Obviously taking contraceptives, why are you still pregnant?You might be the wrong medicine

Without the protection of condoms, women want contraception, there is only one choice -taking contraceptives.However, many people still "recruit" the medicine.Therefore, many women expressed their doubt about the efficacy of contraceptives: Isn’t contraceptive pills harmful to the body? Can you be contraceptive? What should I do if you are pregnant?

In fact, contraceptives are indeed the best contraceptive option except for condoms, and it is not as "unbearable" as we think.But contraceptives are not only this one, it also includes short -acting and long -acting contraceptives.

Long -acting contraceptive

The medicine is named -long -term, one medicine at a time, contraception for a month.

It sounds very convenient, but long -acting contraceptives have large content and many side effects.As a result, the market is relatively rare, and the fairy rarely contacts this category and skipped directly.

Short -acting contraceptive

Compound short -acting oral contraceptives are composite preparations composed of female and progesterone. Different drugs are derived from different proportion of the two.Under the premise of correctly, the contraceptive rate can be close to 100%! You read it wrong, it is so high! But you also need to understand that short -acting contraceptives need to be taken daily.Isn’t it difficult for her to take a small careless ghost who does not even bring the keys, and tell her to take a contraceptive pill regularly.So leakage has become a problem to be solved.Don’t panic, make up for the leak.

1 <12 hours, one piece of leakage, one tablet immediately, the regular medication was still required that night, and then continued to take it on time.

1 piece of leakage> 12 hours or 2 pieces or more. In addition to immediately supplementing, the number of remaining pills can continue to take the medicine as usual.At the same time, it is necessary to use a barrier such as a condom at least 7 days, or an emergency contraceptive method to prevent accidental pregnancy. If there are less than 7 tablets, you can take the next cycle of contraceptive pills after the regular pills.

After the 5th day of menstruation, the medicine began to take medicine. Within the first 7 days of taking the medicine, he should abstain from or adopt other contraceptive measures.No active pills, regardless of a few tablets, continue taking medicine as usual.

The common side effects of short -acting contraceptives are early pregnancy reactions, such as malignant, vomiting, irregular vaginal bleeding, amenorrhea, and changes in skin changes.Most of them do not need special treatment. Those with severe situations should seek medical treatment to find out the cause.Because of its low hormone content, pregnancy can be pregnant after stopping the drug, which does not affect the growth and development of the child.Pay attention to their contraindications and cautious situation before the body of the body. The most common contraindication is thrombotic disease.

Emergency contraceptive

The passion is touched … Hey, if you don’t protect it beforehand, there will be only emergency contraceptives when you regret it.Commonly used drugs are compound Zuobinorine, Zuo Nuo Pogoone tablets, rice non -felone tablets, etc.Although emergency contraceptives are basically not taken by mistake, the drugs are excreted in the body due to vomiting.If it occurs within 2 hours, you need to take it in time.It is really impossible to absorb vaginal medicine.Emergency contraceptives have less than 90%of their contraceptive effects.And the later you eat, the worse the effect.It is basically invalid after the duration of the medication, so it can only be used as a remedy to prevent non -willing pregnancy.In addition, emergency contraceptives will also have a series of adverse reactions similar to short -acting oral contraceptives, but because of its large hormone dosage and greater side effects, it cannot be used as a choice of conventional contraceptives.And emergency contraceptives can only be responsible for the recent sexual life. If it is accumulated multiple times, the effect will be worse, and the side effects will increase significantly.

However, the use of emergency contraceptives does not affect the re -pregnancy in the future, without increasing risk of abortion, abortion, and deformity of abnormalities.Contraceptives are not so terrible.Today, the estrogen content in compound oral contraceptives is gradually decreased, but the contraceptive effect will not weaken; the progesterone content is gradually decreased. While enhancing the progesterone activity, therogens activity is minimized to the minimum.

Therefore, the current contraceptive pill can be said to be quite safe.

You can’t wait until you are pregnant and regret it. The risk and sequelae of the flow of people on women are far better than drugs, and the power of both harm is light.Although the method of contraception is not just condoms and contraceptives, but because of "sex", you choose to bury or go to the ring, or more extreme sterilization. This is unfair to women, especially unmarried women.Just take care of her.Although the "zero distance" is good, it is necessary to take the medicine correctly!

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