Older women should be more prepared and pregnant.

The news of Xie Na’s pregnancy spread, which made some older women confident and eager to try.36 -year -old Xie Na is pregnant.Because of age and physical reasons, more than 35 -year -old pregnant women have more risks than pregnant women with appropriate age. Therefore, older women or older pregnant women who are preparing to be pregnant should be more cautious, and pay special attention to the following three points.

Prepaid to prepare Chinese medicine before pregnancy

There are generally three cases of becoming an elderly pregnant woman. One is to postpone the pregnancy plan or late marriage; the other is that in recent years, preparing for pregnancy but exceeding the best pregnancy age; the third is that they have had birth before, because the two -child policy has been prepared to get pregnant after the second child policy is released.EssenceAmong them, because infertility has always caused a small number of elderly pregnant women.

Many women think that after pregnancy, you need to find Chinese medicine conditioning. This view is a misunderstanding. Pre -pregnancy conditioning has an advantage.Preparation of pregnancy is a matter of two people. For couples who are more than the best childbirth age, infertility is related to kidney deficiency.The "kidney" of Chinese medicine is not the same concept as the kidney said in Western medicine. The "kidney" referred to by Chinese medicine is wider. It is believed that the kidney is the foundation of reproduction, and the essence, qi, and blood are the material foundation of people.Among them, kidney is the innate foundation. The main function of kidney essence is related to the growth and reproduction of the human body, and it is also the basic material of life activities.Kidney essence can also have a marrow, bone, nourish the brain, and participate in blood generation to improve the body’s antibody ability.The deficiency of kidney essence can easily cause symptoms such as infertility, low sexual desire, and fatigue.

Now, many couples who are preparing to give birth to the second child have begun to go to the hospital for cream conditioning. This part has become a new force in the customized crowd in the past few years, and it has also led to the continuous heating up the traditional Chinese medicine cream.

Taking the cream as an example, ten female friends are more suitable for the symptomatic conditioning:

1. Higher work pressure, often with sub -healthy symptoms such as forgetfulness, insomnia, fatigue, face yellowing, decreased sexual desire.

Before the age of 2.40, premature menopausal or premature ovarian function.

3. Those who are more than the best fertility age and prepare for pregnancy.

4. Less monthly.

5. Patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

6. Those with dysmenorrhea.

7. Those who have menopausal syndrome such as panic, dizziness, tinnitus, emotional fluctuations, anxiety, doubt, and memory loss.

8. Bring sick patients.

9. Postpartum kidney deficiency.

10. Dry skin, increase wrinkles, and obvious pigmentation.

Keeping essence and less staying up late can help pregnancy

Chinese medicine has the most classic description of the mechanism of sleep: the yin is stunned (sleeping), and the yang Qi Sheng (wake up).Therefore, at night, you should go to bed before the child (21:00 to 23:00) to enter the best sleep state.According to the theory of sleep in the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon", it is the yin and yang conference in the middle of the night. At the time of the water and fire, it is called "Heyin".Women who often stay up late are prone to yin deficiency, and women with yin deficiency constitution are not easy to get pregnant.From the perspective of Western medicine, some reproductive hormones are secreted from 10 pm to 6 am, staying up late, and sleeping early to help getting pregnant.

Relaxing the consciousness conditioning is a wonderful recipe

Some older women are infertile due to psychological factors.The more you ca n’t do it, the more nervous, the more nervous, and the less difficult you are pregnant.

For men, the work rhythm or family trouble in the long -term high -pressure environment, the spirit is in a highly tense, fatigue, depression and depression state, which can cause the body’s nervous system and endocrine system dysfunction, testicular sperm function, and affect the quality of sperm.

Emotional conditioning is also one of the good ways to help pregnancy."Fu Qing Master Female Seeds" records, "It is depressed and cannot become a fetal, with liver and wood discomfort, and the spleen can be stuffed …EssenceThis shows that poor sentiment is an important factor for women’s infertility.The change of emotional changes affects the function of the viscera. The function of the viscera affects qi and blood, the dysfunction of the viscera, and the disorders of qi and blood, but it is difficult to conceive.

Therefore, for older men and women who are preparing to give birth, the first thing that needs to be done is not to be too tangled and complete the "baby plan" with a relaxed and positive attitude.

Text/Nanjing Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Hospital

Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Liu Depe Wang Junlan

Edit/Guan Zhongyao

Original statement: The above is the original work of "Health News".

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