Obviously a big drama of derailed men and Primary Three, saying who is ghost and love

When I first watched, miscellaneous Jun didn’t feel that there was any problem.Is a derailed man and a big scene of a big three crown!

The unit of "Xiao Xie and Qiu Rong" is simply the most incorrect in all the Liao Zhai film and television dramas I have watched. Whether it is Xiao Xie or Qiu Rong, no matter how good it is, it is also a third party who involves other people’s feelings.Tao Wangsan and the young master, no matter how affectionate to be, is also an out -of -the -art derailed man.

Seeing this, friends should not be busy, listen to the miscellaneous talks slowly.

Let’s talk about the pair of Qiu Rong and Master.

Regarding the stories of these two people, there are not many ink, but it can still be restored.

Qiu Rong is the girl of the Jiang family. From the situation she appeared, it should be the kind of living in the living of young masters and Mrs. Shao.

In the process of taking care of the family owner, Qiu Rong and the young master had a secret feeling, and concealed many times with Mrs. Master and Master.

Compared with Mrs. Shao, Qiu Rong is gentle and considerate. Master Jiang is her heaven. In the eyes of Qiu Rong, Master Jiang was greatly satisfied as a man’s self -esteem, so he did not hesitate to indulge in QiuRong’s tenderness is like water.

For Qiu Rong, Master Jiang has love, so she will paint her portrait statue in Beiyuan. The Qiu Rong in the portrait, laughing like flowers, and her eyes containing Qiu Bo, it is what he wants.

But unfortunately, the two people were finally discovered by Mrs. young, and they rushed into Beiyuan with the maid’s servant to catch a rape.

The Jiang family is a family of poetry. You can say that they are false and false, or they can be pretended to be, but it is undeniable that the Jiang family is very important to pay great attention to the style of the door wind and the family.Girls can let Master Jiang marry into the door to make a concubine, but He Qiurong is just a humble niece.

The young master of the poetry family, the future helmsman married the girl -in -law as a concubine. One does not pay attention to it, not to mention being laughed, it is likely that the Master Jiang family will be romantic, and his own girl will be good.

For the Jiang family, this kind of humiliating style is definitely not allowed. Qiu Rong and Master Jiang are destined not to walk together unless they leave the Jiang family.

But the education he received from childhood made him impossible for him to leave with Qiu Rong.

Faced with the children in Qiu Rong and Qiu Rong’s belly, Master Jiang chose to feel weak.

The two sat in other garden and made an appointment to die together, but death, after all, it was a thing that needed courage. Master Jiang was holding the wine glass and his hands were trembling.Waiting is always happier than waiting. She hopes that the person she loves will always be happy, so she is willing to take a step first and wait for her love.

However, after witnessing the pain of Qiu Rong’s death before his death, Master Jiang was cowardly again. He dared not face death. In the painful struggle, Master Jiang poured off the poisonous wine.

At this time, Mrs. Shao rushed to take away Master Jiang and said that she was a pair of ghosts. In the end, only Qiu Rong was lonely on the road, floating dozens of spring and autumn in Beiyuan.

Does it sound helpless and moved?But thinking about it, Qiu Rong is the girl of the Jiang family, and the young lady is the wife of Master Jiang Ming media who is marrying. When Qiu Rongming knows, he still walks with Master Jiang regardless of everything.True love, it’s not good to say, this is to steal affection, knowing three as three.

Don’t say that this was in ancient times, even in ancient times, his wife had absolute right to speak, not to mention Qiu Rong himself knew that he was humble, and it was difficult to become a woman of Master Jiang.There is a miracle, and since she wants to fight a miracle, she should do a good result that she has not appeared.

And Master Jiang didn’t have to say. After marrying his wife and the maid, if he said that the girl was not reading and seeing the young master, he could still do this regardless of the consequences. FinallyHuang Quan is not only a derailed man, but also a cowardly scumbag.

Let’s talk about Xiao Xie and Tao Wangsan.

Xiao Xie is a female ghost collected by Qiu Rong and lives in Jiangjia Beiyuan.

Tao Wangsan is Jiang Yan’s classmates. A poor scholar, the knowledge is average, the ability is average, and the family is zero.

Tao Wangsan could live in Jiang Jiayuan, completely because Jiang Yan was interested in him and was in love with him.

However, Tao Wang’s motivation was impure at the beginning. He pursued Jiang Yan, and he fancy the family and wealth behind Jiang Yan.Such a beautiful woman met again.

Tao Wangsan can no longer describe him with a residue. It is simply a prodigal son of the ancient version of the apprentice. He has made a shame to the extreme. He can really say that he pursues Jiang Yan afterwards.Family.

Even if this is the fact, Tao Wangsan still wants to maintain his poor self -esteem as a man, and he is a typical typical example. When he heard that Jiang Yan said in front of others that he and the Jiang family were Tao Wangsan’s backing, Tao TaoHope San wanted to clarify immediately, and wanted others to feel that he was not a woman who was relying on women and relying on power.

And Tao Wangsan was ambiguous and Xiao Xie, and finally fell in love with Xiao Xie, he had not broken up with Jiang Yan, this is not what is derailment. If you insist on the man who is unmarried and female, the name of the cheating and the sea king is called him always the always always.Can’t run.

As for Xiao Xie, Xiao Xie knew that Tao Wangsan and Jiang Yan were a pair from the beginning, and even thought that Tao Wangsan loved Jiang Yan deeply, but only because Tao Wangsan’s buns returned to her.The third is a good person, and he fell in love with Tao Wangsan without hesitation, and he was sad.

Knowing that people are ghosts, they have to confess to Tao Wangsan. They must be with Tao Wangsan, and a prosperous white lotus flower.

Jiang Yan is not a good person, this is not an excuse for them to derail and one.

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