Novel: Pregnancy, she vomited severe pregnancy, vomiting all day long, her husband worked outside, regardless of her

It was pregnant again. The things I ate in the morning were spit out by Lan Qin.

After vomiting food, vomiting stomach acid, and stomach acid vomiting is gone.The reaction during pregnancy was menac, and Lan Qin was tossed to death.

After finally vomiting, she was cleaned. When she wanted to straighten her body, she found that her legs were shaking straight, and she was unstable without helping things.Holding her face, she looked at the image of a female ghost in the mirror, and pulled the corner of her mouth weakly, showing a bitter smile.

This child was sent by God to toss her?

For a whole day, she was eaten in a cycle of vomiting, vomiting and hungry, and eating and vomiting, and spent infinitely.After a day tossing, she was weak and weak, the brain was chaotic, and she couldn’t do anything such as comics. She couldn’t lie down for a while, and she had to be grateful to God.

However, the comic is not over yet. Even if she wants to suspend the serialization, she must say hello to the magazine and readers in advance, and she cannot be silly.

It is easy to say that the magazine agency has been acquired by Yun Xiao for a long time. No one will be stupid enough to offend the wife of the big boss.But the readers were different. She had been broken before. The first time was because Yun Xiao rectified her, and the second time was because she found that Yun Xiao raised her lover outside. She was very sad to paint.

After the two breaks, readers have a backlog of resentment. If she breaks the third time, she really dare not imagine what the readers will react.

But this matter must be said, and it has to be said as soon as possible.Otherwise, readers waited until the magazine was listed next month, and bought it highly, but found that there was no comics on it … Thinking with her toes, and knowing that the anger value is definitely doubled.

Lan Qin thought that she couldn’t hide anyway. It was better to say it now, so she closed her heart and sent a Weibo to announce that the comics were suspended during pregnancy.

In less than half an hour, forward tens of thousands.

Lan Qin’s nest is uncomfortable in bed, and nothing can be done. You can only check the reply with your mobile phone.

The situation is better than her imagination, although most readers are mourning why she stops, and it is ten months when she stops, and there are even some people left a message saying, "The Dream of the Tang Dynasty is updated.Sales Nai Weng! "

Some people said infinitely: "I just hope that there is a lifetime, you can see the ending of" Dream of the Tang Dynasty ". In this serial speed, I am afraid that the author does not wait for the ending to return to the old age!"

In this regard, Lan Qin just passed by, and did not take care of it.The other party just spit, and it was not really cursing her. There was nothing to be angry.

Of course, there are also many blessings messages, such as ——

"Congratulations to Lan Da, I wish you and Yun Shaobai’s head, and the family of three shared the joy of heaven!"

"It’s good, there is a crystal of love at so soon, Yun Shao’s combat effectiveness is strong!"

"Lan is big, revealing the secret that will be pregnant so soon …"

Lan Qin looked at him one by one, smiling at the corner of his mouth, and his body seemed to be so uncomfortable.

But looking at it, a vicious comment fell into her eyes–

"How can you be so selfish! Leave us so much for readers, no matter how many readers, running to get pregnant and having children, what do you let us do! Lan Qin! All the resentment of the readers who can’t wait for the update will be concentrated in your belly.On your body! I dare to bet, you must not be born with this child! Even if you are born, you will be deformed! "

When Lan Qin saw this, his hand was stunned, and his phone almost fell to the ground.

She was so angry that she replied the trumpet vest called "people is doing the sky "–

"Please leave some ethics! Children are innocent, how can you curse him so!"

As a result, the trumpet had a very scolding experience, and ignored her reply at all, holding one of the words to attack desperately ——

"Yo Yo, now I think that the son is in the stomach? I think you want to have a son and want to be crazy! Yes, a woman like you who do not know the shame of the cloud, of course, you must hurry up and have a son.It’s so stable that I am in the Yun family. Unfortunately, my son is not what you want to give birth. Lan Qin, you are destined to be born! "

Lan Qin was so angry that he threw his phone on the bed, trembling, and cold hands and feet.The chest seemed to be blocked by something, she couldn’t swallow it, and she was so dull that she was almost crazy.

It’s so abominable!How can there be such a vicious person!

What’s more abominable is that Lan Qin couldn’t scold her, and the other party didn’t listen to the reason, it was unreasonable!

After a while, Lan Qin was unwilling, and picked up her mobile phone to check Weibo, but found that she was even more angry.

The trumpet named "Man is watching the sky" was almost drowned by her loyal powder with saliva.But more vests came out at once, all sprayed her.Not only was the child cursing her, there were also people who were very maliciously speculated that after a wedding, she immediately announced that she was pregnant, whether she was married.What’s more, she also said that she may not be Yun Xiao’s child, but she just finds Yun Shao as a Panman …

Those waters’ comments, sentences, were so angry that Lan Qin almost vomited blood.

Her Weibo has become a battlefield completely, and fans and the water army scold each other.She regrets that her intestines are green now. Why is she so stupid? She has to tell the opportunity to attack her and her children … She said that she would have something to perfunctory in the past.

Unfortunately, the water splashed out when she said, no matter how much regrets, she could only pray that those people stopped quickly.

When things were so big, Yun Xiao knew it soon, and called her, and helplessly: "Why should you declare pregnancy so early?"

Lan Qin flat -flat mouth, said infinitely, "Isn’t it possible to be wrong … You, you should be a decline in the IQ after I am pregnant, don’t you say‘ I am stupid for three years ’.”

Yun Xiao sighed there and asked her, "How is your body now, is it uncomfortable?"

"Uncomfortable." Lan Qin replied: "I vomited many times before, and I had no strength. I thought about playing Weibo.

Yun Xiao comforted her: "Don’t look at the kind of person, and I will feel bad when I get angry. You will not care about it. I will solve it for you. Your current task is to take care of yourself, eat and sleep well, and sleep well.Don’t think about anything else. "

Lan Qin agreed one by one and turned off the phone to sleep.

It may be that the child in the stomach also distressed her. This consciousness was so sweet that she had a sweet sleep, and she ate a lot of dinner, and it was very magical without pregnancy.

After dinner, as usual, I went out for a walk. The butler Allen carefully accompanied him, but nothing happened.

After returning, Lan Qin still couldn’t rest assured that the day of the day secretly went to again, intending to see how Yun Xiao solved it.

As a result, Yun Xiao’s solution was very unexpected. He reposted the message that "people are doing heaven" and attached three words:

"See you!"

There is also the latest Weibo that was posted more than seven pm. It was a screenshot of the word that was reposted 500 times when the spray scolded, and there was a lawyer’s letter. The reason for the prosecution was slander.

Several of the most fierce vests who took the lead were picked up with a real identity, and each lawyer sent him a letter.

That Weibo has been reposted millions of times, and the comments below are cheering-

"Beautiful! Just teach those sprayers!"

"Yun Shao is good! The cost of crime of online water forces is too low, so they should punish them with legal means, otherwise they will become more and more mad!"

"Yun Shao loves his wife, when her wife is so happy …"

Lan Qin’s heart was warm.Yun Xiao was so moving, just to take a breath for her, how could she not move.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, behind the scenes of the Water Army, the gold master was checked, and his name and information were set on Yun Xiao’s desk.

He only glanced, his face changed.

He didn’t even need to read the phone number on the information, so he dialed a phone call. After connecting, the cold geology asked the other party: "Luo Xiaotian, what do you mean!"

Luo Xiaotian laughed at the other side of the phone and shouted hysterically: "I see she is not pleasing to the eye, and it looks like her child is not pleasing to the eye! I just cursed her, I just scolded her, thenWhat about it! Go to me, go! "

"Neuropathy!" Yun Xiao scolded, trying to hang up the phone.

But Luo Xiaotian shouted on the phone on the phone, "Yun Xiao, you think of who saved you at the beginning!"

Yun Xiao directly pressed the hanging key and didn’t want to talk nonsense with her.

After a while, the secretary came in and asked: "Shao Yun, those who have the most fierce people, the lawyer’s letter has been sent out. Excuse me … how do you plan to deal with the gold owner behind the scenes?"

"… Don’t care about her. Just sue those people."

The secretary took the order and retreated.

Yun Xiao stayed alone in the office for a long time before he called Lan Qin.

"I scold you to scold the fiercest people, I have already sued, and soon they will be sanctioned by law."

Lan Qin said "um", thinking about it again: "Thank you."

Yun Xiao hesitated, and said with some difficult ways: "In this time, someone was instructed behind the scenes. But that person … I can’t move her out of some reason for that person … can you not be angry?"

Lan Qin was quiet for a while and said, "In fact, it is just a few words, and we have not suffered any substantial harm. Forget it, don’t tell anyone, let this matter pass."

Yun Xiao didn’t speak for a long time.

"Lan Qin, you are really very generous, I … I said thank you for you behind the scene."

Lan Qin said: "You can understand the difficulties. Thank you for something. I just don’t want to give you too much trouble. At that time, you might as well accompany me back."

Yun Xiao laughed silently: "Okay, I will go back to accompany you."

On the way back, Yun Xiao had been thinking that if the person who had rescued him was not Luo Xiaotian, it would be good. In that case, today he would not let Lan Qin suffer such grievances.

Lan Qin …

I don’t know when, the weight of these two words in his heart is getting heavier.

When he was in trouble, Luo Xiaotian would take him to help him, but Lan Qin chose to understand him without asking.How can such a difference not let him gradually be in his heart and pull the distance between the two people?

Luo Xiaotian?Hum, the woman who is greedy for vanity and unknown, she is not worthy of Lan Qin in her life!Yun Xiao thought angrily.

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