Novel: The richest man wants to have a son in dreaming. His newlywed wife is pregnant and secretly aborted with him.

"We were also strange at the time. What this Luo Chen came here and did not dare to be too close, we waited outside. Later, he went in for a while before coming out.Knowing that he must have a major gain. "Lao Fei said angrily.

"Then then?" Seeing Lao Fei stopped again, Yun Feng urged.

"After we waited for Luo Chen to leave, we went to the hospital. First of all, we went to Tang Lin’s attending doctor. Who knew that we showed our identity, but the attending doctor did not know which was crazy.There was no good thing for detectives, so he rely on stealing chickens and dogs and intimidation to change the news. I do n’t know how Luo Chen’s guy provoked him. Later, we were unwilling and asked the front desk of the hospital. As a result, what did we find?"Lao Fei deliberately sold Guanzi again.

Fangcun urged: "Lao Fei, you are too much, you are like this, be careful that the boss deducts your bonus next month."

"Oh, let me say. It was more than a month ago that more than a month ago, Tang Lin’s wife Ye Xinyu had been to this hospital for abortion surgery." Xu Zhenzhen blurted out.

Lao Fei was full of sadness and exclaimed, "Xu Zhenzhen, you … you …"

"What I am, you are a bit old, but you are not Alzheimer’s, speaking mother -in -law and mother, I really can’t stand it anymore." Xu Zhenzhen didn’t care about it.

Fangcun’s face was gloating and disaster: "Haha, let you talk about me just now, now you have to retribute."

Lin Yang immediately analyzed: "In addition to Tang Ning’s daughter, Tang Lin has no son, and has been married to Ye Xinyu for five years and has no children. Now Ye Xinyu has a child and has no reason to have a miscarriage, unless …"

"The child is not from Tang Lin." Yun Feng and Lin Yang said in unison.

"This is true that this Ye Xinyu is derailed." Lin Yang looked at it with excitement.

This is indeed a major discovery!

Yunfeng nodded: "It seems that Luo Chen went to the hospital to get the news, so he has also mastered the news now."

Lao Fei quickly said: "Yes, we just listened to the hospital in charge of the hospital that Luo Chen checked the hospital’s clinic one month ago, and we also checked it. This has this major discovery. For this reason, we also gave that guy to that guyTwo hundred dollars, this can be considered a public fee. "

Lin Yang held his chin in his hand, and wanted to say, "In this way, it may be that Tang Lin found Ye Xinyu’s derailment, so he asked Ye Xinyu while he was planning to modify his will, but Ye Xinyu was bitter.When he begged him for forgiveness, Tang Lin was soft -hearted when he was soft -hearted, and he suspended the amendment of the will. But this was just Ye Xinyu’s slow soldiers. When Tang Lin relaxed the alert, she died with the third party or herself, poisoning Tang Lin,And camouflage into suicide. "

Yunfeng nodded slightly: "At present, her suspicion is indeed the largest. There are both crimes and motivations for crime, but there are two problems in this way to solve.Another question is the third party who committed suicide? Has he participated? "

On the night of the incident, Ye Xinyu went to Tang Lin’s study, and took a while, and had time to poison the wine.But how did she let Tang Lin write a testament, and how did she put the testament and the tools of the crime in Tang Lin’s safe?This is indeed a headache.

The crowd fell into thought for a while, and Yun Feng looked up for a while: "It seems that we have to solve these two problems, and we have to go to Tang Lin’s house again."

Yunfeng asked the Fang inch to contact the Tang Lin family immediately, showing that he was going to visit.

The square inch immediately called, and hung up the phone two minutes later, and said with a frustration: "I can’t go today."

Lao Fei said: "Why?"

Fangcun replied: "Tang Lin’s housekeeper said, the other two detectives have been there today. Mrs. Tang also received them respectively., Let’s talk about it tomorrow. "

Lao Fei looked at the table with an angered look: "Now only 3 o’clock in the afternoon, this Ye Xinyu is about to rest. This is clear that there is a ghost in his heart, and he dare not see people."

Yun Feng also helplessly: "Since the Tang Lin family can’t go today, then contact Xiao Yu, let’s find him to understand some situations."

Fangcun was a phone call, and soon hung up the phone, and then said, "Xiao Yu is now at home, let us go directly to his house to meet."

Next, Yunfeng began to divide the division of labor, so that Lao Fei and Xu Zhenzhen went to Renxin Hospital again to check whether Ye Xinyu was accompanied by abortion surgery on the same day.Who is the three.Yun Feng and Lin Yang, and Fangcun went to Xiao Yu’s house together to learn about the situation.

The place where Xiao Yu lives is not in Yuehu Villa, but in the city center.The three of Yunfeng and his party arrived at his house quickly according to the address provided by Xiao Yu.

This is a high -end community. Although it is located in the center of the city, the surrounding area is very good. There are some tall birch trees on both sides of the road. The branches and lush and lush are lush. Although it is a hot summer, it gives a cool meaning.The buildings of the community houses are biased towards the European style, and they have been checked in the square. It was originally the concession. Later, it was converted into a commercial community.

When Yunfeng came along all the way, I saw the local school hospitals in this local school, and the specialty hotels were all over. Various large shopping malls gathered. It is indeed the city center.

Lin Yang couldn’t help but wonder: "Seeing Xiao Yu’s personality should be quiet and unwilling, I don’t know why he can’t live in a pure place in Yuehu Villa, but lives in such a lively place."

Fangcun proudly said: "Lin Beauty, you don’t understand this. I checked it, here are the best kindergartens and primary schools in the city, and the best children’s hospital in the city. It can be said that this place is actually the school district house. IGuess this Xiao Yu should be moved here for his bear child. "

Lin Yang disagreed with it: "Cut, I don’t believe that there are rich people like Xiao Yu, and they will also buy school districts for their children. I think they just don’t want to live too close to Tang Lin."

During the talk, they arrived at the door of the community. The security guards asked them to register before they put them in. It seems that the security of this community is indeed responsible.

When he arrived at Xiao Yu’s house, after Yun Feng reported his identity, an old housekeeper in his 50s took them into the living room.Although it is the city center, this high -end community has built a row of single -family villas in the last row, with only a dozen seats.Compared with the villas of the Tanglin family of Yuehu Mountain Villa, this villa is much smaller, just a three -story small building, and then each with a yard, but compared to other commercial houses in the community, it is still a lot extravagant.

After the three people in Yunfeng entered the living room, Lin Yangqing couldn’t help but "snore".

Yun Feng asked: "What’s wrong?"

Lin Yang said softly, "Don’t you think this living room is a bit familiar?"

Yunfeng slightly glanced at the living room for a circle, and I saw that this was a three -story building. The decoration style was mainly modern.It can be seen that Xiao Yu is very tasteful. The decoration of the entire living room is very simple, and it is full of sense of technology. It does not make the luminous color, giving a small fresh taste.

The decoration of the room is very particular, and Yun Fengzhong seems to see where he has seen this pattern.

Lin Yang further reminded: "Don’t you think the furnishings and layout of this room’s furniture are exactly the same as the Tang Lin family?"

Yunfeng suddenly realized and thought about it carefully. Although the decoration style of the Tang Lin family was almost European style, it was very different from the Xiao Yu family, but the layout of the room was indeed the same.

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