Novel: She dreamed that she was pregnant and awakened. It was true.

"Ah!" Sheng An suddenly woke up, sweating.

The sun was already sunny, and her slender back was all cold sweat.

She even dreamed of that thing again!

In breathable, Sheng Anran wiped his sweat on his face …

One night two months ago, because she was in a bad mood with her boyfriend, she wanted to go to her girlfriend to vent her mood.

But when she found her girlfriend, she found that her girlfriend was lying with her boyfriend.

At that moment, she didn’t know how she ran out and how she came to the bar.

In the bar, she was filled with paper drunk gold fans. She just wanted to vent her wine to fight with people. As a result, she was staggered into a luxurious suite.

Then, in the blur, she saw a man and couldn’t see his appearance, but only felt that the man exuded a powerful momentum …

Sheng Anran’s cheeks were hot, and she didn’t dare to continue thinking about it. After watching the time, it was 10:30.

She quickly washed and went to the laboratory with a bag.

As soon as he entered the laboratory, Sheng Anran let go of all his emotions and devoted himself to his work.

"Sister Xue, don’t be busy, I bought lunch." Xuemei raised the lunch box in her hand and greeted Sheng Anran.

Sheng Anran raised her head and raised a faint smile. She didn’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning, which would be a bit hungry.

But the next second, she changed her face, and the faint fishy smell made her stomach surging.

"Vomiting!" She left the unfinished experiment and ran to the bathroom to retider for a long time.

"Sister Xue, look at your reaction, shouldn’t you get pregnant?" The schoolmate hurriedly dropped things and came to Sheng Anran, while patting her back gently, puzzled.

It seemed to poke to Sheng Anran at once, and her face was whiter.

Wanderer … pregnancy … isn’t it so coincidental?

But the fact is like this!

In the hospital, the female doctor handed over a check report and specifically pointed out the position of the fetus. "Miss Sheng, congratulations, you are indeed pregnant! The fetus is about 70 days now, and the fetal elephant is still stable."

As soon as this remark came out, Sheng Anran only felt like a thunderbolt in a sunny day, and her body was shaking. She finally supported the wall and maintained her body balance.

She is pregnant … Really pregnant!

But this child is not a surprise to her, but a shame, the past that she never wants to remember.

She doesn’t want to see the child every time in the future, she will think of that night and the betrayal of girlfriends and boyfriends.

She wandered in the corridor of the hospital for a long time, and finally rushed into the doctor’s office again. "I, doctor, I don’t want this child."


The doctor’s smile seemed to be solidified at once. I didn’t expect that the young and weak girl was so ruthless and couldn’t help saying, "Miss, the child is pregnant, but unfortunately …"

"I … don’t want this child!" Sheng Anran grabbed the doctor’s arm tighter, praying to the same way.

"As a doctor, I will respect the patient’s choice, but I still want to persuade you, don’t wait until I regret it." The doctor’s tone was a little harsh, and now young people really don’t know how to do it, so irresponsible.

"Doctor, I think about it, this child, I do not want it." Sheng Anran stared at the doctor’s eyes and resolutely.

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