Obstetrics and gynecology experts remind: With these signals, then you may be pregnant

In the TV plot, we often see the female characters inside, and suddenly go to the toilet to vomit in the toilet for no reason. At this time, everyone will give up the mind: This is pregnancy.In fact, the pregnancy signal is not only pregnant, but not the Ma Daha. When the stomach is big, he knows that he is pregnant.Obstetrics and gynecologists remind: If you find the following 15 signals, it is likely to be the signal of early pregnancy.

1. Mentalomy

This is a critical point to judge whether pregnancy.If the menstrual cycle is usually regular, then once the menstruation does not come for more than 10 days, and there is no reliable contraceptive measures before, it is likely to be pregnant.

2. Nausea

A variety of smells are sensitive and accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It is something that most expectant mothers will experience.Nausea in the early pregnancy may occur at any moment of the day.This is mainly due to the reduction of gastric acid secretion due to the increase in the increase of choricular gonad hormones, which greatly reduces the vitality of digestive enzymes, which affects the digestive function of pregnant women.At this time, pregnant women will have symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

3. fatigue

In the beginning of pregnancy, your body will work for 24 hours to support pregnancy, and fatigue is the body’s reaction.The progesterone after pregnancy can increase your basic body temperature, so you will lack physical strength.And your heartbeat frequency will become higher to provide more oxygen to the uterus, so you will feel tired.

4. Breast swelling

The breasts will become particularly soft one week or two weeks after conception.Because the body will produce many estrogen and progesterone in the early pregnancy, the gland of the breast will begin to grow.And these hormones can make breasts save more liquids, so they feel that the breasts are heavier and sore than before, and they are more sensitive than preliminary syndrome.

5. No appetite or nausea

This signs may appear in two weeks after your pregnancy.Because the secretion of flavonoids slows down many processes in the body, this includes the digestive process, so sometimes it may cause constipation and indigestion.The nausea is related to the chorionic gonadone in the body. The higher the level of this hormone, the easier it is to feel nauseous.

6. thirsty

If you still feel thirsty after drinking a lot of water, it may be pregnant!Because at this time, it is not only a person who needs to replenish it, but the baby in the abdomen also needs to replenish water.Moms are 2,000 ml of water every day under normal circumstances.In addition to drinking more water, you can also eat more fruits and vegetables with high water content.

7. frequent urine

You may feel that this sign will not come so early. You should be squeezed into the bladder in BB, but in fact, this sign may appear in the early stages of pregnancy.Not only the expansion of the uterus will cause pressure on the bladder, and the increase in blood flow will also cause pressure on the kidneys, so urine will increase.

8. Cache and back pain

Many women mistakenly think that these symptoms are the symptoms of predecessor syndrome. In fact, this is due to changes in hormones and the growth of the uterus.

9. "Cold" symptoms

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the effects of progesterone secretion, the body temperature of expectant mothers has increased, and some people will also be accompanied by headaches, nasal congestion, and weakness, which are exactly the same as the symptoms of colds.If this "cold" sign is accompanied by menopause and breast swelling, etc., don’t rush to take medicine first, try it with early pregnancy test strips to see if you are pregnant.

10. dizziness

Because your body temperature will rise, you can easily feel light.Compared to normal, it takes a little time to flow to the brain. At the same time, hypoglycemia is also an important reason for dizziness.

11. Headache

Some women often have headaches in early pregnancy.In addition to the factors secreted by hormones, it may also be the phenomenon of insufficient water and hypoglycemia.But with the progress of pregnancy, the phenomenon of headache will gradually decrease.

12. Emotional instability

If you find that you will cry for a small plot in the TV series, don’t feel strange. This may be related to the hormone secreted by pregnancy. You may cry and laugh in a moment.

13. Bleeding

After the fertilized eggs are adhered to the uterus 6-12 days after conception, slight vaginal bleeding may occur.This is not harmful, but if you suspect that you are pregnant, you should see a doctor immediately, because if the bleeding happens 12 days after you conceive, you may suspect that menstruation is coming.

14. Sensitive to odor

Sensitive to odor.Even a very pleasant taste, such as: the fragrance or perfume flavor of food may disgust.The grass taste of the grass, the taste of the gasoline station, the taste of various foods, the flavor of the cleaner, the flavor of perfume or smoke, etc., can cause you to feel sick.This is the result of estrogen flooding in your body.

15. Increase vaginal secretions

The increase in vaginal secretions is mainly related to the normal physiological phenomenon of the secretion of hormones during pregnancy, and pregnant women do not have to worry too much.However, if the secretion is yellow, there are phenomena such as bad odor, itching, beancurry, and beans, pregnant women are best to go to the hospital for treatment. Do not apply the potion by themselves, or ignore it to avoid harming the health of themselves and the fetus.

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