Novice mother: After pregnancy, let’s talk about my personal experience and real feelings!

Pregnancy is a wonderful and happy thing for women, and most women must also have this experience.Of course, pregnancy is very happy, but all kinds of troubles have followed.

The following is the personal experience and real feeling of a pregnant mother. I wonder if you have the same feelings?

Little A is a novice mother. She was pregnant for the first time. Because she had no experience, she was fatigue in the face of various pregnancy reactions and uncomfortable adaptation during pregnancy.

Tomit.The pregnancy vomiting is really too tortured. I don’t know if it is because of my physical fitness. I have three meals a day. Regardless of the vegetables, meat, fruits, what to eat and vomiting, drinking water and wanting to vomit, I want to die.Early vomiting and vomiting, cold and warmth, vomiting and vomiting, and vomiting and vomiting, you can’t eat anything at all.

Every time my mother -in -law sees that I do n’t want to eat, I will say to me: Daughter -in -law, you do n’t eat, you do n’t eat, you do n’t eat, the children in the stomach also have to eat. For the children, you still work hard and bite your teeth.In the end, I still have to force myself to eat. After pregnancy, I am sick after pregnancy. I reduced 5 pounds in 2 months. I really torture people!

Travel.I used to meet a pregnant woman in the past. I always give people conveniently as convenient as possible. I thought that in the future, I or my relatives will have their own babies.However, many people say that what buses pregnant women take?

When I was pregnant, the master of the taxi saw that the pregnant woman did not like to stop, so she had to take the bus.In order not to bother people, you will not take the initiative to get in front of you, and you will be afraid to put pressure on others.

It’s okay to take a bus, but when the fat guys who don’t let the seat are rushing to get on and getting on the bus, don’t be slightly slower, don’t push me?

Check inspection.The most annoyed me even if the delivery was checked.Every time I check up early, I get up, and my husband can’t accompany the class without saying.This team can help us solve things in the morning. It is good enough to wait until the afternoon.It is upset to stand up to wait in line for a long time, and it is even more disturbed, coupled with the people in the hospital and the noise.To put it true, it’s tears!

Alas, think about it, think about being a woman really bitter!When you are in love, you are afraid of marrying the wrong person, you are afraid of infertility after getting married. He is afraid of the fetal buds for eight weeks of pregnancy. He is afraid to be pregnant with Donald, and he is afraid of diabetes for twenty weeks.Twenty -four weeks later, I was afraid that there was no fetal movement, the baby was not dying without amniotic fluid, and the baby was not oxygen.Is it tangled for a long time?After the full moon, I am afraid of not being launched. It is really a test to be a mummy for 280 days.

====== I am not a mother dividing line =======

I believe that the "vomiting" of this pregnant mother is also the voice of many pregnant mothers at the moment. Being a mother is really not as easy as expected. You need to work hard to conceive your baby in October, and then work for your baby for a lifetime.EssenceYou have to care about his mood, sorrow, bitterness and bitterness.

I usually see that pregnant women take a car and line up, and have more humility, because it is not easy for pregnant mothers.If you encounter a pregnant woman when you get on and off, please do n’t fight for it. After a few seconds, even if you squeeze it up, you will not “fly the sky”. It ’s possible that you will accidentally push the pull, which may cause the pregnant woman to pay a heavy price.When you do business or queue in line, if you are not in a hurry, you can make pregnant women first, because pregnant women cannot stand for a long time.

If pregnant mothers are not unbearable, who wants to take a big belly to take public transportation?Who wants to go out and squeeze out to others?Who wants to continue to work?Everyone is willing to take a good rest at home!I believe that every goodwill of people will repay better!

If you have a pregnant woman in your family, as a family, you should care more about her.I usually take more housework by Irself, take time to accompany her, chat, take a walk, and take care of her emotions.For pregnant mothers, these small moves are definitely a good medicine for the hard time of regulating pregnancy!

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