s duty room to see the information posted on the wall with a doctor on duty and nurse duty bar. In addition to the specific schedule of duty, there were four -inch color photo stickers.At the top.

She glanced at him, and found He Yuqing, a good -looking and beautiful woman.She remembered that appearance, just turned around, and a nurse asked her: "What are you doing?"

Dai Changfen smiled and said, "Nothing, just want to see how the environment here is to prepare for the baby’s birth."

Dai Changfen glanced at a nurse sitting next to him, and felt that the side shadow was very beautiful. He was thinking that. The nurse raised his face and the whole person stood up. She was He Yuqing!

He Yuqing, who was wearing a hypertrophic and pure white nurse, did not apply the fans, made Dai Changfen fight a cold war!Who says women’s thirty tofu dregs!Who said that people rely on clothes and horses and saddles, and they are dressed in three points and seven points. These old words are here in He Yuqing, all fart!

He Yuqing smiled at Da Changfen. At this time, someone called her: "He Yuqing, come here!"

Dai Changfen looked at He Yuqing’s back was a bit backless. It stands to reason that this man is really true, and such a wife at home also comes out to steal!I was thinking, and I felt that I was staring at her. It was the nurse who just talked to her. She knew that she was a bit out of attitude. She laughed and turned away.

Now she recalls it carefully, and she feels that her appearance is actually not worse than He Yuqing, but she has no taste that she has.What taste?Women?Pure flavor?Reserved?It doesn’t seem to be. She can’t find a proper word, but she thinks about it again. I am younger than her. A 20 -year -old woman can’t win a 30 -year -old woman, that is really a joke! When I also have a son, I have a son,See who Liu Huarui wants!

Thinking of this, she felt that she was extremely confident, and she got up from the bed with her spirit. She couldn’t be defeated. She wanted to go out and spread it early across the Xianghe New Town to eat a bowl of pork liver silk soup. The soup was really delicious. She was really delicious. She was really delicious.It’s a frequent visitor there.

She wants to eat a better, nourish the fetus in the abdomen, and support the clothing store. It is the peak season for selling summer clothes. She has to support it. Many money to make money to increase expenses.It is also necessary …

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