Novel: The doctor was told that she was pregnant, but she insisted that she did not believe it: the baby who was pregnant is dangerous

Jiang Zhi’s hand could not be controlled by trembling, and the water droplets fell from the eyes were smashed on it, and the pen ink was stained.

She raised her hand and wiped her tears, straightened her lips, teared the note, and threw it into the trash.

Jiang Zhi understands Shen’s statement.

His person always doesn’t like to be reversed.

After provoking him three points, he was very bad for you.

Jiang Zhi held his check in his palm and pinched the wrinkled. When she calmed down, she put the check in the bag.

She is not eligible.

She needs money than others.

Jiang Zhi went downstairs and had breakfast.

President Liu’s phone call on her phone on time, reminding her to remember to go to a physical examination.

Jiang Zhi hung up the phone and took a taxi to the hospital.

During the medical examination, she spent money to find someone to replace her.

Wait until that person comes out.

Jiang Zhi went to another hospital for a examination, and the report would take a few days to come out.

The doctor touched her belly and told her that Jiucheng was pregnant.Don’t have any luck.

As soon as Jiang Zhi walked out of the door of the hospital, Shen Luoyan’s phone called: "Did you check?"

Jiang Zhi said, "I’ve been there."

Shen Luyan didn’t ask her the doctor what he said, and someone would send her medical report to his desk.

Simply greeting a few words, Shen Luyan was ready to hang up the phone.

Jiang Zhi called him: "President Shen."

Shen Luyan raised his eyebrow: "Secretary Jiang, what else?"

Jiang Zhiming knew that he shouldn’t ask or couldn’t help but couldn’t help but couldn’t help but couldn’t help but couldn’t help but couldn’t help but: "The check is …" She spit out the next few words: "What do you mean?"

Shen Luyan’s voice was faint, and the tone of public affairs said to her: "Is it unclear enough to write?"

He stopped the pen that was turned in his hand and carelessly: "You deserve the remuneration."

Jiang Zhi clenched his punch, silent for a long time.

Shen Lu said continued: "I was very satisfied with the service of Secretary Jiang last night."

He said this sentence very plain.

The peaceful tone could not hear any humiliation.

But like a sharp needle in her heart, she kept squeezing hard and poking countless bloody wounds.

She was just a member of the service industry in Shen Luyan’s eyes.

No different from other waiters.

Instead of saying that she was sleeping with him.

Jiang Zhi really wanted to ask Shen Ling’s statement, can he give her a little pity.

But Shen Luyan is a cold -blooded animal, and he will not be distressed.Just like he will never do a loss -making business.

Jiang Zhishen breathed: "I hung up first."

Shen Luyan looked at the mobile phone with a black screen. By the afternoon, he asked the assistant to print the hospital’s medical examination report on his desk.

Always help trembling.

It soon did it.

"There is no problem with the medical examination report of the wife, good health, everything is good."

Shen Luoyan rolled two pages and stayed in the medical examination. After reading the medical examination report, he let the assistant go out.

On the second day of Jiang Jian’s vacation, he got the report of the hospital.

I confirmed the fact that I was pregnant, and I also saw the child’s B -ultrasound.

Small, can’t see the shape.

Jiang Zhi folded the report in the bag, and his mood was messy again.She can only take a step first now.

After a short holiday.

Jiang Zhi returned to the group to work again. Cheng La took her complaints. "In the past few days, Mr. Shen criticized the people in the office to be useless, and the air pressure was not good. We are almost dead."

Jiang Zhi felt strange: "Is he in a bad mood?"

Cheng An Shen’s mystery is attached to Jiang Zhi’s ear: "I heard that President Shen’s Bai Yueguang returned to China, but it seemed that he was not very good."

Jiang Zhi stunned for two seconds.

Has Jiang Suining returned to China?She didn’t hear.

But Jiang Shan Ning’s health is true.

Jiang Zhi does not like Jiang Suining, and he doesn’t like Jiang Suining’s mother.

Jiang Suining lived in her mother’s house before, and her mother was forced to commit suicide by Jiang Suining’s mother.

When people die, they can be relieved.

The most feared thing is that life and death are not life and death.

Jiang Zhi thought for a while, if she was deceived by a man who loved it for a lifetime, and she was unable to survive.

Jiang Zhi is indifferent: "Oh."

In the evening, Jiang Zhi needed to accompany Shen Lu to attend a charity dinner event.Sitting in the car, she really noticed that Shen Luyan was in a bad mood.

The temperament is cold.

Strong oppression.

When I got to the hotel, Jiang Zhi remembered: "President Shen, can I not drink tonight? I’m a bit inconvenient."

It is the same thing for children to be born.

Now she has to protect her child.

Shen Luyan raised his eyes, and his dark eyes were emotional. It may be that he was not in a bad mood and said sharply and thinly. "Secretary Jiang, do I ask you to make it look good?"

Jiang Zhi pursed his lips: "I am really uncomfortable these days, doctors let me drink alcohol."

Even if Shen Luyan pressed the fire, as long as he was not furious, the fire would not be obvious.

He does not allow himself to get out of control.

The man said coldly: "I have read your medical examination report, there is no problem."

The car stopped at the hotel door.

Shen Luyan didn’t rush to get out of the car. He suddenly pinched Jiang Zhi’s chin. "It is said that Secretary Jiang wants to increase its value. Please don’t move you to block a glass of wine per month."

Jiang Zhi’s chin was squeezed by him a bit.

He rarely had such outsiders.

She thought silently, maybe Jiang Suining’s condition worsened again.The fire burned to her head.

Jiang Zhi was in pain, "there is no price increase."

Shen Luyan whispered, looking at her watery eyes, "In this case, Secretary Jiang, don’t make it like vomiting and not drinking, as if you are pregnant."

Jiang Zhi’s face was pale, and subconsciously denied: "I’m not pregnant."

Shen Luyan said: "I believe that Secretary Jiang is a person, and believes that it will not destroy the rules."

Jiang Zhi bit his lips: "Um."

When he got out of the car, Jiang Zhi entered his arm.

Guests of charity dinner are rich or expensive.

It is either a giants in the mall, or the wealthy who can turn the clouds and rain.

Shen Liyan is not only a chaebol, but also a mansion of his family.There are many people who want to come to him.

Jiang Zhi and Shen Luyan’s marriage has not been announced.

So no one was present to know that Jiang Zhi was his wife and still regarded her as an ambiguous secretary.

Throw it after playing.

After sleeping, there is no freshness.

After a few months, the pillow is a newcomer.

Jiang Zhi also knew that Shen Luyan did not take her seriously.

At the banquet, Shen Luyan’s friend asked Jiang Zhi in front of him: "Some people say that your beautiful secretary is your wife? Is it true or false?"

After a few seconds, Shen Luyan replied indifferently: "I am her gold master."

His answer, Jiang Zhi heard each word clearly.

Gu Tingxuan smiled and stared straight at Jiang Zhi’s beautiful and seductive face. "In this case, President Shen borrowed me for two days?"

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