Novel: When he learned that his wife was pregnant, the husband was unhappy and was furious.

I fainted when he rushed into the door. In the coma, I grabbed his hand tightly and begged him: "Be sure to keep my child, must …"

When I woke up, people were in the ward with a disinfection water. My first reaction was to touch my stomach and asked Luo Yan: "What about my child …"

"If you come again later, not only will the child be saved, but the uterus may not be able to keep it."

I kept myself away, and the excitement of the rest of my life made me cry.

"He knows?" Luo Yan was concerned and distressed.

I shook my head and held the belly’s hand and held it into a fist. "Does he know that it doesn’t matter, the child is mine, who dares to move him is my enemies!"

"What’s the matter with He Zichen? He bully you? This boy dares to bully you?" Luo Yanjun’s face twitched.

I closed my eyes weakly.Each time this name is mentioned, my heart follows the pain once.

Women are weak, and they are strong.It hurts again, I have to face the broken reality, and I will fight for the child.

Luo Yan couldn’t bear my grief, and no longer asked more thoughtfully.Looking at the back of him for me, for a moment, I wondered if I chose Luo Yan at the beginning. Now I am pregnant, is I enjoying the joy of the new life with my husband?

After the inspection was correct, after taking the report, after being told by the attending doctor, I was weak and walked towards the door of the hospital with the help of Luo Yan.

Who knew that God had no eyes, and Han Shuying took the hand of He Zichen out of the other direction. I would not miss the proud and contempt of the lunt’s mouth overflowing.

He Zichen, who was so deep, sank, staring at Luo Yan’s hand.

What is this expression?Jealous?His wife was held by other men, and the ridiculous self -esteem was hit?

I sneered inside.Goodbye this man, there is no more temperature except for ruthless mockery.

He asked coldly: "What do you come to the obstetrics and gynecology department?"

He was a leather in the suit, and his lover was needed at any time standing next to him; and I was unkempt and weakly leaned on the benefactor who saved my mother and son.It turns out that we can all be in their own worlds and be perfect. Is it ironic?

I ignored the colorful expression on his face, and smiled: "I came to the hospital to confirm that I couldn’t die for a while."

I knew that he would not let me go, and he suddenly stepped forward to pull me.

"What qualifications do you have to ask her!" "嘭" sounded, Luo Yan was not punching fiercely, and He Zichen took a few steps back.

"Ah … Chen!"

Will He Zichen be willing to recognize the planting, and the two tall men were beaten together in the public. After a while, they had a lot of money.

"At first I let you give you, not let you practice her!" Luo Yan wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth and said fiercely.

"Our husband and wife quarrel, and you have any idle men who are not even a man who can’t even count." He Zichen sarcastically ruthlessly.

"I am useless! But your wife who is pregnant in family violence is shook with a small three! He Zichen, are you a man?"

He Zichen’s eyes widened suddenly, his eyes fell on my stomach, obviously that I didn’t expect that I was really pregnant.At that moment, I couldn’t see a trace of softness at his deep eyes.

Soon, his eyes were cold. "The wife you care about other people’s pregnancy is too concerned about! And you, what do you run around when you are pregnant!" The last sentence was to me.

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